[24.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

UPDATE: added some pics from Russian eels

[Beautiful Man Support] Tonight, on Xmas Eve!
Russian Eels provided snacks and drinks (coffee and tea)!

[예쁜남자서포트] 크리스마스 이브인 오늘 밤!
러시아 장어님들(Russian Eels)께서 간식차와 커피차를 서포트하였습니다!

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6 thoughts on “[24.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. Thank you, awesome Russian eels! I hope this can warm our Prince’s & the shooting crew’s heart on the Christmas eve when they have to keep working to bring joy to our small screen <3

  2. So thoughtful of the Russian eels…how did they knew BM was working non stop.., even the holidays…Daebak
    BM crew must feel very supported and warm…thanks

  3. my deepest thanks to this supportive group of Russian eels giving warmth to our Sukkie and BM staff! BM fightin’! thanks for sharing all these news Tenshi! a blessed christmas to you and your family! ❤

  4. This son of Koreans is soooo beloved. I wish this unconditional love spiritually supporting him throughout his career path and cherishing him for a very good, happy, and cheerful life. Merry Christmas, good tiding to you wherever you are or how cold the weather is. I simply love him.

  5. Bravo, Russian Eels!!! You found a perfect way to make the cast and crew of the PM warm during the long and cold shooting hours 🙂


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