[Sneak preview] JKS’ first photograph book!

Source: JKS official Japanese Twitter
Shared by: KeunSukChina
Chinese translation: Keke 可可

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Jang Keun Suk’s first photograph book has been decided to go on sale!!

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OMG – another piece of splendid news!
That’s quite fast!

I have no idea why this news is released on his Japanese official website, but am hoping fervently that it does not mean everything is going to be in Japanese ( T.T ) and that it will still be available on sale to other countries as well. I get the impression from the pic above that the book will be available for pre-order soon, so pre-ordering information may be released soon.

For a sneak preview of his pics in the book,

15 thoughts on “[Sneak preview] JKS’ first photograph book!”

    • Hi Jackie,

      It depends on what fulfills your needs 🙂

      I would go for the photograph book because

      (1) This is JKS’ most recent photograph book, and it comes with DVD too.
      The one where he went to Hungary and London to take pics

      (2) Cri-J is in Japanese and I won’t understand it.

      (3) I’m sure all proceeds from this photo-book will go to Tree-J and JKS.
      Not sure about Cri-J because it’s a collaboration with a Jap magazine.

      Does this help? ^^

  1. Hope the photograph book will be available in English. and I’ll get one right away so hopefully it will be in stores outside of Japan. Please!!

  2. I will definitely order the Photograph book. Let’s support the original copy even if it is in Japanese. It is the beautiful photos that is the most important and enjoyable. It will be bonus if there is an English version, but we have to be careful if the English version will be an illegal reprint by unethical business in other countries. We do not JKS to suffer from illegal reprints of his precious work !!

  3. Everybody, gooooood news!!!!

    According to the staff blog on his Japanese official website,
    his photograh book is going to be published two version;
    Japanese version(limited) and worldwide one.

    And the contents are different (I don’t know how much different they are).

    So probably you can get it(much easier worlwide one?) even you don’t live in Japan.

    The price and released schedule are not mentioned yet.

    we all look forword to getting it as soon as possible.

    • Hi tenshi,

      Thanks for bringing us the fantastic news!!
      I’ll wait for news of the international version! Yeah!!


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