12 thoughts on “[pics] “Beautiful Man” Script Reading and Prayer Ceremony Pictures by Media_20101029”

  1. I hope you won’t mind my western ignorance but I have a few questions…

    First question: What the heck is a prayer ceremony?!? Do they have a prayer before the script reading? Because that’s a bit off!

    Second question: For Gods sake, why is there a dead pigs head on a plate in that picture? Why is there a dead pigs head at all?!?! Poor pig!

    First note: Yeap, JKS is definitely the most handsome person in these pictures… I might be biased, though 🙂

    Second note: And yeap, although cute, IU still looks like a little kid next to JKS…

    Peace out!

  2. A prayer ceremony is done before a project so the project goes well and everyone is safe during the filming. The pigs head I think is an auspicious offering during the prayer ceremony. Every culture and religion has its own rites and practices, it’s not for us to criticize or pass judgement on.

  3. @ Jazzy,
    Prayer before any movie or drama is the Asia culture. It happen in Hong Kong, Singapore also.
    They pray for good luck, drama successfully done, good response or good rating

  4. The tradition of offerings food, and your valuable belongings is Brahmin Ritual. Offerings or Sacrificing your belongings can be to your Gods, your ancestors, your gurus (teachers), etc. The offering is done to give the sacrificers strength, peace of mind, protections from evil spirits and bad luck. The ritual before script reading is what I just learn from this news. In many Asian countries which acquire the Indochina culture through many religions that are not Brahman but are influenced by the Brahman culture, one can see this Brahmin Ritual throughout.
    I personally think that the offerings to some spirits, in this case, the gurus of acting will make the performers humble and work hard for the success of their acting.
    The Prince looked calm and it seems that they were sitting quietly to read the script after the ritual.
    Btw, in the western Indo European culture, one also finds this kind of offerings in ancient Roman where they killed the animal to sacrifice to their God. It was not just the head but the live animals slaughtered to death at the offering.
    Anyway, our Prince was so good looking in plain clothes with no make up. I just simply love him.

  5. Well, no offense to any culture, customs or religion here but I think it’s about time we, human beings, stop sacrificing poor animals and putting their carcasses on display for any cause!

    Times are changing, the world is changing and progressing and so should certain customs.

    Peace out!


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