[News] JKS Fans’ Autograph – His transformation into handsome sales manager

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13 April 2011 – On 12 April afternoon at basement 1 of Samsung Electronics Centre, in order to celebrate the opening of super-big IT and mobile phone retail outlet D’light Shop, actor Jang Keun Suk had an autograph session and even became a manager for a day.

As Samsung mobile phone brand ambassador, JKS not only signed autographs for fans, he also became a shop manager for a day, and demonstrated his professionalism in participating in the shop’s opening activities. Not only did he promote the functions of new products to D’light Shop customers with ease and familiarity, he also organised a live auction whereby the proceeds from the sale of two mobile phones were donated to charity.

Currently, JKS is busy with filming commercials in Korea and in other Asian countries, and also with preparation for his Asia Tour. His debut single to be released in Japan on 27 April is also highly anticipated by fans.

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张根硕粉丝签名会 变身手机卖场花美男店长
2011年4月13日 星期三09:07

演员张根硕12日下午在三星电子中心地下1层,为庆祝这里的超大型IT手机卖场d’light shop开业举行了粉丝签名会,并担当了一天店长。
作为三星手机代言人的张根硕当天不仅为粉丝亲笔签名,还担当了一天的店长,积极参与开业活动显得十分敬业。不仅为来到d’light shop的顾客熟练的介绍新产品性能,还举行了现场拍卖并将两台手机的拍卖收入全额捐献给慈善机构。
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  1. Store manager for a day?!! I will ask him to explain EVERYTHING in detail from the first to the last lines on the samsung phone’s instruction manual. So he could keep talking in his wonderful low voice and look into my eyes with that warm, warm smile. Best Store Manager in the world!

    • hahaha…that’s a very good idea…..
      n don’t forget to teach us how to touch the Screen with his warm hand…..*aww…
      “hey look manager store, i’m very low-tech here, so please teach us how to touch the screen…”


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