[pics] Jang Keun Suk at Press Conference of the TV Dramas He Acted In Since 2005_20131025

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Let’s looking forward to “Beautiful Man”!!!

One eel collected Jang Keun Suk’s drama press conference pictures through the years. Actor Jang is a hard worker, here you can see except in 2011 because he was filming movie “You’re My Pet”, since 2005, everyear there is one drama. Started from 2006 since was taking the leading roles in the drama. Since 2010 he also started his concert tour, Cri Show, also debut as a singer. Now, he had one Crishow1/2011 Crishow2/2012 and Team H show with his friend Big Brother. Still he keeps his foot in the acting area. I don’t want to give an idea to a pattern that he will be work on drama each year, because it always depends on if there is a good project he wants to work on, the script, the team etc.. Even he said he would do one drama a year. As I know he is a multi-talented artist and he is a serious actor. Now we are waiting for his 2013 drama “Beautiful Man” coming soon and let’s wish actor Jang the best!!!

2005 Love in Prague
He played Yoon Gun Hee, the brother of leading female role.

2006 Huang Jin Yi
He played Kim Eun ho, the leading male role for the first half of the show, the first major role in a TV drama of actor.

2007 Hong Gi Dong
He played second lead male role Lee Chang Hui

2008 Bethoven Virus
He played second lead male role Kang Gun Woo.

2009 You’re Beautiful
He played leading role Huang Tae Kyung, the drama was big hit and made him a sensation in Asia and gained him Asia Prince title, also since he sang some of the OST songs, truly revealed his singing talent.

2010 Mary Stayed All Night Out
He played leading role Kang Myu Gyul.

2012 Love Rain
He played two roles Seo Inha (70’s part Epi 1-4) Seo Joon (Modern part epi5-20), a father and son through two generations with two totally different personalities.

And now is “Beautiful Man” to fill in the blank for 2013, let’s wait and countdown to Nov 20, KBS2 go, go go!

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  1. Thanks to an eel collected these pictures and made me write this blog. Is like a report card that actor Jang’s TV drama works through the years. With this I don’t think anyone should doubt about his seriousness about acting. Again, as an actor, as a singer, JKS has done pretty well so far and he is still keep going like as the word “Zikzin” said, but does it mean that he will be always successful? nobody can say that. I see bright future for him but again, I don’t expect him being successful everytime. When we read Tenshi Akuma’s FA from Zepp Concert in Sapporo we heard what he said, as I always know the pressure on him is really high, expectation on him is really high. This is a dilemma when an artist being successful, he will always faces to. Unless, you just give up, stop. We know JKS is not the one, no matter what he keeps on going, going where, we can’t tell, but we know he is pursuing what he loves to do, he is being responsible to himself as an artist. Let’s give him our blessings, let’s support him, you truly loves him.

    Right now, let’s cheering for “Beautiful Man”

  2. That little boy has grown up into a beautiful man. The eyes, the nose, the lips have never changed, especially the killing smile. Just simply love him.

  3. Thanks Sis Sarah’s sharing this article and photos. As an eel, we must trust, support and love our beloved Prince. Let’s zikzin together and cheering for Beautiful Man!

  4. He always got my respect for having a mind his own… like picking Beethoven Virus playing 2nd lead instead of choosing the lead role in Boys of Flowers when both were offered to him.. he did that with the passion to learn from many veteran senior actors n actresses in that drama..I watched BV long ago back in 2009 on DVD n so impressed with the young actor whom I don’t know then. Suk was also offered many scripts each year and we know he turned down many as he is quite picky in choosing the script as well as role. YAB is written for him especially by the Hong sisters scriptwriters as they are impressed with his potrayal of Prince Changhui in HGD. For MMM, he loves the role of carefree KMG and picked this drama over the script..but he is also the one who took over as scriptwriter for last episode of MMM to make it a good ending for all roles… for Love Rain, I would say I’m most impressed with his role in 70s as that shows how good his acting playing a role so different from his real personality. Seo Jun is just like our Suk, cool but kind inside.

  5. the 2 killers missing from the list are: 1) Baby and Me (same year wiht Hong Gi Dong 2007) – love the cuteness of little JKS, just imagin how he managed to bring out two differenct characters at the same time and at such a young age!!! 2) The Case of Itaewon – the mystery Pearson!!! Amazing eye movements!

    • Agree with u totally! In fact he acted in HGD n BV drama in same year and at the same time movie Baby n I.. the amazing thing is he acted concurrently Baby and I along with HGD when the filming clashed… the 2 images are so different n he acted so well in both ^__^ as for Itaewon Homicide..I’m impressed how he can converse totally in Eng even he only spent less than a year learning Eng on New Zealand.


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