[flash news] Yalget Micro Movie Featured with Jang Keun Suk Will be Shown at Its Production Exhibtion_20140504

Credit: Yalget Wechat news
Translated by Wen Lee from ECI

The topic of Beauty Expo continues to heat up, Yalget’s Skin Match BB cream advertisement is also counting down to its premiere! Starring Korea’s popular superstar idol JKS, it’s like a short film, this video has been jointly completed by Yalget’s advertising creative team & an award winning production team in Korea after almost 2 months of preparation. In front of the camera, JKS once again exhibited his acting skills, brilliantly performed a very touching love story.

Known as ‘Asia Prince’, BB cream spokesperson JKS, possesses trendiness, sunshine but not losing his frank aura, displaying his confidence, sensitivity, full of infectious power, highly matching BB Cream’s ‘Love Your Good Skin’ brand demand, active performance revealing BB’s new personality concept. Having played various roles in the past, what kind of role will he appear in front of fans? What are the things that happen between lovers, and what kind of ending? Are ‘eels’ fans prepared to scream, waiting for the heart beating moment to come? Brilliant artistic idea, fine camera language & pure Korean style all in one, this will be a video about to appear, it will give us a fresh surprise. I think there will be many pretty girls falling into the eddy of Prince’s charm, fall for our lead male & his good skin.
Let us look forward to BB Cream’s film premiere at the Beauty Expo, like him, then go to Yalget’s Skin Match BB Cream Expo pavilion! Be the first to see popular little superstar’s brilliance on the screen! (Tell you a secret, there will be a precious advertsing BTS of little pop king Jang Keun Suk, making you feel as if you were there for 3 minutes!)

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  1. Hello to every one
    Any way my inteligent man use s french cream and famus one as he said befor which he poblished befor….
    Ha….;) yes! he is really wise
    Thank you dear sister Tenshi


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