[16.07.2013] @bigbrothersound twitter

Original Source: BB’s official tweet

bigbrother ‏@bigbrothersound
I only have twitter account and facebook bigbrothersound page account. Other IDs are not mine please be careful.

seems someones are using BB’s name to create ID but they are not him for real. Please BE CAREFUL!!!
Thanks to BB to let us know.

and BB’s official facebook is THIS

5 thoughts on “[16.07.2013] @bigbrothersound twitter”

  1. Is he stating this after the instagram acc pic of suk was uploaded? They do know whats circulating among the fans pretty fast

    • I am glad BB tweeted his official sites because I thought that was his Instagram and shared it with his fans and Sukkie’s eels but I took those posts down and stopped going to the fake site. Hate me but don’t stop showing your love on Twitter #USWantsTeamH and #WeMissYouJKS

    • Thanx for reminding us, Randa :o)

      I try to vote every day for JKS (actor section) and Yoona (actress section) but I forget sometimes. Hehehe… So, your reminder is very appreciated.



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