“Let me cry” released in Korea on 18 May 2011

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“Let me cry” album will be released in Korea on 18 May 2011.
As for one enquiry on whether it will be on sale at Incheon Airport,… I wouldn’t know but you can always check it out.

As for what is the contents in the limited version and normal version, below are the pics.

Limited version
– includes DVD

Normal version
– song number 3 seems to be different in both versions….

34 thoughts on ““Let me cry” released in Korea on 18 May 2011”

  1. ohhhh that’s my birthday…^_^
    hope its a lucky day for the release of that album..
    korean fans please grab a copy of let me cry album..
    support JKS…
    hope i get a copy too…:(
    but i dont have a means to get it…

      • i can’t.. i’m working here in saudi arabia..
        i don’t know where can i purchase it..
        hoping that i can get a copy when i go vacation…
        or when we will go Korea.. hope early next year…^_^

  2. crazyoverJKS i try looking up in youtube doesnt sound like him its a girl singing for let me cry?

    i can see english title let me cry, bye bye bye & oh my darling whats the last one?

  3. i like it very much also when he sings full english phrases because only then can I understand them more. JKS so great. πŸ˜‰

    • Ice-yelo, you can go to mediafire. Or like what I did, download from YouTube and convert to mp3 format. Are you by any chance using iPhone?

      • no. πŸ™ i’m very poor with techy stuff. so sad. my internet is even so slow tonight! i can’t even download the whole song in youtube (but crying already haha) and I really want it to play it over and over to sleep. LOL

      • I have an iphone my husband works his magic so i have it in the ipod section but unsure how he does it πŸ™ sorry ladies

      • CrazyoverJKS, are u Sporean? I can call u n guide u cos it’s steps are quite long. Or I can email you. Tell me yr preference πŸ™‚ my email address: farina1968@yahoo.co.uk.

        Must be willing to spend USD 1.99 for the apps though πŸ™‚ after that you can download everything (unless blocked) on YT, Veoh and mp3….dont need to connect iTunes even :))

        I told my family and friends I need to put a piggy box for services rendered. LOL!!

      • Hiiii F1968, thank you sooooo much for your help! Muackss!! ;p
        Yes yes! I wanna learn how to download the songs to my iphone4.

        But i have to download the USD1.99 app first is it?
        Okie, you email me the steps can? Cos its not convenient for me to talk in office now… ;p
        I will email you now k…. Thanks again! =)

      • i didn’t see it in mediafire. its saying something like it has been deleted. il try to convert in if ever. πŸ™‚ thank you!

      • I have even used his song as the ring tone in my iPhone. Can hear his sexy voice everytime my phone ring haha….

  4. WOW! cograts oppa! hope you go to No1 soon!
    and for my dear aphrael77 , this is my first post , but I have been following your blog for a while now. I have to say this place is my favorite place to get my much needed JKS news! thank you so much for your hard work ^_^
    If you’re not voting for our prince here , then please do we want him to stay as No1 ^^
    I think we can vote every 10 minutes. Help oppa stay No1!

    • I voted when you informed in this blog….at that time, JKS was 2nd & thereafter rose up to No.1. But now the gap bw JKS & Kin Hyun Jung is quite near. All eels… let’s support & start voting as frequent as possible. Cri J, any deadline for this voting?

  5. Sorry , I don’t know if there is any deadline for this voting since the whole page is written in a language I don’t understand. I’m from the middle east so…
    I got the link from a friend so let’s spread the link around to our eels friends and his fan clubs. We need to unite eels!


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