[News] TBS “Marry me Mary” press conference

On 26 April, Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young attended TBS’ commemorative press conference at a hotel in Seoul for the upcoming broadcast of “Marry me Mary” (M3) on Japan’s TBS TV station.

At the press conference, JKS used fluent Japanese to greet the media, and expressed his consolations to the disaster victims of the Eastern Japan big earthquake. “It is really regretful to have this sort of thing happening… praying that the disaster-hit areas can recover soon.”

When asked for his thoughts about M3 airing on TBS, JKS descibed it as “incredible” and said, “While playing the role of Mu-gyul, I have grown up together with him.”

MGY was asked what about JKS surprised her since this was their first time working together. She praised JKS, “He was similar to what I had thought. He is good-tempered and knows how to take care of others, but sometimes I feel that he is like a child much younger than me.” Upon hearing this, JKS made a face and said, “Do you think this way too?” The reporter asked JKS, who said, “I agree… … she is indeed more like obasan (more mature) than me.” Everyone laughed.

With M3 being reputed as Korea’s cutest love comedy, the romantic kissing scene between the leads was naturally one of the focus points of the media. JKS said, “I acted the other scenes without any reservations, but was a bit hesitant over the filming of the kiss. In all my acting thus far, this is the deepest kiss I’ve had to do, so I did communicate with MGY before the scene.”

With his usual humour, JKS added, “(This is so awkward) because I have never had any kissing experience with girls before.” Despite knowing it was a joke, the group of female reporters were all kept happy.

Recalling the amusing incidents that happened during filming, JKS looked serious. “The filming process was quite tiring and at times, tough and hard to endure. I had to work hard to memorize lines. Geun Young’s outstanding performance helped me to integrate into my character.” He also said that it was with mutual support and encouragement that the drama filming was successfully completed.

The reporter asked, “Any more insider news?”

JKS replied, “Geun Young’s drinking capacity is very strong!” which made the audience laugh again.

6 May is MGY’s 24th birthday. The organisers especially prepared a cake for JKS and MGY to celebrate her birthday in advance, and everyone sang the birthday song. Not knowing about this beforehand, MGY was touched amidst the heart-warming atmosphere.

M3 is scheduled to be broadcast on TBS on 20 May, and the DVD Box will be on sale in Japan from 3 June.

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Pic below from M3 DVD promotional clip


《玛丽外宿中》预定5月20日起在TBS播出,DVD BOX也会于6月3日在日本全国发售。(Mango/文)

腾讯娱乐讯 4月26日,张根硕携文根英出席了于韩国首尔江南区某酒店举行的电视剧《玛丽外宿中》在日本TBS电视台播出的纪念记者会。



被誉为是“韩国最CUTE的love comedy”的《玛丽外宿中》男女主角的浪漫吻戏照例是记者最爱八卦的焦点之一,张根硕透露:“其他戏都尽情地(毫无顾忌地)去演了,就是拍kiss戏有点犹豫。这是自己从影以来最深吻的一次,所以事前和根英做好了沟通”,一向鬼马的他不忘补上一句:“(这么为难)是因为我之前从来没有过与女生接吻的经验”,尽管明知是玩笑话,一班女娱记还是被他逗得心花怒放。



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