[News] ZIKZIN fes. JKS stage (Aug. 4th) will be shown live at movie theaters in Japan

Source: http://jangkeunsuklive.jp/
August 4th is his another birthday on the lunar calendar. This year ZIKZIN fes.OSAKA is held on that day. The ticket of JKS stage was really popular and sold out very soon. Many eels felt sad because they can’t celebrate his birthday at the venue although he stays in Japan.

On July 15th, it was announced that to celebrate his birthday throughout Japan, ZIKZIN fes. JKS stage will be broadcast live on more than 50 movie theaters in Japan. The title of this live cinema is “JANG KEUN SUK SPECIAL SHOW ~Indian summer~”.
It starts at 13:00 (Japan local time). The ticket price is 3,800 yen (including tax). The audience is given a special paper fan. Below is the image.

This is the trailer.

tenshi_akuma’s note: JKS has two birthdays officially. One says August 4th. The other says September 26th. New eels might not know what the difference. Please read this explanation.
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    • yes, Tenshi always informs us, she is our angel.

      now, Prince congratulations and success zikzin!!!. God bless You.

      ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆ Today I am VERY SAD!!!, because recently DELETED the MOST VIEWED video of all JKS’s career on YouTube, the video had more than 5 MILLION views (MILLIONS!!!!)… this video was his top # 1. .. had more number of visits and in just 1 year … This video was “the kissing scenes between Seo joon (jks) and Hana (Yoona)”, actually they were the most watched kisses scenes video of all Korean, even this video had more “likes”.

      …this is so sad!. …..why deleted???… why :S.

      I guess it must be by copyrigh

      thanks eels and tenshi!

      ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.


      • JKS & YOONA were the most watched kisses scenes video of all Korean DRAMAS! ..more of 5 MILLIONS….but this was deleted, this sis so sad 🙁

      • right! this is so sad 🙁 🙁 bad copyright.

        JKS and Yoona had more of 5 MILLIONS!!…and they were the most popular video of scenes of kisses of all korean dramas in just 1 year.

        i also remember when the first month started airing Love Rain in korea, Many fans in the world uploaded a lot LR’s videos to youtube, even many LR’s videos had more than one million in just weeks, but COPYRIGHT closed many of these videos of LR.

        thanks guys for the information.

      • Hello! Marujka, Randa, Jazzy and Faride. …me too so sad. ☹☹☹☹☹.

        thanks jazzy for link.

      • I’m waiting for the ZIKZIN fes. and your birthday!!!

        ╚══`.¸.Sukki Chan = Zikzin 4EVER.

        Peace and Love eels.
        Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  1. since i’m a relatively new eel, the two birthdays is news to me and a tad bit confusing. just to clarify; he was born on the 26th of September? which translates to 4th august on the lunar calendar? does he celebrate both dates? i’m so gonna look for my lunar birth date now 🙂

    • In new (solar) calendar we usually use, his birthday is September 26th, 1987. But we can say the same day as August 4th, 1987 in the old (lunar) calendar. In Korea, I heard people still use lunar calendar for ritual or ceremony. Suk said before not he but his mother thinks the date is important. In solar calendar, date doesn’t change. So his birthday is always September 26th, but in lunar calendar August 4th changes the date in solar calendar. It might be strange, but Suk decided to celebrate his birthday almost one month. He called it “birthday carnival month” before. Usually it starts from August 4th till September 26th (or the date of August 4th in solar calendar this year… Sorry not sure). This year, August 4th in lunar calendar comes on September 8th in solar calendar.

      I’m sorry we Japanese rarely use lunar calendar now. So it’s hard for me to understand the system, too.

      • The calendar that we all use currently is the Gregorian Calendar, which is a Solar calendar whose dates indicate the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun

        A Lunar Calendar is based on cycles of the moon phase.

        As the number of days in the Lunar Year is not the same as the Gregorian Calendar, your Lunar birthdate will never (I think) correspond with your Gregorian birthday ever again.

        So Suk’s birthday based on the Gregorian (Solar) Calander is 26 September 1987. On that day, the corresponding date on the Lunar Calendar is the 4th day of the 8th Month. For some reason, he has mixed his Lunar and Gregorian dates and stated his birthday as 4th August 1987.

        So he actually celebrates his birthday 3 times a year : 4th August, 26th September and 4th Day of the 8th Month.
        This year the 4th Day of the 8th Month of the Lunar Calendar falls on 8th September 2013.

        So this year his 3 birthdays will be 4th August, 26th September and 8th September.

  2. Thanks ss tenshi_akuma,

    Our Prince is so special star in the world, therefore his birthday from 4th August to 26th September. 😡

  3. Just for your information, it’s not him but mother that prefers using lunar calendar to describe birthdays. Suk explained the mystery before during CRI SHOW2. So I suppose his mother registered his profile as August 4th, 1997. But we usually use solar calendar now. So I think others including his agent mistook his birthday in solar calendar must be August 4th, 1987. Officially his birthday was August 4th, 1987 for a long time. I think the reason he still celebrates his birthday on August 4th in solar calendar means he respects his mother’s idea and fans who believes his birthday is August 4th. Very thoughtful.

  4. Now I’m confused, I even told a co-worker of mine who is a new fan of JKS that his birthday is on Aug. 4, she really likes him now after watching Love Rain. Anyways, lets just celebrate it until Sept 26 then, wish you good health, peace and happiness JKS!!!!

    • Because I think his official profile says it’s August 4th, 1987. But actually it’s in the lunar calendar. That means his birthday in solar calendar is September 26th. In solar calendar, we don’t have to add the birth year. But when it comes to lunar calendar, we should add the birth year, too. Because every year the date changes.

  5. For EELs who still are confused why Sukkie has TWO birthdays.

    Here is the LINK to convert Solar Birthday to Lunar Birthday (or doing the reverse)


    Example: JKS’ Solar Birthday is (September 26, 1987), which converts to be exactly (August 4, 1987) in Lunar Birthday.

    As for JKS’ fans (eels), we are celebrating or wishing him “Happy Birthday” on both the September 26th and August 4th (even through, Lunar birthday date might changes from year to year).

  6. Sukkie is so thoughtful towards his eels…
    How I wish I could at least attend his live broadcast of his Indian Summer fes..
    We are blessed for a whole month of B’day celebration : ) That’s why he’s a prince lol

  7. Hi every body .did you remember ,,tekeyong ,,in ,,you are beautiful,,? He had 2 birth days like hi roles on movies. I believe in all his characters on secuenses and movies collecte in his .i am really so happy for him .despit all my limitations with connections and my problems ,i follow him and i should say ,,thanks alot dear tenshi for your news ,,thanks alot .i wish my dear love ,,keun suk,, reads and knows that how much you try for this web site. And thanks for all who write here for him .if i see him, i definetlytell him how much you try to search and put new updates from another sites♡lol

  8. what’s happening to sukkie these days? no word at all.

    all these boy bands are getting slots in dramas, and no Sukkie. He is a much much better actor than any of them – hah! is he abandoned by all the directors and producers. no word regarding his new drama ‘beautiful man’ – tv slots are now blocked by partnerships between entertainment agencies and producers.

    Sukkie, you’re better off directing your own independent film – do it. who knows you might even win in Cannes. take another direction or way. the rest of your age groups who are boy bands are all rushing to do dramas – you dont need to join their queue. Direct your own – with good simple story which appeals to society (have you seen Iloilo the movie from singapore – directed by anthony chen? simple but it won in cannes. Do something as simple as that, and don’t hire popular actors instead hire an actor or actress the real one who can act, or students in acting who can act. you have the talent – go for it.

    I want to see you happy and loved by the person you love.

  9. I’m waiting for the ZIKZIN fes. and your birthday!!!

    ╚══`.¸.Sukki Chan = Zikzin 4EVER.

    Peace and Love eels.
    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  10. I just want to say Happy Birthday to you… hope you have a great celebrate your birthday…. I really want to come there to see you so badly..I really like you a lot…When i Start watching your love Rain drama and you are really cute and handsome….


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