15th GCMA Online Broadcast

Credits: KeunSukChina
Shared by: JKS Fans Club Malaysia

You can try these two Chinese websites that will supposedly broadcast the 15th GCMA online, though the website will lag at high traffic volume. If they air the red carpet section, it will start at 7 pm China time, or the Awards at 8 pm China time.

One of these websites seems to have a bug that keeps making an internet window pop up, but I just close it.

This first website is at least working now: please click HERE.

As for this second website (please click HERE).
And stick to the first page that loads.

8 thoughts on “15th GCMA Online Broadcast”

    • Their red carpet starts (in actual fact, GCMA used a green carpet) at 4.30 pm, but then it’s not clear whether it’s the fans supposed to be there at 4.30 pm, or the stars.
      Given that the Awards start at 8 pm, it seems illogical that GCMA is arranging stars to arrive at 4.30 or even 5 pm?
      Which star would want to come so early??

      A few days back, Sukbar circulated a TV programme which shows that the red (or green) carpet starts at 7 pm, so I’m guessing it’s the live telecast at 7 pm.

      Anyway, Astro TV is showing the preliminary GCMA already, but currently, Astro is only showing MVs and commercials.

      • ohhh ~
        thank you 🙂
        but when I opened the CDTV broadcast, I couldn’t see anything.
        it’s only black >.<
        and the tv007 always buffering. huhuu 🙁
        any others link to watch online?

  1. I saw the channel v china (if subscribed to starhub channel 848), the red carpet starts 6:30pm SGT n ceremony starts 8pm SGT..

    • Ok, thanks. I look leave to stay at home to catch the show, so I’ll definitely check at 6.30 pm…..
      I’m still having technical difficulty compressing my own video for Youtube uploading.

      By the time I figure it out (if ever), the internet will be awash with videos ^^


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