[Info] Jang Keun Suk has two birthdays officially… How come?

JKS has two birthdays officially. One is August 4th. The other is September 26th. New eels might not know what the difference is. We posted the reason several times before. But here we integrate the information.
The difference derives from which calendar we use to describe birthday; solar calendar or lunar calendar.

The calendar that we all use currently is the Gregorian calendar (sometimes called new calendar), which is a solar calendar whose dates indicate the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun. On the other hand, a lunar calendar (sometimes called old calendar) is based on cycles of the moon phase. In some countries, they still celebrate some holidays based on the lunar calendar. For example, lunar New Year festival.

His birthday based on the Gregorian (solar) calendar is September 26th, 1987. On that day, the corresponding date on the lunar calendar is the 4th day of the 8th month. In solar calendar, date doesn’t change. So his birthday is always September 26th every year, but in lunar calendar ‘the 4th day of the 8th month’ changes every year. In short, the number of days in the lunar year is not the same as the Gregorian calendar. For example, in 2013, the 4th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar falls on September 8th, 2013.

JKS’ birth date based on the solar calendar we usually use nowadays: September 26th, 1987
JKS’ birth date based on the lunar calendar: August 4th, 1987

* We can say his birth date is ‘August 4th, 1987’ in lunar calendar. But please don’t forget to mention the birth year. As I mentioned before, the 4th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar differs every year.

JKS’ birthday based on the solar calendar we usually use nowadays: September 26th [every year]
JKS’ birthday based on the lunar calendar: the 4th day of the 8th month [the corresponding date on the solar calendar changes every year]

* If you’re interested in Lunar Calendar 2013, please check the website. You can check the lunar calendar in 1987, too.

So, he can actually celebrates his birthday 3 times a year : August 4th, September 26th and 4th day of the 8th month. In 2013, the 4th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar falls on September 8th. So, this year his 3 birthdays are August 4th, September 26th and September 8th.

I’m afraid some eels are still confused about his birthday mystery after reading my explanation above. OK. Let’s think it simple. I think it’s easier for us to acknowledge that his birthday is September 26th, 1987. Because we use solar calendar globally now.

For some reason, he has mixed his lunar and Gregorian dates and stated his birthday as August 4th, 1987. In Korea, I heard people still use lunar calendar for ritual or ceremony. Just for your information, it’s not him but his mother who prefers using lunar calendar to describe the birth date. Before he explained his birthday mystery during CRI SHOW2. My hypothesis is that his mother registered his profile using his lunar birth date ‘August 4th, 1987’ when JKS started working as a child star. Without supplemental remarks, as we usually use solar calendar now, I suppose others including his agency mistook his birthday must be August 4th, 1987. As a result, his birthday was officially August 4th, 1987 for a long time. I think the reason he still celebrates his birthday on August 4th in solar calendar means he respects his mother’s idea and fans who has still believed his birthday is August 4th. I think it’s very thoughtful. JKS decided to celebrate his birthday for more than one month. He called it “birthday carnival month”. Usually it starts from August 4th till September 26th. I think he’s really genius to decide it. We can thank he was born to the world for a longer time every year ^^

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39 thoughts on “[Info] Jang Keun Suk has two birthdays officially… How come?”

  1. JKS ‘birthday carnival month’ ends in 23 hours… From beginning till end, we eels are happy to celebrate Sukkie’s birthday. I really hope this 2013 year will bring him more happiness than ever. Happy birthday, my dear Jang Keun Suk!

  2. Dear Ap…. I hope you know that we all think you are amazing, and we support anything you do 100%. I hope you have the most amazing day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

  3. Dear Ap
    I hope you know that we all think you are amazing, and we support anything you do 100%. I hope you have the most amazing day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

  4. Thanx for explaining this! I was always confused since I’ve never even heard that some is using lunar calendar any more.

    Anyways, thank you! This helps a lot. Hehehehe

    Peace out!

  5. Wow, now that I know his exact Birthdate on the solar calendar is 26 September, I can understand his astrological sign better. So our Prince Charming is a Virgo-Libra cusp. Aesthetic is the keyword for those born a Virgo-Libra cusp. “The V-l cusp embodies all things artistic, precious, and sensual. Those of this combination appreciate what is pleasing to the eye and if that means someone in particular, then that is all the better. They also have a great mind for details. Every little bit matters in general and matters to them. This is likely why they are known as the cusp of ‘beauty'” (xstrologyscope.com)

    Happy Birthday to you, my Prince Charming. You were born to be handsome, precious, and sensual under the V-L cusp. All the best for the year after this birthday.

    • Hi Sudie. thank you for sharing the astrological signs info here.

      Normally, I don’t read Horoscope or Astronomy signs much. Since you post this topic here, I got curious. I looked up Libra sign. Woowwww. … Astoundingly, some of the descriptions fit Sukkie’s character to the capital T.

      Here are some descriptions of Libra:
      – very intelligent
      – a thinker
      – a leader
      – artistic
      – caring (full of love)
      – a great communicator… (rarely at loss for words)
      – a good negotiator
      – outgoing by nature
      – like balance and harmony living
      – love to socialize and partying
      – a charmer **(Even people who don’t agree with what you have, they still can’t resist you and always behave well around you).

  6. Keun Suk-ahh…. another year older, another year wiser for you I hope. Wishing you have a wonderful and successful year ahead of you. Wishing you all the happiness in this world.

    Birthday comes and goes….. Life is a journey. Even though, many things might not go the way that you plan or dream of……. please never ever give up!!!!

    Please always stay positive and focus.

    Please never ever stray from the true path as you continue your amazing journey.

    When you feel soooo tired, please set a step back to unwind yourself so that you can come back with fully recharge energy!!!

    Please please keep on doing your very BEST in everything that you do. Please keep on Zikzin to the world!!!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you, Jang Keun Suk!! I love you!!!!!!

    P.S. sis Kaori Chan, thank you for explaining the mystery of Sukkie’s TWO birthdays!!! Most people celebrate ONE Birthday in a year…..hahaha….Sukkie celebrates 3 birthdays ……that make him a super unique and special person, right!!!!

  7. “Fly in the Plane of Ambition,
    and land on the Airport of Success,
    Luck is Yours, wish is Mine
    may your Future always Shine,
    With lots of Love…”


    PS: many thanks sis Tenshi for explaining all of this to us… Such a big help in explaining everything esp to those eels who kept on questioning us in our page… Love u sis ^^

  8. Happy Birthday 장 군 서! Keep smiling because we love to see your smile. Always take care of yourself and know that we are behind you all the way. We love and care for you!!! Zikzin!!!

  9. Hi every body around the world.i think keun suk wants make fun and confuse all .his personality is mixed of his role in movies and ser.and they make him really lovely and adorabel that all people with dffrent natinality loved him. Thanks alot tenshi 😉

  10. Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
    Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
    Sarang ha neun — JANG GEUN SUK shi
    Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!!!

    Wishing you more and stay happy!

    • JKS was born on September 26, 1987. This birthday is the same (or match) as August 4th, 1987.

      You can Google Solar to Lunar Birthday conversion calculator if you like to understand better about Solar and Lunar birthday and how it’s related..??? Using this conversion calculator, You can play around with the Solar birthday date…to see what is the MATCHING lunar birthday date.

      You can use your own Solar birthday to see what is your Lunar birthday….kkkkk

      Sooo technically, everyone can have TWO birth dates if you want…(solar and lunar birth dates)…..kekekekeke

      • During the olden times which is my grandmothers times, especially in China. They use the lunar calendar to celebrate birthdays.
        In this new generation especially gen Y, most of the time they will use
        the date of births on the birth certificate. In JKS case we normally use 4th Aug. and we do not associate with
        the English Horoscope like Leo or Libra but we will just say
        He was born in the year of a fire rabbit.

  11. Sorry just to add on
    4th Aug. solar calendar is belong to Leo
    26Th Sep. Lunar calendar, he born in the year if Fire Horse. The characteristic is very similar as mentioned by somebody earlier on.

  12. I heard he has converted to Muslim, but I saw cross in his neck in 14.3.15 pic of him enjoying candy. It does not bother what he is by religion, I love him in all way. Just curious, can any one tell me?

  13. First this is really confusing me why suk had two birthday celebrations but because sis Tenshi always give us explanation about thisso I understand now, but honestly when it comes of lunar and solar date I don’t get it but it doesn’t matter as long that we can celebrate suk birthday thats all what matter most 🙂


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