[News] 15th GCMA live broadcast on 15 April

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

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The 15th Global Chinese Music Awards will be broadcast live on these television stations: Star TV (China), Sze-chuan TV, Channel V, Chengdu TV (combined channel), Chengdu TV (movie & arts channel) and Hong Kong’s Asia TV.

On 15 April 2011, the red carpet starts at 7.00 pm (China time) and the Awards commence at 8.00 pm.
Various media such as Sina and TengXun Entertainment will have text and pictures live broadcast.

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I have cable television at home, but being a technical / gadget idiot, I have no idea what channels I have (I don’t even know how to switch on the TV in the living room, can’t see any button T.T )…. Will go and puzzle it out later. Hopefully a few videos should come out on the internet, but I cannot wait to see Jang Keun Suk on the red carpet!! I think he’ll look fabulous and absolutely charming, and please, please don’t wear anything strange …. the Awards is broadcast on so many TV stations, the whole of China (several billion people, I should think) and other Asian countries are watching….please don’t wear anything strange * worries * Eels may be able to accept outlandish fashion, but hard to say for the general public …..

5 thoughts on “[News] 15th GCMA live broadcast on 15 April”

  1. WAAAAAAHHHH! I just found out my cable TV has Star TV (China) and Channel V (China)…. If I’m not grossly wrong, I will be able to watch JKS live at the Awards!!!! Super happy! I will test if I can take a video of the TV screen and upload … but uploading may be slow…

    • Aphrael77…thank you very much for sharing the info about live broadcast when & time…also i’m happy for you..finally you found the tv channels…so, it will be broadcast next friday night…i’m afraid i won’t be able to watch it…if you happen know if it will be re-run on those channels on the next day (saturday, 16Apr)..could you please let me know ?

  2. umm… i guess i’ll just have to wait until u upload it on your blog.and yes,i do wish him to give his best fashion style on this award.but my guess is he would look perfect on red carpet,coz from what i see on aphrael blog,his taste had much progress 😀 and also,if he STILL wants to look different,then its ok to have that curly hairdo,i give him a permission haha…i sound like HTK ^^

  3. me too…wish he won’t wear anything strange in this official occasion…better he wears SUIT….man best look in suit..especially JKS looks best in suit….recently i like his hair style very much like his recent picture “let me cry” but without the eyeliner please due it will look like gothic look…


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