[12 April 2011] JKS Samsung Galaxy Player autograph session at D’light

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar & KeunSukChina

Event poster at the venue

For more updates,

Ticket to the autograph session

Crowded and waiting for JKS ….

The Prince appears ….

Clearer media photos are out.
So beautiful … my heart stops… ^^

Autograph starts …
Always with a warm smile for his eels …

JKS with his autograph!!

[Signing off for now]

26 thoughts on “[12 April 2011] JKS Samsung Galaxy Player autograph session at D’light”

  1. is it today event?
    wow so fast….
    there are already pics & report…
    thanks….! i always refresh your blog to see any updates of our prince J.

  2. OMG wish i was there! He looks so tired but still very handsome!

    aphrael77 do you knw when he flys into Singapore and when does he leave?

    • Pending Colored Rhythm’s confirmation when they release his flight arrival details on Facebook, I hear (quite reliable ) news that JKS will arrive in Singapore on Fri 22 April afternoon

  3. OMO … I wish I was there. He’s so friendly and always smile, that’s why we ( EELS) can’t stop loving and adore him ^^

  4. it seems that he never wear any weird outfit again on any event (as far as i can see from aphrael udates) glad to see it that way… ^^

  5. I always amaze at how almost perpect JKS is. I have never seen any body as charming as him in my life. He has the whole package: the expressive eyes, the heartstopping smile,the velvetlike laughter, the sexy voice and he can act , he can sing, he can model,he rocks every styles, and he has great personality.I love him.

    • You really sum it all up for Keun Suk. Despite so many accolates about how wonderful he looks, his first and foremost outstanding characteristic is being a VERY dedicated and talented actor. One who is highly critical of his own work, keeps honing and perfecting his skills with thoughts of how to do it better and observing and learning from others around him. Let not what he is borned with overshadow the efforts that he has made to create this multi-talented him.

  6. GOSH he is so cute … how do he keep his face so clean , clear, smooth and shiny ??
    his eye is shining when he smile so cute … i wish i could meet him ….
    love all th epics. very nice…

  7. Wow… his look & the way he attended his fans! So close…. 00….00. Melt ! His face a bit meaty in some of the pics, I like it. BTW I also own a Samsung Galaxy S phone, I wish I can get his autograph signing too ………. maybe should approach him when he comes to Malaysia, ha….


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