[Note] Delay of video post

Hi gals,

I hate to go back on my word, but have to apologise for the delay of that subtitled Chinese entertainment news video due to a technical error.

I spent 3 hours last night trying to figure out why the video came out black-and-white in VirtualDub.
Previewed the input video which is fine in colour, but when I “Preview filtered” and “Preview output video”, it’s black-and-white.
Got to delay this …. 🙁
If anyone can help, thanks in advance!!

I’m late!! Got to rush to airport! See you later! ^^

4 thoughts on “[Note] Delay of video post”

  1. Wow..what a busy day for you aphrael!You must be really happy that Sukkie is now in Singapore..take care on your whereabouts..Fighting!! (^_-) I may not be able to help you since I dont have knowledge about Virtualdub,hehe..but hopefully the problem will be fixed soon..dont pressure yourself (u spent three hours just to figure it out)..thanks again for the effort..Take care and enjoy!! =D


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