[14 April 2011] JKS arrives in Chengdu, China

JKS at Incheon Airport

Despite HS Media, Tree-J and Jang Keun Suk not releasing his flight details, eels got wind of JKS’ flight details on 14 April 2011, departing Incheon airport at 20:00 hours and reaching Chengdu, China at 22:50 hours. Chinese eels headed excitedly for ShuangLiu Airport from as early as noon.

Unfortunately, the eels didn’t have an easy time at the airport, because there were fans of 3 other Chinese artistes there, so the situation was a bit chaotic with lots of cheering and shouts. JKS exited the airport in a record 10 seconds and most eels didn’t even manage to catch a glimpse of JKS…

The latest news is that JKS has GCMA rehearsal throughout the night.

For more pics,

Banners & hand-held board to welcome JKS

Innovative use of iPad

Credits: Sukbar & KeunSukChina

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