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  1. sis, Wowww!!! This is beautiful recap for such a sad and heart broken Episode. Thank you for sharing.

    You are right. The plots and storyline of this drama are like metaphors. I love all the valuable lessons and metaphors in this drama.

    Me too, I’m SAD this drama will end soon, and at the same time, also feeling PROUD and happy that this little push thru to completion, despite many obstacles and hurdles for this drama.

    To me, this drama is one of my all time favorites……because I love to watch “inspirational” dramas, so with little romantic scenes is super OK for me…!!! Plus, I have Love Rain drama to watch for mussy mussy lovely love story…..hahahha

    • He He! Thank you so much sis! Same here! I have my reservations when it comes to extreme mushiness! This drama is just about my kind of lovey dovey! Plus, Bo Tong’s character – it represents our “fangirl” feelings, I suppose hehe!! I totally understand Bo Tong!

  2. Sis Nandini, thanks for such a great recap. I love when you pointed this out: “Something commendable about this drama is its use of metaphors. In the subsequent scene, Bo Tong uses the skating rink as the metaphor for their life and asks Ma Te to master the slippery floor and that if possible, she wishes to be his skating shoes! Like a baby, she walks towards Ma Te but Ma Te realizes that it’s time he took his first steps towards her instead.” This drama has been smartly written :)!

    @Kailey: lol… Same here, sis! When I need to see warm love story as well as lots of skinship and lovely couple to admire, I’ll simply rewatch ‘Love Rain’ 🙂

      • Nandini, I agree, there is so much more to Beautiful Man than meets the eye! So many non-eels think it should be light & fluffy and are annoyed with the Birth Secret storylines… but I keep trying to tell people… it’s so much more than a manga! LOL

        BTW, did anybody notice the SS group… Double SS? Do S? Hm, wonder who suggested the name for That company? ROTFL

  3. im worried about mate now.i think he will fight with not one..but two evils now.what will he do? Although he have enough confident and several person to backup him now..can he fight both NHR and HYR?

    • But he’s not alone anymore . .He has accepted his own feelings for Bo Tong and also, he has Choi David, who trusts in him . .Now I think it’d be interesting to see how David would turn out eventually! Too bad the drama is 16 eps only! Too short T_T

      • i dont think david will turn to a bad guy..he’s a good man.and he start to admire mate too..for botong sake..he will protect mate.he will continue to fight for botong happiness.i just worried about those evil women.i think HYR is more dangerous than NHR. even NHR is a bad mother but she never lie about her feeling.

  4. I really wish they will extend this drama. I want to see more development between Ma Te & Bo Tong!! Thanks Nandini for thebeautiful recap!

  5. Nandini, Thanks a lot for this beautiful recap. Among all the episodes this is the one that watched 9th times already, and made me cry a lot! Its because the 1st part was too painful for Mate to be told by his mother that he was born destined to be abandoned, that I keep repeating the part where PKS told Mate how his adoptive mom love him as his precious son, just to have the feeling that Mate was consoled after all those heartbreak. My heart flutters for Mate and Botong for the first time. At last Botong’s love is reciprocated after 10 years of waiting.

    P.S. I do not know if many have noticed to that drawing papers that Botong was holding when she sent a video to Mate. That drawing where Mate cried a river, there was an eel swimming in that pool of Mate’s tears. So smart, they know a lot of EELS are crying on this episode.

  6. Thanks for the recap. Bio mom drops a bomb on Ma Te and then promptly hands the script over to a 12 year old. I can respect a woman who makes the decision to let a child go so she doesn’t beat the crap out of him because he reminds her of his rotten father. This is someone who makes a mature decision based on their own limitations and wants what’s best for their child. I bet she’s pissed that this kid was robbed of that opportunity based on the selfishness of her husband and his “babysitter”.
    Coming into this I just assumed that the adoptive mom was making the best out of a bad situation but I was wrong. No, this was intentional. We now see that she was just as delusional as Bo Tong, maybe even more so as she convinced herself that this was her and the chairman’s child and raised him to believe it too. Part of me now wonders if she told him they couldn’t afford meat and that’s why he ran around telling people he was a vegetarian.
    Oh and the chairman. What a flake. Letting things happen when you have the power to change it is negligence. Letting it happen to your children or the children in your care is child neglect. Ma Te never should have been in a position where he had to whore himself out to put a roof over his head. SHAME ON YOU, Chairman!
    Before anybody gets their panties in a bunch just to let you know I spent 20 years in child welfare, adoptions and therapeutic care so I do know what I’m talking about. I’m the one whose been stuck dealing with the results of this kind of behavior. I have spent the past 14 episodes wondering why Ma Te is not getting angrier about all of this and the only conclusion I can come up with is that he has no idea how deeply he has been wronged nor the wherewith-all to do anything about it. (don’t worry baby, I can help you with that)
    And this is where our predator Bo Tong comes in…
    If only this were a love story like she convinced herself it is. This is a story of revenge. Revenge against the pretty guy who’s only crime is in how he looks. I’m gonna MAKE him love me. I’m going to follow behind him, sabotage any attempts at real growth and swoop in when he’s vulnerable. All the while everybody thinks I’m cute so I can get away with being mean and horrible because it’s wrapped in Aegyo. He is devastated by his mom and Bo Tong calls him a crybaby? Come on, this is BULLSHIT!. (IU is PERFECT in that role) Now hurry up Ma Te and go back to being pretty and prickly oppa so I can maintain my delusion.
    I grieve for all of the “work” that Ma Te has done on himself as being with Bo Tong makes it all pointless. Adoptive mom gets he wish, that Ma Te is so emotionally crippled on the inside that he is in reality only an pretty face and Bo Tong will make sure she reminds him of this for the rest of his life.

    • Sis, I totally agree with you! All the “Beautiful Manslave” roles that Yu Ra made him to play seems absurd all of a sudden. Ma Te clearly feels this too – which is why he probably calls himself the artiste who just realized he’s only part of a greater art and not the art itself. Hong Ran’s character is clearly unfathomable -what end is she trying to achieve? I wonder what scars made her like this! There are a hundred questions and only a little time left. I am curious as to how this will end. It’s not yet time to end – so my heart says T_T

    • Agree with you that perhaps Ma Te had gone around saying he is vegetarian because mom could not afford meat and he didn’t want her to feel bad about it. Also think that Chairman is an absolute Casanova (rather than Ma Te who actually only had ONE relationship in the whole drama which is with the first woman in real estate)and a man of despicable character. Chairman had one wife who bore the eldest son (currently CEO of MG), then he had a second woman who bore him another second son – David Choi, whom he promptly abandon both mother and child to marry HNR for her wealth. He subsequently burden a third woman who loves him (Ma Te’ mom) with HNR’s son and effectively ruin her life because she is such a kind and loving person that she could not bear to give the baby (Ma Te) up for adoption to someone else. Furthermore chairman lent no financial assistance to the Ma Te and mom even knowing full well of their existence. A true sign of a politician when he has actually done so many despicable things and still come up smelling like roses.

  7. Thanks Nandini..
    Episode 13 & 14 were really heartbreaking…esp 14
    Not wanted by one of your parents is hard enough, but to told that you are not wanted then and certainly not now…and even wants you dead is really a stab in the heart…poor Mate…to discover you have been living in lies and secrets of so many involved to the point you don’t even know anymore what your identity should be…who can you trust?
    I wonder what the story of his mother was who had to cut ties with her family because of Mate..who was her family and why she had to cut ties with them…and why Botong as password..Why did she moved to the town of Osan to live with Mate; did Mate and Botong had to meet for a special reason? Or is it just because his mother saw Botong as the only geniune person in Mate’s life who would defend Mate even with her life..because he is her life; but why Mate has to bring the password (Botong) to the president…is he gonna get something or will there be a secret reveiled?
    OMO…We have to wait to find out…and yet so sad…only 2 episodes and this beautiful journey of our beautiful man comes to an end…
    This eel is crying : (

  8. Thanks for sharing. I managed to see ep.14 with English sub. Your recap helped me to understand better.
    Anyway, I’ve seen every episode several times. All was so intense, so much have happened in each. The story was so good degree that now seems like a volcano ready to erupt.
    You’re right. Too bad that are just 16 eps. I going to miss the moments in which I expected to see a new episode.
    All the best.


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