[concept] Who is Dokgo Mate in “Beautiful Man”

Original Source: Beautiful Man Official Website
Translated by ECI’s Wen Lee and Springsuk_USA from Sukbar’s Chinese translation

‘The face that changed history & because of this face, women sacrificed everything, the most enticing Beautiful Man is here!

In Maupassant’s novel ‘Bel Ami’, Duroy won the hearts of wealthy women with his extremely good looks & smooth talking mouth.
Casanova enticed women by forging as foreign affairs officer, finance officer, & spy.
Paul Mate had foreign looks & mystical charm (movie ‘Unfaithful’).
And here, we also have ‘Beautiful Man’, more proud than Duroy, more smooth talking than Casanova, better looking than Paul Mate.
Beautiful Man will not want to be ordinary
Beautiful Man knows his beauty can change history
Beautiful Man knows his opponents’ positions are very high
And also, Beautiful Man plans to use these to seek revenge
No one can resist a charming man
Ten women sacrificed everything for him
And amongst them, only one ordinary woman is his true love
Now the whole of Korean will fall into the charms of Beautiful Man!

An era of overflowed success
The right way of finding success

The impartiality of leadership member convicted is 2.6 out of 10
The transparency is 2.5 out of 10
Feel sorry for recent impartiality index being too low (the Panning Department Future Research 2012)
Beautiful Man script was written based on the story of going through right way to get success in Korea
All 10 women who encounter with Beautiful Man are successful people
They have gained certain social status, money, honor and relations with people
These women get success through the right way and they use all kinds of way to give to Dokgo Mate
But this doesn’t mean Beautiful Man didn’t go through the right way to get success.
Through his success sending us the message:
Pure integrity efforts will succeed
This is what Beautiful Man teaches the truth to the 10 women
Meanwhile we, the viewers get strong message too.

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  1. Thank You, sis Sarah and Wen for translation!! I know both of you and other translators are working very hard to get us fast updates and news. My head bow to all of you, sis!!!!

    Harhhhh….that’s where the title “Bel Ami” came from…..but I still stick to my gun, I love ‘Beautiful Man” title….kkk


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