[News] JKS fans pay for advertisement

Hong Kong “Sun” – “You are Beautiful” star Jang Keun Suk, who has just attended an autograph session as mobile phone brand ambassador in Seoul yesterday, will be having a fan-meeting in Kowloon Hong Kong on 30 April. Tickets are priced at HK$1,280 and HK$580. Spending about 4 days in Hong Kong, JKS will arrive on 28 April afternoon, hold a press conference at APM on 29 April and on 30 April, JKS will be attending an autograph session at APM for fan-meeting VIP ticket-holders.

In order to welcome their idol, the Hong Kong fans paid around HK$30,000 to buy advertisement space on 12 buses for his fan-meeting , and have also initiated a charity fund-raising event in aid of the Japanese earthquake victims. All the charity proceeds will be donated via Hong Kong Red Cross in Jang Keun Suk’s name.

Credits: “Sun” newspaper & Suk Nation Hong Kong

5 thoughts on “[News] JKS fans pay for advertisement”

  1. yes, i’m the first arrive to make comments….haha…
    not really a comment…
    cuz i’m speechless reading HK eels buying advertisement on 12 buses, i don’t know whether we’re indonesian fans could do the same thing….thumbs up for them…!

  2. wow, they are really very dedicated! hope we could do the same too. 🙂
    in the HK fanmeet, if you bought a VIP ticket, does it really entitle you to an autograph session already? coz in Sing it’s only the a 100. 🙁


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