[Voting update] 15th GCMA


1. Jang Keun Suk 22,313 votes
2. Kim Hyun Joon 15,550 votes
3. Hyun Bin 1,263 votes

Lee Min-ho dropped out of the top three.

The voting website is only working periodically. It may not load fully but if you scroll to the middle and are able to see the categories, you can still try and vote. Ok, this may not sound very nice of me, but let’s not give KHJ a chance to catch up. Let JKS win by a glorious wide margin! Fighting!!

For specific instructions on voting, please go to this post.

14 thoughts on “[Voting update] 15th GCMA”

  1. I can finally access the voting website after midnight China time.

    Looks like eels in the Western countries have a better chance of accessing the website and voting …. we can’t be working night-shift! T.T

    • Hi, how would I know if my vote is counted? I’ve followed your instructions but I’m not sure if it’s successfully done. My computer flashed something I couldn’t comprehend. I really want to help JKS. Thanks a lot.

  2. If vote counts, words will read 恭喜^.^,投票成功!
    If can’t vote, ask u to vote at next hour, it will read 对不起,同一IP对每组选手一小时内只能投一票

  3. Sometimes is difficult to sign in the website. Besides using PC, I also use my handphone to vote. Fighting all the way, make sure JGS, our STAR is far leading among the other 2. ………. Now seems like JGS’s total votes are going to doubled up KHJ


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