[14 Apr 2011] JKS at Chengdu Airport

JKS at Chengdu Airport, posted with vodpod

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

JKS looks absolutely cool!

On an unrelated note, for tonight’s 15th Global Chinese Music Awards, I have done a test run but found out that after I compressed my video from over 300 MB to 160 MB (as .bik file which I don’t know if Youtube accepts), it still takes donkey’s years to upload. If anyone knows how to compress a video file for quicker upload to Youtube, please teach me!

For another cool pic,

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  1. may i know what is the duration time of your 300mb video?
    you could use ulead video studio and convert it to wmv, and then upload it to youtube. It’s smaller size compared to any converter, but the quality will be the lowest quality.

    or you could use media coder converter
    you could resize the video screen, change the bitrate, as you wish until you get the perfect size you want.

    • Hi, the video is around 3 or 4 mins.

      I’ll test using ulead video studio later (it’s freeware, right?).

      as for the media coder converter… er… I don’t know what kind of bitrate to change to?
      Is there any standard (small) bitrate number I can just input?

      • With Ulead Video Studio, video with duration 4 minutes is only in 18.5 Mb in size (WMV file).
        their default WMV setting were:
        – screen resolution: 352×288
        – video bitrate 636 Kbps, and
        – audio bitrate 64kbps

        But with Media Coder, you could define your own setting.
        If you think that those setting are not good enough, you could set your own setting.

        Eg. You have a video (as sample below)
        – video bitrate : 999Kbps (red arrow #1), you could change the bitrate to (let’s say) 850kbps (red arrow #2). The smaller the bitrate, the size will be smaller n the quality will be low
        – audio bitrate: 128 Kbps (red arrow #3), you could change to 95kbps (red arrow #4).

        then you can play back, and make sure that the size & the quality satisfy you.

        if you want to add subtitle, you could browse the subrip file (SRT file)
        (red arrow #5)

        *make sure that the video file is the same name as the SRT file.
        if your video file name Test.avi, then your SRT file should be Test.srt

      • hi, thanks much for the tips. it’s a bit technical, but I managed to compress the video to 15 MB using Prism converter, by choosing output file as .wmv and changing to a lower video bitrate. ^^

      • glad u manage to re-size the video…
        i’m happy u upload n share with us…!
        gosh, i’ve been waiting this, all day..
        thanks for the updates!

  2. another way to reduce the video size is to encode it, even if u don’t make it subbed, just take it to the soft, eg megui, adjust the size of 70mb or anysize u want. Good luck, i wait 4 ur vid


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