10 thoughts on “[pics] Yalget Exhibition Stands with Jang Keun Suk Images at Shanghai Cosmetic Expo_20140507”

  1. Yes he is male god for millions of older persons heart,I”m one of them ,thanks god everyday for send JKS to this world

  2. Ooh, so handsome with glasses!♥ (And without glasses too.)

    Thank you for sharing. I hope that we can see that CF soon. Didn´t they call it for “very touching love story”? Can´t wait to see that. Is he crying on the fourth picture from CF?

    • kkk me too! we can have our own “Suk-hibition” with all those standees kkk… can’t wait for the video. I hope they’ll share it with us soon ^^

  3. Sukkie in specs!!! waaah!! love love love
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics dear Sarah! ^^ happy for the Chinese eels!
    are they auctioning the standees?! i would love to join!

  4. guess these are real life standees…all eels want to take picture with it.
    Wonder is this bb cream only for man? or is it unisex… I want to try too : )
    I love nerdy Sukkie…if all nerds would look and move like this one…all “nerds” would be taken..LOL


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