[Personal] FM preparation

Some friends may recall that I bought a camera in Feb this year in preparation for the FM ^^
The second thing I did was to customize an A3-sized lightboard so that I can blind JKS with it for two hours at the FM, literally so because it is very very bright. I tried it yesterday at night and it illuminated my dark room. Now I know I can use it as back-up for a black-out … lol…

The next thing I did was to go and customize this.
A bit anxious over whether the letters are clear … I’ll be wearing this at the airport and also at the autograph/photo session, for the purpose of disguising myself to participate in something a group of SG eels are preparing for JKS …


Now, where did all my money go? 🙁

A preview: before I disappear online for most of Friday 22 April (you know where I am, at the airport and at Marina Square), I will put up another post of an English-subtitled video clip of JKS from a Chinese entertainment news TV show… Cheers!! JKS in Singapore on Friday!!! Finally!!!!

And and and, I’ll bring my netbook along in case there is any airport video to post. Probably Sukbar and KSC will post the airport videos faster than those who are there at the airport!

34 thoughts on “[Personal] FM preparation”

  1. aphrael77, you are sure GREAT!!! Too bad I can’t join you & other eels at the airport as I have something on till late afternoon but will drop byMarina Square to join the cheering!!! fighting sisters!!!

  2. aphrael, JKS is very lucky to have a great eel like you….I’m looking forward to seeing the pics and videos you take…:)

    • er…. I’m a lousy photographer… the pics I take can be blurred even if the object is not moving, what more a moving target!
      but I’m sure the other fans will have nice pics/videos ^^

  3. i thought the FM is today…! *geez, why time goes so slow….
    aphrael…. can’t wait your reports, video & pics…. ^^
    plus…don’t forget to watch any accessories that our prince wear, might be fly to you.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! glad to hear that ^^

      for someone with no design & artistic talent, a lot of my brain cells must have died.
      in the end, i tried to come up with something simple n direct that conveys my message ^^

  4. Dear Aphrael,

    It’s already in the countdown stage for FM!!!!!!!

    In Japan all his events were canceled because of the recent big earthquakes and Tsunami. I wish I were you…. ^^
    Please enjoy FM & JKS and report it for us!!

    • hi tenshi,

      … many a times many eels wish they were in Japan (including me) because JKS has a lot of events there, past and planned.
      we’re all very concerned about the nuclear situation in Japan and even more so, the earthquake victims who are struggling to go back to their normal life.
      i hope Japan recovers as soon as possible… keeping Japan in our thoughts and prayers…. be strong ….

      anyway, the good news for the pre-order of Jplus in Japan is that JKS will be going to Japan a few months later to attend his Jplus autograph session, isn’t it?
      so hopefully, u all can get to see him then too ^^

      Will definitely enjoy the FM! I can’t wait to hear JKS sing live!!

  5. Aphrael77,

    Your lightboard and cap looks awesomely COOL and FANTASTIC!!!

    Wow… Sure to be able to identify you from afar with those 2 items… (^.~)

    Keep the spirit flowing.. YEAH!!

  6. love the cap! and thanks for posting up the flight details, though i’m not sure if i’ll be going. will say hi if i see you there! 🙂

  7. Did you say an A3 sized signboard?!!! Wow that’s impressive (beautiful too)! – And to think that I may be sitting a few seats away from that signboard puts me in a glow:)

  8. P.S. At what time is the autograph and photo taking session happening at Marina Square? Didn’t know that its tommorrow!!! Had thought that it will take place after the FM. It’s like suddenly everything is really happening so fast and Jang Keun Suk is already at our door steps!!!

  9. Aphrael,
    when you get to talk to him, please tell him thanks ~ ~ because , because of him, life seems to be easier for me,. ive been going through tough times lately but when i see him, i find myself smiling.. he keeps me sane…

  10. You are very talented Aphrael!
    In addition to your wonderful blog, you are hands on too!
    I looove your cap!
    Have a great trip and enjoy it as much as possible!
    I can’t wait for your news after FM.

  11. HELLO ^^ HELLO^^
    I LOVE  チャングンソク 最高!!!!!!

  12. wow!!! I love you lightboard…and hehee..u r very funny 2 say u can u used it during blackout… it will be like “hey,don’t worry, I have JKS(in hangul) to light us all~” LOL..

    I’ll be counting on your Fan Account ^______________________^V

  13. good job @aphrael77 *hug*

    from Indonesia i dream that i’m in your position^^we’ll waiting for your report….and for all of you whose come in SG FM > hope you’ll accept SMILE, TOUCH : SHAKE HAND, HUG, KISS from Our JKS *all of JKS LOVER’S PRAY* :p

  14. The Lightboard is very touching – extract much of your love for JKS. Thank you so much for all news of JKS. I am very excited but, I’m not too sure whether I will be going there, becos’ I have got something on since today is a Good Friday. Keep up! Thank you for your amazing works for our wonderful Star.

  15. Aphrael, do update us immediate once your r back home after the auto & photo session, yo! Exciting for you…… coz i my ticket to attend FM is still pending in Malaysia. Make sure u take lots of his photos ……

  16. OMGGGGG this day has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What you did is very impressive wow, dedicated eel!!! I can’t wait for your account I just hope you won’t pass out lol

  17. thanks for all the sharing.. good job!! hope you had fun! i just read all your post today coz its holy week here in our country.. i have to get going to see more of your posts.. hehe 🙂

  18. Aphrael!!! So happy to see your lightboard on the big screen during the FM! Feel so proud of you!!! Congrats congrats!!!! It really looked so beautiful, the colours, the message, everthing! 🙂
    By the way, I was the stoooooooooopid gal who didn’t know how old hwang tae kwong is in You’re Beautiful….*knock head on wall!*)
    The FM was so high and great, tho poor JKS was down with flu. Hope he will recover soon for his Japan album debut 🙂

  19. Oh if only u knew the answer u could of gotten a hug from JKS!

    I agree i was trying to see where you were then i saw ur sign on the big was happy for u!

    I am glad i flew all the way from Australia to see him pitty didnt get to hug him 🙁


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