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Credits: 星野彩 @ Youku

After a super depressing Monday waiting 13 hours only to find out that I did not manage to get the pass to Jang Keun Suk’s autograph session in Singapore on 22 April, I really need something to cheer myself up, and (unfortunately for JKS), the solution is … his dance videos ~ haha~

These are not very recent videos, maybe taken last year or earlier, but these are what give me the impression that either he cannot dance very well, or he needs to find a better choreographer. I always laugh like mad when I watch these 3 videos. I am definitely worried if he needs to dance in “You’re my Pet”….

For video 2 and 3,

Credits: 星野彩 @ Youku

Credits: 叶秋苇 @ Youku

13 thoughts on “JKS dance videos”

  1. ……his voice! Love it.

    Sorry to hear about the tickets…I’m still waiting for a reply 😡
    Think it’s quite obvious I didn’t get it too, just wondering maybe I somehow sent it wrongly, since there hasn’t been any word so far. Didn’t really think the response would be so great also, but it’s good – lets him know he needs to open up MORE slots next time 🙂 *crosses fingers*

  2. oh so sad that you didn’t get pass to his autograph session 🙁 .. maybe next time.. anyway just enjoy the FM..

    hahaha 😀 i laugh so hard with the first and second video.. the third video i already seen it.. its called tektonic dance, i read somewhere that he was known in this dance..
    thanks for sharing.. JKS made me laugh again thats why i love him so much.. 🙂

  3. hahaha…i thought he made those video just for joke, because he take his manager and management team (maybe) dance with and of course they’re not dancers 😀 😀 😀

  4. Tektonic dance is a bit weird form of dance for me but Sukkie loves it. I don’t know what is his attraction on the dance? He he he! Don’t worry maybe in the movie he will have a double that is a professional ballet dancer for the complicated steps.

    Btw, I’m looking forward for your account when you attend his fan meet so sad that you didn’t get the pass for his autograph session. Maybe next time you’ll get lucky for your close encounter with him. Heh!

    • This year, next year… I won’t give up on his autograph!!! Will attend even his overseas events if I have the budget.
      Won’t give up until i get his autograph! Mwahahahaha~~~~

      • That is a true blooded Eel! Fighting Aphrael77! He he he!

        Me too! Somehow I’m going to his fan meet or Lounge H…..

  5. Yes, never give up, fighting all the way until the end of sea or sky, 追到天涯海角,拼了!Until we get his autograph, see him in eyes.


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