17 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS comments on each track of NB_0130528”

  1. Sorry it takes time to subtitle this video. I like his way to comment on each track. He carefully and sincerely chose his words. After watching this video, please check the lyrics and listen to the album again : )

    • Tenshi, Thanks a lot for making the translating this video. We know you are so busy, but despite your hectic schedule you still find time to do it for us. And I’m always amazed by the depth of this man. He way he conveys his thoughts is always done in a profound manner.
      Thank you once again!

    • Tenshi love…I thank you in advance..for your “heart”work..
      I will watch this vid with the subs knowing you have put your precious time; hardwork and your heart in it…just like our prince : ) <3

    • Tenshi, thank you so so sooooo much for the translation. Your hard work is very appreciated.

      Excellent video. I like the fact that JKS goes through each song and gives us small details about recording them and how he felt when he got the songs and lyrics.

      Thank you JKS and thank you Tenshi!


  2. wahhh…so his fav is turn off..i’ve heard before that his fav is save me. now..i know we got the same taste.kkkk…yes..i love how he conveys his feeling.he is very detail..thats why he’s good in writing too.i hope..he will come with biography one day..if he make one..i promise i’ll buy it!! thanks tenshi for your hardwork to translate this one..but how i wish it will come with hardsub so i can download it and rewatch later.

    • I think “Save Me” is a meaningful song for him, and he just loves “Turn Off” with / without the lyrics. And I think he thinks “Indian Summer” is suitable for the concept of NB from the beginning. Anyway, he shows his various side and taste of music through thus 2nd album.

      • maybe because “save me” is about pleading for people to understand his hardness as an artist..and “turn off” is more about motivation in general.actually..i love both song..but i love “turn off” more with or without lyrics.all thanks to u tenshi..and im happy with “nature boy”..i prefer nature boy..i think indian summer is too wild for the concept..and too close to team h concept..so..they make the right choice.

  3. his comments are so fun 😀
    his dance, motor sound, and sleeping kkkkkk he is funny….
    he really loves all of his songs. don’t put them just for album or sale purposes.
    he is a deep artist, full of emotions….
    hope his singing career will go forward and be more successful.
    he is really willing to be a well known – good singer.
    zikzin JKS 😀 eels are beside you.
    we will save you and you will save us 😀
    don’t turn off yourself from us/eels

  4. Many thanks sis for your hard work… I can share a lot of infos in this videos as I do post related facts about our Prince in my pages… Great work sis tenshi…

  5. sis Kaori Chan, Thank you sooo much for posting video. The English Sub is awesome.

    JKS is such a deep thinker person. He is 25 year old, yet saying words like a “wise old man.” Awwww….. soo sweet of him, admitting he doesn’t know or understand it all, the things that happened in life. I always see him as a cheerful person..it’s heart breaking knowing that he had gone a slump like any of us.

    In this video, I sooo love him for being sooo real person. He put aside his Artist status and talk (confess) to us like we are his friends, instead of FANs about his thoughts and ideas about his songs. I must admit that not all the songs in this Album are my type of musics…I listen to those songs one or twice, pretty much that is. But after watching this video clip and learning the story behind each songs, I have gone back to listen to them in a mind set of the stories he told. Sooo surprisingly, I like and become more appreciative of those songs I don’t like before…!!! Now I can listen to all of them repeatedly…..kekekeke.

  6. Thank you so much Tenshi for translating and putting the english sub to the video. I know it take up lots of your time and your love to share with us (eels all over the world) is undeniable. I love all the songs in the album but i didn’t really put 100% thoughts on the meaning of the lyrics until i watch the video. Now it makes me want to memorize the lyrics and sing along with it (Thanks for translating the lyrics and the romanization too).

    I am laughing out loud on his comment of seducing while playing the roller coaster…hehehehe don’t he knows that he can simply seduce millions of people with just a smile. No need any other actions.


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