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  1. These pictures.. I just can’t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Aphrael, how do you feel now that you’ve seen him for real? How do you find his pictures?

    • sweety,

      ” how do you feel now that you’ve seen him for real?”

      ….. that’s a seriously philosophical question that may take more than a page to answer… XD

      I’m going to get killed by lots of people for saying this (or at least get thrown lots of rotten lettuce…), even though I’ve been to JKS fan-meeting and seen him at photo-taking session …. it feels like I haven’t seen him yet!! * takes cover *

      How do I put that into words? …. he’s so beautiful and picture perfect that he looks as if he has come out of a picture – he’s exactly the same as he looks in pics.

      and when he’s maybe around 10 metres away on stage or passing by you, it just feels so unreal …. when I see JKS in pics, I see him very clearly. but when I see him in real life …. he feels un-real ….

      and whenever I saw him, i kind of paid more attention to his glorious, shiny luscious brown hair …. I love his long hair, and from pics, you can’t really tell it’s shiny, but it was very beautiful and glossy…. love his hair…haha~

      and for everything we see of Sukkie in pics and videos, he’s exactly the same like that in real life – full of warmth, his sweet smile, his sense of humour. He’s really fun ^^

      that’s why I want to go to Malaysia fan-meeting – to see more of him, because it’ll never be enough. That guy is simply so addictive …. …

      • Aphrael u put in words so aptly! It’s exactly how I feel!!! Even when watching him in the FM, felt a bit like watching a DVD (erm mayb I was sitting too far up in the circle seat…). Very unreal, like can’t believe I’m seeing him in person, so weird haha. That’s also why I wanna see him again in msia, must condition myself to really see him then, perhaps too overwhelmed seeing him first time when he was in sg ^^

      • haha~~ I was maybe 10 or 20 metres away (estimated) from him, and I felt like I was watching DVD too~!

        maybe 1 metre would be a great distance to watch JKS! LOL

      • Thanks thanks thanks for this beautiful post, I totally understand how you feel and Im even more envious now!

      • what do you mean by “so unreal?”
        is he like somekind of angel ? *i’m imagining sukkie now… ^^
        please describe more….*want to hear more from you, aphrael…please..please…

        which one is better, same as we’ve seen in TV or
        more good looking in real life than in TV?

    • Totally agree. Keun Suk in person looks EXACTLY like how he appears in all the pictures and videos. There is absolutely no difference at all which means his good looks are all for real. Another observation which I would like to add is that he is incredibly well proportionate from the face to the length of his hands, legs and body. Some people may have a small face but a stout body, short arms etc. For Keun Suk however, when he is slim, not only his face is smaller, sharper, his entire build is proportionately slimmer and lengthier.

      It must be the easiest thing to do in the world to be Keun Suk’s photographer/cameraman because he looks wonderful from ANY and ALL angles. Even amateur pictures taken by fans turn up fantastic!

      • Even I seated far from the stage for the CriShow, he look and sound so good that I feel like in dreamland, really better than watching him on vid, next time I want to get to the front seats hope I won’t faint ^_*

  2. OMG he looks HoT! While i was in Singapore i came across JKS calendar 2011 i only jst open it today & it actually a 2011 & also 2012 calendar ah 24months of beautiful pictures 🙂

      • aphrael77 its a shopping plaza near bugis junction i think its called Iluma its on level2?3? or 4? cant remember but its a comic sort of shop selling k-pop stuff oh i love looking at the calendar! 🙂

      • yay..thanks for the info jetstar!
        i will be going on vacation to spore next week…. i hope there’s still KS 2011 calendar in Bugis junction. Iluma. ok noted. *memorizing the store…

      • no problems happy to help! hope there’s more copy for you guys 🙂

        what country are you from cajuputte?

      • Hey guys, u all sounded like “fantasy”, makes me feel hanging on the cloud…… can’t wait for Malaysia FM in June, one month away….. Cajuputte, where r u from? KL, Malaysia ? If so, I need your help to get one of the calender too….

      • Carol70 lol I have been on cloud 9 since the Singapore FM… might consider Malaysia FM if its in English 🙂

      • Jetstar07, believe should be in English. They hv to use the common languange coz some of the fans are Malay. If they use mandarin, they will not understand too. ** Unquote : I heard JKS has quite a lot of Malay fans….. he sweeps off all races of fans. He is really amazing….

      • Hi Guys…..anybody that comes can get me (from Malaysia) the calender too? But I can only pay back during Malaysia FM…………^0^

      • hi jetstar & carol..
        I’m from jakarta ^^
        erm..car0l, if my luck is so big that i could find the store without being lost in singapore…haha ^^ (that will be my 1st time in sin), and have enough luck to get the calendar, i will find way to send it to you… ^^ (not promising though, since i never sent anything to KL before) >.<

      • WOW!!! 24mths of JKS!!!!
        I am going to get this calendar!!!!
        I only bought 1 calendar, but it’s the You’re Beautiful version. But only have 12mths worth of pictures.
        This 24mths one is so worth it! heehe!

      • yup when I was shopping on Monday I came across this comic shop(also sell k-pop stuff) saw the JKS calendar 2011 thought we’re only in April so at least another 7months of usage then when I got home and unpack I open the calendar and my husband told me its actually for 2012 as well 🙂 score!!!

      • Thanks, jetstar, for the info!

        Hope there’re still more left when I go to Bugis on Fri evening ….
        If there are still several left, I can buy first and keep them for u gals ^^

  3. i wish someday too JKS will come to our country so that i could see him just like you guys.. i’m so envious.. it’s sad that i don’t have any means to go to other country to see him.. so all i could do is just to sit infront of my laptop and hear from you guys.. 🙁

  4. I agree with you guys in that it felt somewhat surreal seeing JKS in person! It’s like he stepped into my dream! And I REALLY cant erase his DAMN SEXY dancing during LH! oh dear heart…. stop beating faster….


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