13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] ‘Beautiful Man’ food support_20140103”

  1. Thankful to all eels who made our Prince so happy every time..
    He loves food, he loves eating with staff…so he was really happy esp. with this cold..

    I love to see how the crew was so happy and appreciative

  2. He knows how to enjoy, to show his gratitude, to behave naturally and to make those around him to feel good. Russian eels have done a good job.

  3. Eels have supported JKS well during Beautiful Man. Am happy to be a part of this since he worked so hard in this drama for us and his evolution as an actor. Everyone will want to be on his next film crew because his fans feed them so well! Zikzin Eels!

  4. Tenshi….is it only 8 times when they reported it?
    Or is it they love to down grading the numbres again…
    Well…I lost count of all the love JKS received from his eels…ever so thankful to all of them..

  5. JKS is so blessed to have very supportive eels around the world.. What a great gesture to show the eels’ appreciation, love, and support for our JKS. Glad as well that JKS and the BM staffs are happy and thankful with it.
    직진, 장어들!!


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