JKS Malaysia Fan-meeting on 4 June 2011!

Credits: Rhythm Land on Facebook

OMG!! After some confusion over whether the date of Jang Keun Suk’s Malaysia fan-meeting is 4 June or 5 June, the Malaysian organizer Rhythm Land has announced that it is 4 June! The same date as other Korean stars Big Bang and 2ne1’s fan-meetings (whoever they are …. 🙂 ) !

It was previously discussed whether JKS would change his FM date to avoid the clash, but now it seems that he is meeting them head-on! Admittedly, that may affect JKS’ ticket sales because there are fans who say that they wanted to attend both but may now choose the others over JKS….

Yay!! Happy news! I can start planning my Malaysia trip to see JKS!

4 thoughts on “JKS Malaysia Fan-meeting on 4 June 2011!”

  1. Wow, even in short hair in Beethoven Virus, JKS looks very handsome in TV, again my daughter and me like different person, she likes female lead.

    Let’s plan our Malaysia trip, my last 20 years pay cheques should last me quite some time, Go, go, go, For JKS

    • at least u still have 20 years’ pay cheques! i don’t know where my last 10 years’ pay cheques went to!! * cry * 🙂

      • OoOoh I envy you both!! I hope you have a very nice trip, and come with lots of stories!!!!

        And that pictures yum!!

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