[Video] “2013 Greetings: This is Our Promise From Eels All Over The World”

UPDATE: added Jang Keun Suk Happy New Year’s greeting posted on Dec. 29th, 2011

This is another international eels’ project to show our support to Jang Keun Suk. It’s a bit earlier New Year’s greetings from eels all over the world. But we want to let him know our promise before his 20th anniversary ends. And we also want to let him know international eels will also watch Hunan TV’s new year countdown party and promise him go to 2013 together!

Special thanks to Kimi Song, Eileen Tan and Phuog Quyh from ECI : )

Credits: EelsClubInter

The same day last year Jang Keun Suk gave us New Year’s greeting in 12 different languages. Our video proves he’s been stepping into World Prince!

13 thoughts on “[Video] “2013 Greetings: This is Our Promise From Eels All Over The World””

  1. the eels’ greeting was initially meant for Hunan New year countdown party but due to changes of plans, it was released today 29.12.12…. which made it all the more meaningful with Prince’s greetings to us eels on the same date 29.12.11 last year! πŸ™‚ now we have another meaningful date to add to Eels’ diary after IHT on 22.12.12

  2. I was so full of emotion that I couldn’t leave my comment earlier,,, but yes, we did again!!!

    Today, at 11 am (Korean local time) on December 29th, 2012, we started to promote this video in public. At that time Sukkie went to bed after working 19 hours’ shooting Team H MV, but no one (one of three angels of Tree-J staff) soon noticed us and replied to many of ECI members, showing her thankfulness T_T

    Honestly we didn’t expect they noticed this so soon. But she did! OMG…. OMG… She tried to reply in English. And she was surprised to see so many countries’ eels are supporting him. Many eels told her where they were from. She was surprised again at every country shared by eels.

    Although she also worked overtime and must have been tired, she communicated with us, saying “thank you” again and again. And she promised us to tell him about this video after he wakes up. OMG.. OMG.. We cried for joy…

    Tomorrow, we’ll post the BTS stories of making this video in such a short time. Please look forward to it. Thanks again, eels. You brought us miracle! *big hug

    • u can copy the URL of the video, search “savevid.com” or “keepvid.com” in google, paste the URL to the download box, and then click download. Just click RUN if it pop up in ur monitor. That’s the easiest way to download videos from YT.. Hopefully, I helped u with ur question πŸ™‚

  3. Very touching… I want to cry because this is full of love and I can feel the sense of family on that video. Thank you to everyone who made this.

  4. I never doubted Tree J and Sukkie appreciation to any project or gifts from his fans..This is an amazing project, hopefully we can keep the BOND stronger than ever and be able to keep our Promise to him!!! Giving without expecting and more importantly not obliging Sukkie to say something in return!! I learned so much from him as well as from my fellow eels.. I will do my best to do good things for his name because he inspire me to become a good human being!! No words can explain how much I value this MAN.. I found new friends because of him!! I love you Sukkie and thank you for coming to my Life!!!

  5. A touching and meaningful video to tell our prince that he now has the support of eels from all over the world. He must be pleased seeing those adorable little boy eels wishing him Happy New Year and yelling Jyo~Zikzin! πŸ™‚ BTW, I read about Russian Eels’ gift for Sukkie … waiting for more info about that unique project^^

  6. Such a wonderful coincidence isn’t it? This year is so special which is Sukkie’s 20th aanniversary debut with many many surprises to him just like marathon! And this month we showered with so many great news! Aww…i feel so blessed to be an eel and eci means so much to me!
    Thanks all and happy new year 2013!!


  7. wow i’m so touched,this really made me cry.I’m so proud of you and so proud to be an eel.The greatest fans of the greatest artist.Thanks for the amazing video.Happy new year everyone.I love you Sukkie.I love you eels.

  8. Many thanks for all the support in this recording..! We have been receiving many positive reviews from eels worldwide.. From non eels to eels, spreading the words out that he’s indeed a World Prince~ Im praying he will get to see this, and accept all the love and blessings from eels all over the world!!! He will never be alone, because we are with him!!;)


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