[Blog Notice] New website address of Jang Keun Suk Forever

Dear friends,

We’re into day one at the new website address of Jang Keun Suk Forever blog, and welcome!

It was a necessary change to alleviate my blood pressure that was climbing alarmingly high as a result of not being able to update or access my own blog when apparently, most other people could. In the rare moments when my blog page managed to load, a lot of functions still timed out on me. It was extremely frustrating, and I realize that I cannot live without my JKS blog for even a day (gosh, I’m super addicted to JKS…)

I had to ask my IT professional brother-in-law to trouble-shoot the problem, and almost fainted at his answer. In the convoluted online route that my home PC takes to reach the WordPress server halfway around the world, there were 2 possible answers why I couldn’t access my blog:

(1) Due to a broken link along that route

(2) The particular WordPress server on which my blog was hosted (along with many others) could have exceeded its capacity

Both were situations beyond my control.
At my brother-in-law’s recommendation, I made the decision to move this blog to a paid server. Due to differences between the 2 servers, there may be pictures or videos in my older posts that fail to show up here. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Also, I want to take the opportunity to thank my new sponsor for pledging to share half the annual cost for server hosting. I know she’d prefer to melt anonymously into the background, but still I have to thank Rongling for her kind contribution towards sustaining this blog (and its owner… haha~)

To more JKS news and goodies, cheers!

From Aphrael77

24 thoughts on “[Blog Notice] New website address of Jang Keun Suk Forever”

  1. Thank you my friend for being so faithful to your blog. I enjoy reading it everyday and feel lost if you don’t have any post. Also a big thank you to Rongling, you are very kind. Thanks !!

  2. Thank you for building up so nice blog, it’s my honor to do so, because I can not live either without reading your JKS blog, we are looking forward to your continuous success in bring in more works of JKS.

  3. Thanks Aphrael , every time I got home from work i rush to open my laffy and find out whats new about jks…and feel sad when i did not receive a notification…..i ask what happen to aphrael??impossible not updating and no blog for the day??? When i found out your new home….yes!!! congrats and more power….and a milllion thank’s to you for always updating us about our jks….

    regards and god bless,

    • thanks, sukkieholic…. if JKS doesn’t appear for that day, i guess there may be fewer things to blog ^^ unless u want to hear my endless grumbles… haha~

  4. Dear all,

    I feel shy my name being mentioned, all the merit has belong to our Aphrael, she is the gift from the God. In fact, she is somewhere alike our JKS in Beethoven Virus, a genius conductor, (she is a genius writer), they share the same personal character, straightforward, frank, cool and open, full of enthusiasm. She leads us to chase our dream of JKS.

    Thank you very much, Aphrael, I simple love you.

    • oh dear, i feel even more shy at all these compliments heaped on me…. er… because i don’t think i deserve it!

      anyway, we all love JKS, so here we are! ^^

  5. Thank You for the wonderful, cheerfull hours thast You give peable throu your Musik and Your Drama Plays.
    Throu movies/dramas we come to know KOREA an I ador it, its culture, its history and the food !
    Ypu are talented, beatiful, with a wonderful voice an smashing stage presence !
    Please stay healthy !
    Greetengs from Sibiu/Herrmanstadt/ Romania

  6. Hi this is michelle… i wanna ask if you can tell me Jang Keun Suk’s address. or work address cause i want to write a letter


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