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    • i agree, Miss Tenshi’s hard working, she is the best. thanks Miss Tenshi.

      My humble opinion:

      I do not like cigarette nor smoke, my father died of cancer in the lungs by his smoking addiction, the last thing my father said was: “I would have liked to be stronger to stop smoking at the appropriate time, so that maybe I would have had more time to live with my beloved family. i’m sorry….(more)” this is a big pain for me and my family. for that reason,I want to say something honest Mr. Jang Keun suk.

      Mr. Jang keun suk, You should seriously consider if You want to live or die, if You wants to have a family in the future, please stop smoking! but if you can not do for yourself, then do it for your future family. please! please!! you should think about your future wife and children. please stop smoking!.

      actually, regarding his deep sadness, that’s pretty obvious his grief and nostalgia is latent, Mr. Jang Keun Suk said goodbye to hokkaido where shooting scenes from his latest drama that brought so much pain (he said in an interview) but also happiness (he wrote it in his song “In My Dream”).

      Mr. Jang Keun Suk is handsome, intelligent, bright, has lots of money, good health, has all the love of his fans, family and friends. Maybe MR. Jang Keun Suk has everything, EXCEPT the LOVE of HER (Mr. Jang keun suk wrote this in his song “LOVE LETTER”, this song reflects his inner self.) and in my humble opinión, I think that’s the cause of his deepest suffering and pain for already one and half years.

      thanks tenshi and eels. God Bless Mr Jang Keun Suk. and I hope you will find your other half and if you find her (which is quite obvious) then I hope that she and you can be happy.

      GOD BLESS!

      • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I felt I was there in that concert even thogh I may never get to see Jang Keun Suk live.
        It saddens me to know of his smoking. I have lit a cigarette or 2 in my life but will I ever do it again NO.
        My life motto is “Live and let Live”. I don’t like people telling me how to live my life therefore I don’t like preaching and telling people how to live theirs. I believe in self expression and self love.
        What I want to do now is share my experience with you. I don’t want o offend I just want to share.
        I too have lost people I love due to smoking. My aunt died of lung cancer, my mother died of lung cancer, and my father died of emphysema caused by smoking (both my aunt and dad were smokers not my mom). My dad suffered terribly for 10 years. and all of us who loved him suffered with him. It is the saddest thing to see your loved ones struggle to take a breath while you just stand there feeling useless. I took care of both my parents before they died so I’m sorry but if I don’t see the romanticism in lighting a cigarette.
        I guess what I’m trying to say is if there is someone that reads this and helps them stop smoking or not ever light a cigarette I’m thankful.
        To Keun Suk I really wish him the best I too am a big fan and only want great things for him so I hope he lives a long healthy life. I hope that one day he stops smoking not only for himself but for the people that love him. Zikzin

      • Everybody knows smoking is not good…but Sukkie choose to be honest about it and he also explains himself.about a lot of very personal stuff..not defending himself..for that alone I applaud him ….yes.. A lot of korean stars do smoke and drink and even uses other things but al hidden…I know you all mean well but I wont add to Sukkies already very heavy burden by nagging about somethings he already knows..he’s an artist and I want to comment him for his works….

      • Again. I am all for living your life as you wish. I am not nagging (he is not my kid) I respect his work his personality him being himself And following what he wants to do. He is a very talented artist and for what little I know about his personal life he is not the type that goes by what others say. I love that about him that’s why I’m a fan. Again I’m just sharing my experience with smoking. He is an adult and yes I’m pretty sure he knows the dangers of his addiction. What I say here will in no way affect or burden him. I love this page and the work being being done to promote this great person who entertain us all with his music and manly other talents. Love yourself always. Zikzin.

  1. I can feel the love in the FA Kaori chan.. Thanks!!! Me too… I never go near people who smoke as I’m sensitive to smoke but for Sukkie, I have a different feeling and even the thoughts of experiencing like what you did… Appreciate also for sharing your trip to Hokkaido and the story behind Suk with corn too! ^_^

  2. Thanx for sharing your prizeless experience…
    Indeed we should keep supporting him and love him…. Let us zikzin together and forever with our beloved prince

  3. Kaori, I really enjoy the way you write…. very heartfelt and you’re not shy to project your feelings to the whole world. Thank you as always for providing us that window to look into Sukkie’s shows and also the window to your beautiful soul. Hugs!!!

  4. CRY! I cried like have no idea

    Read This has a lot meant to me, I’m a foreign eel, and I’ve never seen JKS closely, or in person, but how difficult it must’ve your life been for that reason is I admire so much, I identify with her , and not know how much to protect him too, even from afar!

    Thank you very much for this excellent story, made me feel as if I had experienced

    • @ Fanny

      I did cry as well. I heard that he smoke and drinks but after reading this article I start sobbing like a child. I keep believing that he is innocent but after this one,it is broken.I felt for him so bad.

      @ Tenshi

      I do not know JKS in person but I always have my attention for him. If you happen to talk with him in person just tell him that eels and non eels – I consider my self as half eel at this moment – wish the best for him particularly for his health. If he is healthy then it would easy to do many activities for his success in the future. I know that smoking and drinking are both bad for people, but how on earth people still make those things as stress medicine. It is illogical imho.

  5. Thanks alot from my heart to you (tenshi) and ur mother too ( i admire her )
    ur fan account reallymakes my day.
    Because of eels fan account ..I can feel near to Sukkie and I can understand his real self more.
    Thank you alot..
    I will precious you Jang Keun Suk.
    Because I believe in you
    You have to believe yourself and
    ZikZin with eels power!

  6. Thank you for sharing such an intimate and detailed fan account, so glad you got to go.
    So much corn. lol. Late summer is the best time in the States to get sweet corn.
    I wonder if one of his next radio questions will be to ask eels how they relieve stress/stay healthy. Hmmm.. might get some interesting answers!

  7. oh Kaori! i feel you in every way! seeing him smoke in the zepp pics also drove me to tears wanting to just hug him tight and tell him everything’s going to be alright. oh tenshi, if we can just save him from his every heartache.. thank you for sharing this wonderful article. all your emotions spoke to me so clearly. please know that i share them with you all the time. right now all i can do is pray for his happiness. i keep believing one day i will be able to tell that to Sukkie personally. thank you Tenshi and pls dnt ever give up. i will try my best not to. zikzin till the end! ^^

    • Suk told eels he started smoking late at age 20.. I believe that is the time when he faced a lot of pressure and stress in the peak of his career.. I was shocked like you too when I first knew about him smoking a few years back as a eel fan too ^_^ Now, I feel like how Kaori chan felt..

  8. I love your FA, the whole thing about “smoking” touches my heart. I love our prince being different form other artist when performing on the stage, he gives meaning in his performance, Zikzin to all!

  9. i was deeply touch with your FA sis Tenshi…i am a smoker and it is more of a stress reliever than a habit for me too,that’s why i dont condemn him for smoking,with his lifestyle and the pressure,i guess smoking is a habit that he can’t avoid..

    thanks sis for sharing your Zepp experience and other infos about Hokkaido 🙂

  10. thanks again Kaori for another detailed FA. i’ve been waiting for this. it is worth waiting Kaori for you made me feel that i was also there especially when he was smoking. just like you, i also want to protect and hug him and to tell him that we, his eels are always here for him. that scene was so touching and made me cry but i also laughed when your mom asked you if you were okay when she noticed how you gazed at Sukkie. you are of his best eel!

  11. thanks sis kaori….i’m totally touched and reading your wonderful FA just like bringing us through the zepp itself…my heart super ache now coz unable to attend his osaka zepp!
    now im craving for curry rice….yum yum

  12. Sis Kaori Chan, thank you thank you soo much for sharing your wonderful FA. I’ve been patiently waiting for your FA….and it’s worth all the wait!!!

    Bravo!!!! Kaori-chan, you did it again, you make my eyes moister with tears. While reading your FA, I can feel your love and devotion for Sukkie. You would not believe what’s your FA means to me, or to some of us, international eels. Some of us eels are not as fortunate as you, not even a little bit, to be able to watch him LIVE or even a chance to see him in person at all. We have to rely on fan accounts so we can enjoy the Shows. So I love to read all fan accounts!!!

    Kaori-chan, you know why I especially love your fan account?? Because you wrote it in details and guided us through your story so I feel that I were actually at the events. Most of all, you’d written it with heart!!! You are a very good writer. There is no book or article better than when the writer write straight from the heart. As a reader, I can see your points and feel all your emotions – excitement, nervous, shock, amazement, protective, love, understanding and acceptance.

    Me too, I am not a smoker haters. I just don’t like the smelling of the smoke. I always coughed if I were to come in contact with smoking filled air. Never smoke in my life. With Sukkie’s smoking, I could only say, I love him; therefore, I come to accept him smoking and his other BAD behaviors too. Do I wish for him to lead a more healthier life style?? Sure, I do!!! I also understand the pressures he must have at his position and status in life too, that he is in the need of smoking to relieve those pressures and stresses. In my opinion, Artistes smoking is way way better then using illegal drugs!!!!!

    P.S. Kaori Chan, I love it when you show us all the places you visited in Biei. One of my dreams, I always wanted to visit Japan, touring from one city to other city someday. I love every thing about Japan, the culture, the people, the food, the animaes..….on and on.

  13. Kaori chan, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your FA with us as always.
    I’m so touched the way your open up your thoughts so honestly with us and I felt your love towards him.
    I love Sukkie too, I want to protect him, stand by him and support him in my best capacity as an eel.

  14. Thanks Tenshi for sharing you precious FA and esp your real feelings about this ZEPP experience..just how our prince meant it to be…upclose and unplugged : )
    Reading about his being on that stage just makes me wanne hug him and tell him everything will be alright and that he really is a good boy and he keeps ZIKZIN no matter what.
    Wish we as eels had the amazing powers of the CareBears so we could give him the special warmth, care and powers when he needs us..instead we can only write to him to show our love and care, supporting him at his artistic outputs and try to understand him as a human being, one that is not trying to be more or less than that…I can’t not begin to imagine the amount of pressures he has starting around the period his first big drama Hwang Yin Yi…the amount of bashing and being outcasted just because he wanted to be himself and does not (wanted to) fit in the set mould of K-idol.
    I’m sure a lot of his people resent him for that..(are they afraid of anarchy?)
    For someone who is always positive and optimistic to have such dark wishes at one point the burden must have been and still is quite heavy…but having found a new way to be positive and optimistic again now trying to save others instead…this boy is really outgrowing the confined, insular narrow mindedness…
    Ever wondered why he is never in those so called funny gameshows? I do …I have some thoughts why that is…but I hope he never will either…
    Instead I hope to see him having his own show one day…I’m almost certain their will one someday..he’s so entertaining on his own and in his genuine way…a show to enrich and save each other..
    I love how he savours the feelings of his ZEPP tours…so much so he’s urging his good friends not to miss out on such…LOL…hahaha always sharing the good stuff…whether it’s corn or performance lol…How can you not love this guy

  15. I really love your work Tenshi! Thank you so much for sharing! You have not have described evrything in details, as you’ve mentioned you couldn’t remember everything that happened, but that’s not the important thing. What matters to me is the highlight of the concert and the feeling. And I felt that. I was touched by your FA! Thank you for sharing your opinion about smoking. I love the way how you explained your understanding about these people smoking. I myself is smoking for 5 years now and yes, like Sukkie, its one of my stress relievers.

  16. Thanks Kaori chan, I always love reading your FA, which is full of affection toward Sukkie. We all love him, but I think you have a special ability of insight to describe your thoughts about him. Each time I read your FA, I feel like being closer to him, because you give me the bridge to his heart. Thank you so much.

  17. Thank you for sharing the wonderful FA sis Tenshi. I always enjoy reading it. This time is a bit special especially in the first part when you describe your feeling about him smoking, heavy burden n his words before singing save me. My heart goes really aching with knowing sometime he feel pressure, pain, and stuffs. I wish I could also said it out loud that I am here for him, we are here for him. Indeed I guess he knew that we are.

    I am not a smoker. But my hubby is. I tried to smoke with him n experienced the feeling that he told me how when he exhale the smokes he also letout the burden. I didnt feel anything when I tried but I sort of understand the addictive feeling of those smoker. I just hope Sukkie will take care of his health. Our job is jist to remind him to always tske care of him self (because we cant). And support him n zikzin together!

  18. Sorry for my late comment sis Tenshi.. I am kinda busy lately…. but I had finished reading your FA the moment you tagged my name as I waited for this… I also felt a bit emotional with the first few paragraphs of your FA… I understand how you feel sis… it really touches my heart especially the part when you explained to us why some people find it hard to quit smoking….I wish I can do more to comfort our Prince when he felt so down/depressed with his life… but the love of us (his eels) though it’s unconditional but still limited to some extent… I pray & wish him more happiness in his personal life… You always shared the best FA sis… I always love reading all of them… the excitement really expressed in details… I am looking forward to share my own FA as soon I’ll be able to meet him…. I wish it’ll happen soon 🙂

  19. thank you Tenshi for sharing your FA! Even though you don’t remember much of the event but you sure sound like you were having a lot of fun. I probably would not remember much either if I was there. Reading your story make me feel closer to AP! I can only wish someday I can see him in person. Someday! ZikZin!!

  20. Thanks Tenshi Akuma for the beautiful FA write out. It is really beautiful written that makes my heart ache as I can feel you when you are writing the save me part. Tears flowing down from my eyes. Heart is aching so much as the love that I can only share to him is cry when he cry and smile when he smile. I am feeling upset that I can’t do more except telling to myself repeatedly that I love you, Jang Keun Suk.

  21. “Slowly slowly slowly whatever pains we had, they will eventually shine as my treasure. Just like a movie. Like a movie like a movie like a movie. Oh my life my life my life…”


  22. Thanks Sis Tenshi for sharing such a beautiful and touching FA. I love all but especially the smoking part which really really touches my heart so deeply. I read your FA at the Starbucks in Venetian Macau yesterday and my eyes were full of tears no matter what other people think or feel. At that time I just want to shout out loudly “Jang Keun Suk, I love you, I will save you, I will protect you, I see you only and let’s zikzin together!”

  23. For whatever reason, smoking is terrible for you. One need only look at the lungs of smokers. They become black and shriveled. If only Japan and China, like the U.S., had big campaigns against smoking so young people would not think it “cool”. ALSO, IF ONLY THEY HAD SMOKING PROJHIBITED IN PUBLIC VENUES! HIS VOICKE IS SO STUNNING. I hate that he is damaging it. Anyway, I continue to be his steady fan from Seattle and so look forward to his next drama. Dena, Seattle U.S.A.

  24. yea im a smoker too specially at work its just like to make my stress go away a little bit..thats why I understand why he smoke..I hope he can fin someone who will trully love him..

  25. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of his world with eels through your FA, Kaori-chan. I can feel how precious those moments with him are to you and everyone else in that venue. He is always so open & transparent when he is with his eels and I admire him for wearing his heart on his sleeve in front of them. No fronts, no guises, not the actor nor the singer talking – just purely JKS, the human being. He has gone a long way alright, and I can only wish he finds the happiness that only an “other half” can bring.

  26. Thank you so much sis Kaori Chan for such a heartfelt and warm FA. You are such a great Eel, not only because you are loyal to our dear Suk but also your being so generous with information about your country and of course, your help in translating all Suk related activities in Japan. I have always been fascinated with your country and have dreamed of visiting it at least once in this lifetime. I will continue to hold on to that dream and maybe someday soon have the privelege of meeting you in person.

  27. Hi Kaori- chan and fellow eels! First of all, thanks for this beautifully written piece, Kaori, I highly appreciate it. I am actually new to this fandom thing as I have never really fangirled anybody this much during 31 years of my life so far. So, Keun Suk is actually the fisrt one captivating my heart, which is good :). I have read news about his Zepp Tour but this one is much more interesting to me because I can feel Kaori’s love to Keun Suk, the feeling which I also have in my heart. I won’t comment too much on Keun Suk’s personal life, incl. his smoking & drinking habits. I know that eels love him and want him to lead a ‘healthier’ life, that is so normal. However, I also think that what he does is really normal, too. When I was his age, a few years back, I also smoked and drank, especially when I was troubled. I am female, by the way. Actually what has made me interested in Keun Suk is this ‘similarity’. He’s just like me, or even like most of us. When I was 26-27, I started pursuing my Ph.D degree in Germany (I’m Indonesian, by the way) and got so ‘lost’. I think pursuing a prestigious academic title bears the same burden as being a star in entertainment world: people expect way too much from you. You have to be excellent. I guess for Keun Suk, this has been going on for really a long period. The ‘national treasure’, the ‘nation actor’, ‘the nation’s little brother’… too much has been expected from only one growing up boy. Why can’t he be himself? Failing sometimes, sucessful sometimes, learning his lessons, dreaming big? I have been admiring Keun Suk for showing us all of these moments, including his fragile mements. I do believe that this phase *smoking, drinking* is something he has go through. I stopped smoking already and have been reducing drinking as I turned 30 and became a more mature person who could handle troubles without those stuffs. I believe our prince will experience the same way later in his life, so have faith, eels :). His pain, his trouble… We can only observe it. He’s the one going through it and he has his own ways. Just trust him, ok ;)! Zikzin! \m/

    • NoonaEel…yeah…
      well said..he’s entitled to his own path of growing…
      Kuddo’s to him for being brave enough to show it that he’s just as normal as any of us… with an extraordinary life..
      We must trust him for being able to run his own life

    • and that he never loses the child in him even if you see everyday that he is maturing to be a beautiful man!! sorry so in love ^_^! zikzin! \m/

  28. Life is about ups and downs. We’ll learn from both. I wish Jang Keun Suk all the happiness in the world. He is an honest person, he always talks openly about his life, good that he shares his joy and sadness. He was a a child artiest : life must have been hard on him. God bless him and his loved ones and all his eels around the globe.

  29. This is a very late posting for this topic, but I want to thank you, Tenshi, and all Eels who submitted comments about this. I recently got the DVD from this tour. It doesn’t have English subtitles, so I don’t know what he is saying when he talks to his fans. I was shocked and distressed when I saw him smoke – I felt exactly as you so beautifully described, Tehshi. I couldn’t understand why he would hurt his health like this.

    When I Googled ‘Jang Keun Suk smoking’, your FA was the first link listed, Tenshi. Because of your FA, I now have an idea of what he was saying and why he did this. I also see that so many Eels expressed their concern for his health and peace of mind. It’s been over a year since the DVD was released, and I know that it’s been a time of personal reflection for JKS. Like all of you, I sincerely hope that he’s finding that ‘Sweet Home’ that we all seek inside of ourselves.

    As always, Tenshi – even 1.5 years after your original posting – thank you so much for helping us to know a bit more about this complex, interesting, and talented man. And thanks to all Eels for writing so many caring comments that mirror my own concerns for his happiness 🙂

  30. I’m always watching his Zepp Tour Tokyo every weekend so when I re-read this FA of yours last weekend while I was looking for something to share in our group, I enjoyed more watching this show and appreciated more all the efforts you’re doing for all of us (your fellow eels.)

    Thank you so much sis Kaori and God Bless You………..


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