[article] “Happy Camp” Director Talked About Jang Keun Suk After He Appeared On The Show

Credit: Happy Camp Team
Translation by: QQeyes双鱼 from ECI

Springsuk_USA’s note: It was almost two years ago when Jang Keun Suk was on Happy Camp program. That was an sensation appearance of him in China major TV program. His charm, humor, singing and unique character have earned him so many fans through one night. To remember the show, to remember the good time. I want to share this article from a book by Happy Camp Team. It is a book talked about many stars appeared on the program. This is the part of talking about Jang Keun Suk. Thank you very much for QQ to translate. Also I have put links that you want review the Happy Camp time posts. (English subbed video, pictures, weibo)
The narrative article from the book published by director of “Happy Camp”

Jang Keun Suk is the guest who have left the deepest impression on me. I have come across many “flower boy” type of artistes and was actually having reservation of inviting such “flower boy” idol guest on the program as normally they don’t show their real emotion easily. However, Jang Keun Suk is an exception. As I didn’t know much about him before, I have done some detail homework to understand him more by going through videos of his various work, interviews etc. Through those videos, I find most adorable characteristics in him is that he has such a honest and down to earth personality, with no pretense and with child-like innocence. While working with his company on the details of his guest appearance, I wanted to elaborate on this unique personality of him on the program as it should be well loved by the audience.
After meeting Jang Keun Suk in person, I realise he is just like what I have anitcipated.. as lively as a child playing when he is on stage, even behind the stage, he behaves in the same way. Even when he was reading the script, he would passionately coordinate with his staffs with games they play among themselves and when his phone rings with music, he would dance freely with the music… once, he even jokingly asked me “director, who is more handsome, XXX or me?”. He is also a very professional artiste as he would use his handphone to view through the earlier episodes of “Happy Camp” to study and understand the structure of the program till the last moment. He has blend in with our program so well and even provide his suggestion on certain areas. He also repeatedly run through the dance steps and music with us to have common understanding. Ultimately, a good episode of the program requires not only a good program design, host’s creativity but also a guest’s hard work and cooperation.

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12 thoughts on “[article] “Happy Camp” Director Talked About Jang Keun Suk After He Appeared On The Show”

  1. So funny one of the comments on staff’s weibo…I’ve become a braindamaged fan…whahahaha This is the first time I’ve read this…they were really taken by JKS

    Thanks for sharing the translations sweet eels..

    Happy Camp with Jang Keun Suk is the second episode I’ve watch..the one with Jerry Yan the being the first and that’s about it. But it’s a great honour to be mention in such a book from someone who had met so many great stars and yet he found our Sukkie thus memorable he had to mention him. I don’t know when the book was written but I can easily imagen if he wanted just to make “good” friends with the koreans he would have mention others…so this makes it extra special for me as an eel, the Director who has seen many of the great coming and going without any bias is highlighting on all the points, we as eels love soooo much…he was so pleasantly surprised…and not only him but also the staff..

  2. Thanks Springsuk_USA for sharing this interesting article. Yes, I had the opportunity to see Happy Camp. HC was the first Chinese program I have seen in my life. I started to watch it with suspicion and ended fascinated Lol Despite not being the kind of program I prefer I enjoyed it very much. Our Sukkie beautiful, witty, clever and adorable as always. I guess not only the director but the entire staff must have been excited and enchanted.
    I still remember the part where he shuffling with the female host hahahaha so cute. His responses were always smart and fast. I highly recommend it! Lol

  3. Thank you so much for this! 🙂 I know that Sukkie is like that. On the one hand, he is exceptionally professional, and on the other hand he is so playful and funny.

    And thank you for reminding me about Sukkie´s Happy Camp. I have watched it several times before, and I have just watched it again. JKS is so funny, cute and natural, like he is with friends, and not on TV.

    I have tried to watch Happy Camp with other guests on you tube, but I haven´t found that so entertaining. It´s just not the same without Sukkie.

    • I did too 🙂 & you are right. I couldn’t go past the 1st break! I think Sukkie made this HC episode very uniquely special. I just love this guy 🙂

  4. Springsuk, thank you so much for this excerpt! ! What a nice compliment from the HC director! Watching HC, Sukkie also left the deepest impression on me too! I totally love this playful & quicwitted JKS 🙂 he was so incredibly fun & friendly that the hosts were comfortable with him & had the greatest time too. I will watch this JKS episode again tonite :-). Thanks for the link! Zikzin Sukkie!

  5. Mr. Jang’s real personality is more than what meets the eye. Just like what you guys here have already explained.That’s what I got after months of stalking him through interviews, Z radio, bts, pics, fancams, FAs, and more. And that’s included costars, directors, reporters, and Geunsama/staff’s thoughts abt him. He’s just such a unique person and you could only either love him or hate him and nothing in the middle, just like what Kailey (JKS4ever regular) said to me.

    I could only wish him to always be his true self and against all the boundaries or obstacles he is facing and sure enough many on his back. He has achieved many and I’m sure he wont stop to achieve way bigger than he is now.

    And thank you to everyone here for the updates.

  6. I watched the JKS HC episodes again. The translation in these episodes is more thorough. Thank you so much. I really love JKS’s personality!

  7. Thanks for translating and sharing this!
    Very touching the narrative article from the book published by the director of “Happy Camp”.
    Indeed, all those who have worked over the years with our Keun Suk remained impressed by his seriousness and his professionalism.
    Colleagues of shooting always had nice words about him and appreciated his attitude. He tried to overcome difficult moments and fatigue over many hours of filming with a cheerful and optimistic attitude has helped the entire team.
    Those who worked with him and knew him well had only nice words to say.
    Those who do not know him make judgments on appearances and their opinion is wrong.
    We know his great value and know how to properly appreciate his efforts.
    God be with him and always guide his steps!

  8. I liked jks first at marry me mary but i fell inlove with him completly after watching him in happy camp. Never thought a star could have that good humor. Hes really smart and very honest person. I will nver get bored watching him.. laugh my heart out .. jks 4ever!


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