Photographer Moke NaJung’s pictures of JKS

Shared by: 陈年抽抽 @ Suk Baidu Bar

Ok, eels are missing our Prince already after just a few days, so this kind Sukbar eel has dug out all these photos.

Taken a few years back, JKS is so young, so fresh, as if ready to take on the whole world, which in fact, he is doing right now.
The above is my favourite pic of the lot – JKS at ease in a foreign land, full of curiosity and wonder.

For more pics,

A real-life pic – watching TV after a meal?

Did that dog want his snack?

Mismatched socks – a fashion?

I like these pics of JKS with skateboard….

A relaxing moment …

Is this practice for “You’re my Pet” dance moves?

Sunny and youthful

Cool, man

He looks good on a bicycle too…

7 thoughts on “Photographer Moke NaJung’s pictures of JKS”

  1. Aphrael,

    You really spoiled us, JKS looks so great on bicycle, and how can his smile be so bright with two pretty young ladies? some more his singlet still got holes on that, jealous……..

    • yeah, i was wondering whether the holes on his singlet are intentional or not ….singlet looks a bit worn out though …

  2. thank you x 1000!!!

    OMG so many beautiful pictures, you’re the best! I love all of JGS personna he seems like such a nice guy! And he was such a cute kid/teen and grew up to a gorgeous man; the 2 are so alike but also very different! Anyway I love both lol (well except that loving the teen could lead me to jail lol)

  3. thank’s much for sharing…I like all his pix, he is so young and gorgeous kid and now growing up a most handsome man in a whole universe……


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