[29.12.2012] Jason Jang’s Weibo

Credit: Jason Jang Weibo
Just finished work, so sleepy, we have worked hard! Please look forward to “feel the beat!” See you on 31st and Jan 1st. Here are the two shots as treats for eels! Are you satisfied? kkk, Happy New Year @JangKeunSuk
刚工作结束了.困死了~ 辛苦了!大家期待一下了feel the beat!31号1号见了!给鳗鱼的福利两张!ㅋㅋ 满意吗?ㅋㅋ 新年快乐!@张根硕

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  1. oh NO no nononononono !!!!!! he’s getting weird again ….PLZ stop with the devilish weird style try somthing new …..we already seen that look come on..! 🙁 it not pretty any more….

  2. agree with you Randa ..i’m embarrassed for him not only that but did you see what was he wearing in the cry show !!! what was that did the world run out of clothes or what??
    plus snsd yoona was attending ..OH how embarrassing ..she must thought (what on earth happened to seojun)…LOL

    • kris,

      No need for you to be embarrassed by Jang Keun Suk. He is a fine fine young talented man and he is much loved and respected by many people in this world.

      In my opinion, I would ONLY feel or be embarrassed ONLY by my own behaviors or actions….not by other people’s….!!!

      Beauty is in the eyes of beholder!! Looking weirdo to some; he or she might be beautiful to other. So no point in arguing who is right, who is wrong. It all comes down to personal preference or choice.

      But before you judge JKS negatively on the surface, please please… learn more about him FIRST.

      I have long established that Sukkie’s appearance is his least attributes why I LOVE him, loyal to him, and forgive him for some of his wacky and reckless behaviors.

      I love Jang Keun Suk…despite his weirdo styles or no style at all. No matter what, Sukkie might look weirdo or handsome, I still love him and find him very interesting person. His multi-talents and productions make me happy and well entertained……..but his personality and sincere heart that captured my heart and my loyalty.

      I am proud to be his loyal fan. Jyo~Zikzin!!!!

      • He’s an artist and does and dresses accordingly…
        He’s adventures…trying all style…so there is something for everyone..
        one day gentleman, other day the boy next door, the rocker, the rapper, the son…and sometime totally himself..
        he’s not boring and safe…
        I like that…he’s my flowerboy with many layers…love him in everyway

      • I totally agree with Kailey. I love him ,so I believe his tastes and I will support everything he did. Go Suk Suk!

    • agree with U Kris and ANAN!.
      actually, JKS’s style is a bit rare and not cool :S but I always love him. I assume that Yoona will look beautiful as a Barbie on KBS-awards 2012 (Yoona is a goddess 🙂 ), but I’m so sad that JKS does not attend kbs awards 2012 :'(.
      I read Yoona will be MBC on 31st…then…where will attend Yoona?….KBS or MBC?.
      please, someone can clarify my doubt. thanks! :).

      • Yoona is not a goddess? She is marketed to be a goddess of beauty, but she is not. You speak as though, JKS is not good enough for her?

      • hi, Rita.

        Definitely, Yoona is “the goddess”, and Sukki is “The Asia prince” or now “World prince”. I read that Yoona’s nicknames of “Goddess” was given by the people of Korea, other Asian countries (and some European and American countries) and also the media comunications, she usually doesn’t mind these nicknames, she is very humble, her favorite nickname is “feminine”. My friend told me that Yoona Internationally has also other nicknames like: “Goddess Dance” “Goddess of beauty” “Goddess athena”, “Angel”, “Deer Yoona”, “Choding Yoona”, “alligator Yoona”, “Yoonsang”, “baby Yoona”, “Princess Yoona”, “Queen Drama Yoona”, “doll Yoona” and “Strong Yoona”. she is very loved by their fans (fans korea and fans of the world, only her fans are a bit jealous. They don’t want to see her with a boyfriend). The 50% of her fans are men … and the other 50% are women.
        If, Sukki and Yoona are having a relationship in secret, I will be happy for them, I think they should have the freedom to love. both are so attractive, talented, ingenious, smarter, friendly and work very hard. I admire both.

    • what do you mean by this comment? “YoonA is also attending”. Will she be with JKS in the countdown in China? Are they confirmed to be a “couple”? Since when?

  3. For me, he’s the combination of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor & Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran – my fave British band. JGS sounds almost like SLB, has the slim built of JT & NR fashion sense (except accesories) & love of eye liner. check out the mv below…:)


  4. My prince, I recommend you to buy a camera with the best quality. It is a pity at how beautiful you are to have poor quality pictures. Anyway, thanks for the pictures so much. I love you and I miss you every day…

  5. He just dress way because he filming an MV. He’s an entertainer who always changing his image according to his MV. That is why he is not boring. He couldn’t be macho and gentleman all the time. The MV is about having fun, he’s having fun dressing up. 🙂

    In real life he won’t dress like this if you see his documentary then you should know that he is a normal young man (see what he wear when he attend his university). Get to know him first before you complain about him.

  6. lianayus i’d like to tell you that his real life clothes are worse ..didn’t you see his silly airport outfit ?? it’s you who don’t know him well…..not that i have anything against him no i love jks but not his style…. and it hurts me. really and believe me i’m nervous to see what will he be wearing on kbs drama awards cuz i’ve lost faith in his stlye

    • Sorry I love the man not the clothes he wear. His outer appearance do not matter to me it is what he is that make me love him. What he wear that is his choice, who am I to force him to be somebody he’s not. For me behind all the glamour and camera he is a normal person. I look at him when he do normal thing like when he go to school and hang out with his friend he look like a normal person who wear normal clothes. His airport outfit is for the camera (he loves to try different image), if he’s comfortable with what he wear it is ok with me. I salute his bravery to wear what he like.

      • I second that ; )
        He’s brave..
        and sometimes style sucks yet leads for others to follow and then it becomes fashion.hahaha…I shall withhold giving any examples…LOL

      • sooo true..liana sis!! i just love him the way he is..his appearance is nothing compared to his great personality. yes..i must confess im not a big fan of his weird style but i really amazed by how confidence he is..well..to wear such outfit.sometimes..i feel he’s the best fashion model coz he can pull any style by not look foolish..anna..if u hate his style..it doesnt mean you hate him rite?

    • ANNA i’m also nervous to see what will he be wearing in the kbs drama awards cuz we all know that yoona is gonna look beautiful so he needs to look hansome like when he was with moon geun young in 2010 🙂

      • Well Kris & Anna, have you two not heard that he’s not attending KBS Drama Awards instead he’ll be attending Hunan TV’s new year countdown concert. Anyway JGS always looks elegant, gorgeous & very handsome when it comes on attending awards night. There is no need to worry on that. 🙂

  7. Let him wear whatever he wants to wear, & let him try all sorts of styles he’s still young anyway. I remember in one of his interviews as an actor, that he would like to take roles that fit his age because once he becomes older let say in his 30’s those kind of roles wont come in his way anymore or wont suit him at all (like as Momo in YMP). I think JKS just want to enjoy each stages in life to the fullest & why not? JKS did gave us a lot of beautiful images of himself from the past years & up to present (everybody knows he has hundreds of thousands of photos, you wont be able to count). I think its not a crime to look weird sometimes (if you think its weird) given his age. If he would donned the same outfit above to the right in his mid thirties or forties, that would be hilarious. But right now i don’t see any problem. Let just be loving & patient at the moment & give him a break, after all he rocks your world & has made you happy, can’t we be more accepting & forgiving. Can’t wait to see him in the future when he is older & mature. Jang Keun Suk i will always be waiting for you! 🙂

  8. Sukkie always makes me smile.. with whatever he’s wearing wherever he goes.. I just feel umm..that’s Jang Keun Suk style..very inique,never dull nor boring ^^ I like it!!!

  9. o.k to be honest i know jks very well and true that he has wonderful and live personality and the fact he is an amazing actor but the more i get to know him the more i find that he is sort of a playboy and overconfident he was really shy in old days like beethoven virus and YAB but now he is shamless and does crazy things that he know will lead the people to talk about him … i mean he should stuck to what he is good at (acting)not dancing and dj ..etc. i honestly didn’t watched any part of the cri show cuz i was really embarrassed …the point is i used to be one of the loyal eel for years but i guess know its time to move on …and find more mature actor who know what is too much….

    • Oh no Kris, i don’t want JKS to be just stuck with acting, I truly love his singing voice, he has this unique deep, sexy voice different from other Korean singers (others just sound the same for me) & dancing is a part of this talent (he has to dance because he is singing). I truly admire him because not all famous actors in Korea can sing & at least dance like him, & has tried other things like deejaying. I wouldn’t like to miss this: check these out – http://youtu.be/2grck4dir-A,http://youtu.be/vDq4bgPjlsA, http://youtu.be/Q6k-G2Ag2VA – JUST SIMPLY AWESOME, THAT’S WHAT YOU CALLED VERSATILITY. 🙂

      • Kris, frankly speaking, many become his eels because of his non-stereotype and chameleon images, multi-talents, kind hearted, professional and most of all his unique personality, I’m one of them… I have got to know many eels around the world and we always share the reason of how we become an eel.. and I’m not sure why you are embarrassed and feel it is too much as it is opposite feeling for eels in fact ^_^ we are definitely proud to see him in Cri show as it is definitely different from other artistes as it is a musical concert with stage planned and implemented by Sukkie himself and that is why many of the eels would follow him even overseas to watch his concerts. I’m glad last year I have attended 2 of his Cri show concert overseas in Taiwan and Shenzhen meeting having a bonding event with eels and also making many eel friends around the world each time..
        We always discussed among eels during our bonding session that there are only 2 types of distinct feeling for Sukkie, either love him as eels (for who he is all the while the kind, humorous and natural down-to-earth artiste, matured like old man & yet childlike – well known by all eels for this unique personality, super “S” the term used commonly by Japanese eels for sadistic, artistic Jang, psycho Jang-commonly used by Chinese eels, etc.. ) or hate him like antis who surprisingly dislike Sukkie for what eels love about him in the first place.. example… many can’t stand his frankness, can’t believe his big dreams since childhood & think he is showing off, trying to change him to be same as other stereotype artistes in fashion, behaviors, manners, many can’t take his joke/humor and even misinterpret as real.. this is just opposite to the earlier mentioned – they don’t believe when he speaks the truth and choose to believe when he is teasing or joking..

    • how is a person who has dated a girlfriend for 2-3 years and another for 5 years to be a playboy? You are affected by the image he tries to portray. He is a loyal boyfriend when he has a gf. He is open with his affection towards people, male or female , that does not mean he is a flirt. No need to be embarrassment about him. He is a talented young man.

      Actors should stick to acting? I can tell you most Japanese artistes are both singer and actors. Now more singers try to be an actor. Besides, if you have a child, will you tell that to your child if they tell you he has other dreams. Are you going to tell your child, you are not good at something, just focus on what you are good at?

      I like JKS because he is fearless. He is not afraid to be vocal about his dreams, not afraid of others laughing at him. When he was young, people laugh at him when he said he wanted to set his own company 20 yrs down the road. But he did it in less than 5 years after that interview. People laugh at him when he attempts singing. Yet, his album and single reaches Oricon number 1 beating so many kpop groups and with minimum promotion. He is opening a cafe, a shopping mall, produces his own FM/concerts. I am proud of his achievements.

      At least, he lives his life to the fullest. A lot of actors releases albums or singles in Japan. They did not continue not because they just want to be an actor, they just did not do as well as JKS did.

      I can tell you a lot of actors only act 1 or 2 dramas in one year. The same as JKS. JKS just uses his free time to do a lot of other things. I am proud that he is a hardworking young man who is always on the go.

    • I think so too.. Lately he only cares about his popularity. Snobbing the KBS awards is so disappointing. Until he changes his weird style, I will stop being a fan. Oh by the way, Ive been following JKS since Lovers in Prague days.

      Oh well.. I guess I have to end up here. I still wish the best for him.

      • Moi, actually if you have followed him, you would know that it is reported that Koreans who can make it to China market is well respected and they are proud of him as it is tough for any Korean or even non-Chinese to make it big in China and that is why many eels cheered for him even if he is not attending KBS awards and attend the Hunan TV Happy New Year show which he will be singing 3 songs as a special guest (the only Korean guest).
        The director of Hunan TV has invited Sukkie and even teased him that if he don’t accept the invitation, they will never watch any K-dramas anymore..

        As an eel, I would like to say all the best to you too as I remember Sukkie said before he cherishes also the support given also by those fans who left him… and at the same time, we also welcome many new eels who join us recently ^_^

      • Moi,
        Please be fair. Please don’t think, as JKS is snobbing KBS Award. There is ONLY one JKS in this world. He cannot possible be at 2 different places (in his case two different countries) at the same time. Choices have to be made…!!

        Believe me, if JKS knows he has minimal chances of winning any prestige awards for his acting skills…Sukkie won’t even hesitate to attend the AWARD Ceremony. JKS is an ACTOR before anything else. JKS is totally 100% seriously with his acting career.

        Since I’d been followed Sukkie, I had never seem him being snob for any AWARD Ceremony before ….he even went to some of them, even without being invited to support his friends or colleagues.

        Please also take into consideration that HUNAN TV Countdown’s invitation might had been established and accepted long before the FACT the KBS Award Ceremony will be hold the on the 31th of December, exactly the same day as the New Year Countdown party all around the world!!!! (Strange day to have any type of AWARD night, in my opinion).

        Honestly, I am sad as much knowing that Sukkie won’t be able to attend the AWARD night….but as an eel, I want and wish the BEST outcome for my STAR. The attending Hunan New Year Countdown is the better choice for him in this case.

        P.S. Moi, You have freedom to choose whom you want to follow and whom you like.
        I’m writing in respond to your comment, not hoping or persuading you to change your mind about not leaving him……that’s your choice. I respect that…!!! However, I don’t want you to leave JKS with negative thinking he is a SNOBBED person. Leaving him because he is no longer giving you a magic or entertaining enjoyment, sound much much better!!! I would to leave you with some of JKS’ wisdom quotes……

        1. EELs may leave me in the future, I have to do my best and make them happy. If like that, at least they will say, “I am happy to have met Jang Keun Suk.”

        2. Even if your heart does not go pit-a-pat anymore in front of me or you forget who I am….. I will not be shaken! Rather, I will stay firm and solid so that I can open my arms wider to hold you tighter & warmer once you, who have forgotten me, come back to me. I truly wish you can walk along with me all the way through to the end.” – JKS

        Lastly, Thank you for being JKS fan since Prague..day!!

  10. jks nothing comes in between u n me:),nothng matters..not ur style..do what u want..be what u wanna be..’feel d beat’ m.mm..nice name,wil look forward,sleep well gudnt..by d way kummavo jason shi..:)

  11. No worries dear, after all he has always presented himself in a very unique fashion appropriate to the occasion. From what I’ve read he gains strength from critics. I understand our concerns are because we care, right. He is very talented and full of good judgement….. this has made him “THE JANG KEUN SUK”. He knows better than us and that is why we love him, don’t we???

  12. Jks is my Sky though some people says bad things about him about his look and personality I know and I believe that that despite of all this still my sky show his brightest light and no matter what even my sky seem so dark I can still follow him and stand still to stay with him that’s the only way I can protect him to those who makes him weak. For what I’ve been said to him last time he is in the middle of the battlefield no where to run and he doesn’t know who the first shoot the weapon towards him and I also said don’t be afraid be strong as long that there someone still believing in you and he stay at your side to protect you, you can still win, for those who says words against you thats your enemy, it’s okay to fell hurt remember without your enemy you can’t be strong right? just show your enemy that the Sky I been look up will always give the best ang brightest light and what ever they said you can still be the best keep on smile to those people who doesn’t love you. For whar God say’s “Love your Enemy” For me one word is enough to tell you “FIGHT WITH HOPE IN YOUR HEART”

  13. JKS….. Thoughts from a friend in Boca Raton, Florida. Your sense of style is spot on for each event. Your costumes for Cri Shows are magical and perfect for Las Vegas or any large venue. Your tuxedos and suits are tailored impeccably with a great sense of style …. you could be an ad for Bijan in Beverly Hills, California (customers seen by appointment only) or Chanel. I think Team H with Kurt/Big Brother will be a great entrance into European and American market. Never loose your sense of fun and creativity, it absolutely plays beautifully. I look forward with anticipation to your continued success in the U.S. Please, please study English….it’s crucial. ( I am currently studying Hangul and Korean which is no easy task!) Kindest regards to Jang Keun Suk, everyone at Tree-J and all Eeels for a healthy and very prosperous New Year. Your American supporter, Susann

  14. There’s no accounting for taste.

    In Japan, about his unique fashion, we call it “fashion terrorist”. Lol. Cool name, isn’t it? We sometimes become @_@ (What???) seeing his fashion… But we’ve been used to his fashion style, so some eels sometimes say, “It’s too ordinary for him…” Lol. We’ve enjoyed his fashion every time.

    Representing “fashion terrorist”, sometimes his way to wear clothes or his fashion item is very surprising and shocking. But I like his challenging spirits. As for his official clothes when he wears attending show or appearing magazine or MV, they must be selected by stylists, not him. So we shouldn’t judge it from just one look. Because if it’s a glimpse shot from his show or MV, we can’t understand why they chose this. We need to see the whole show or MV, which helps us to understand the production. Of course, his personal tastes are unique, too. Lol.

    Again, there’s no accounting for tastes. We don’t have to agree with all blindly. In my idea, eels can enjoy seeing him, saying “I like this super!” “I’m sorry but it’s not my taste..” if there is love, it’s OK for me..

    • hahaha..i love that title..”fashion terrorist”. fit him perfectly..kkk…u know what after i know JKS..i found out that being stylish is not about the clothes itself but how confidence you wear the clothes. only him can wear any weird fashion without feeling uncomfortable or awkward. he’s indeed a “naked artist”.

  15. tenshi_akuma……thank you for the “fashion terrorist” update. It made me Lol. I worked in the entertainment business in Los Angeles so I’m well aware how important a good stylist is to a performer. However, I can tell you that I genuinely enjoy JKS’ own fun-loving, creative style……it’s him…..and it draws people’s eyes to him. Then it’s up to each person to decide whether they like it or not but his charm usually wins the day! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year.

  16. Happy New Year to everyone here….! 🙂 As I’ve read all the comments here, these brought smile to my face… 🙂 it just shows that no matter how we differ in opinion, we love him right..? for sure, each of you loves him… why i say this..? of course, for you to spend time to follow him, notice him, comment just about anything about him… isn’t that an expression of love for someone.. ? if you don’t care or show concern for a person, you leave him be as he is, right… ? but if it’s the opposite, that is, you love him so much, to the point that you wanted him to fit your preferred taste, fashion or whatever… you’re much affected with everything he’s doing, am i correct..? yet.. one must know of unconditional love… which is.. loving a person for what he is.. accept him… no matter what… whatever… yeah, guidance is needed to do the right things but with the Lord Almighty in the center of our lives… 🙂 our much love JKS having a sincere.. kind.. loving heart.. he makes us happy this way right… ? I meant no offense to anyone in here…. 🙂

  17. I personally LOVE him for being different, why trying to fit in when you’re (sukkie) born to stand out?

    I truly LOVE his fashion sense, sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s so simple, but no matter what he wears, he still looks super handsome, cool and sexy!

    Being unique, being different and having the courage to do that is what makes him – Jang Keun Suk. and I truly LOVE and admire him for that.

    • Well-said. I will never use “silly” nor “weird” to describe JKS’s style. His sense of style and fashion is very refreshing and non-conformist. I like JKS because he’s never boring and constantly surprises his fans and detractors. His work ethos and aspiration is also inspiring.

  18. I must be deeply in love because i love him even more when he’s messy, wacky . My heart flutters when i see his zits (thats why i love watching the BTS) and his imperfections! Like kleykley said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. =)

    p/s: Can’t wait to watch his next Cri-show. I’ve been banging my head to the wall for couple of times for missing his incredible shows! Watching the concert on DVD is not enough. Hes just amaaazinggg !

  19. Love his style!! Our fashionista who loves to be different and dare to be bold!;) Just like his eels.. Eels want to shine differently and dare to be bold, thats what makes us different from a normal fan girls. We are not fans, we are eels!;)

  20. I watched “You are Beautiful” when it was shown on TV and thought to myself, “This guy (JKS) is interesting”. And it ends there. A year later, I happened to to watch KBS Documentary on JKS on cable TV and to tell you frankly, I was intrigued. To me, Korean stars dress pretty/handsome, don’t interact much with their fans and their managers are infamous for setting boundaries.

    But the JKS in the documentary spoke his own mind and possessed this free-spirit that is rarely seen. He is brave and frank and exudes confidence and charms. My first thought was “this guy can charm the socks off anyone”. Then the documentary described his long hours of rehearsal – how he would rehearse till wee hours upon arrival at a destination and he actually produced his own concert…I was impressed. He is more than a pretty face. Because I only watched the second part of the documentary, I searched for the first part and ended watching all his interview in Korea and Japan. That’s when I discover more about this young man and I was double-impressed by the way he handled awkward questions and how he answered sincerely without dodging embasrassing questions. His aspiration and goals are equally inspiring.

    I find JKS very interesting and being a milliner, his fashion sense appeals to me. If I know when boys grow up, they can be adorable like JKS, I would have a son back then. I will not object if my son keeps long hair and wear androgynous clothes. Too late now but at least I do have a 17-year-old daughter who dresses differently – sweet floral pieces one day and gothic and dark the next and even dyed her hair red after her O Level.

    Regardless, if you love someone, clothes/dressing is superficial.

    Here’s wishing all a happy 2013 and may our internet will not lag while watching Hunan TV this evening. Cheers!

    • Hi Mandy,

      Thanks for your comment, for stating part of what fans love about JKS – his talent and his free-spiritedness.
      People either love him or hate him for his unique personality, for being different from the norm.

      What gives us the right to judge another person?
      If one has a religion, then I suppose only God has the right to judge people.

      I don’t like to judge another person unless I can do better than him/her.
      If someone without any success judges/criticizes someone with more success, then on what basis is that judgment made? A case of sour grapes? We like to criticise other people or other celebrities because it makes us feel self-important?

      JKS has achieved his own measure of success (even if one judges success by wealth, assets or other achievements).
      Let those who have done better than him criticize him. JKS is living his own life the way he wants to, pursuing his dreams (and doing nothing illegal or harmful to others). He owes no apology or explanation to anyone else.
      And he has fans who love him and appreciate him for who he is.

      And Happy New Year to you too~!

      • Exactly what I wanted to say. Powerful emotions produced because of a powerful personality. Hope everyone is having a Happy 2013!

  21. hey kris,what on d earth r u talking??u say shameless,immature??if u dont like cheerful people n want neat n reserved ones,stop followng jks,moveon is u r saying,go on,noone gonna stop u..

  22. I am quite surprise that his co star in Love Rain won instead of him. Did the Korea people
    really prefer other actors . For 2013, JKS must work hard to win them back.
    I am sure he can make.

  23. Jang Keun Suk.
    The Unpredictable trendsetter.
    That’s how i describe him 🙂

    For those who criticize him, just be silent if there’s no good to say 🙂 because US true eels will forever understand him in any ways that he does, going to do etc..


  24. At times i think his clothes are weird but i love him anyway, if it is what he wants then so be it 🙂 true fans should be able to accept him as he is with or without the weird clothes, also every weird things he wears i end up liking it :p


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