GCMA Rehearsal News

Jang Keun Suk had quite a late night on 14 April, as he wasn’t satisfied with his performance and requested to rehearse many more times. On 15 April, he declined an interview in order to spend more time on rehearsal, though because of his late night, he slept past 1 pm and the organising team and crew were all waiting for Sukkie to wake up!

Even GCMA organisers comment that Jang Keun Suk really has stage presence, and the audience will definitely be charmed by him and his singing!

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Credits: Suk Baidu Bar, KeunSukChina & GCMA @ Sina

3 thoughts on “GCMA Rehearsal News”

  1. haha~! besides being bad at Maths, I’m forgetful with dates too! dunno why I keep thinking of 22 Apr and 23 Apr … LOL…

    anyway, i just spotted the mistakes and changed it ^^

  2. He he he! Too much excitement for his SG Fanmeet? Even I would be praying for the days to come faster if he’s going to my country. 🙂


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