[News] JKS signing record contract with Chinese company?

I cannot pinpoint the exact source of the news, but Sukbar and Sina are circulating news that in addition to the agency contract that Jang Keun Suk will sign with HS Media on Saturday 16 April, he will also sign a music album contract with one of the biggest and reputed record companies in China, Typhoon Group. This news has the Chinese eels in ecstacy, as they look forward to JKS’ Chinese music album and the prospect of his further career development in China.

Some very brief background news about Typhoon Group: It’s buying over the shares of all EMI record companies in the greater China region. All the artistes under EMI will be transferred to Typhoon Group, including Jolin Tsai, A-mei, Elva Hsiao and Show Luo. All album releases outside of China will still be executed by EMI. In an environment where many Chinese music record companies are bringing in foreign capital, this is the first time that a Chinese company has bought over an international company.

Typhoon Group plans to branch out into music, movies, drama and other areas of the entertainment industry, and will continue to collaborate with artistes who have the potential.

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