Boycott of Seoul (International) Drama Awards

This is an official statement from Eels Club International and Jang Keun Suk Forever blog to announce our withdrawal from Seoul (International) Drama Awards (SDA) with immediate effect and henceforth our boycott of SDA.

It has taken JKS eels worldwide a few days to reach this general consensus, and below are the factors that contributed to our decision.

(1) unreliable online voting mechanism with many technical errors that barred some of our votes

(2) lack of transparency in the vote count

(3) lack of trust in the integrity of the voting system

(4) finally, we wish to comment that the Best Actor Award is only meaningfully awarded based on the judgment by an independent panel of qualified industry professionals, and not based on fans’ voting. That would be the Most Popular Actor award. This is a distinction that awards organisers should be aware of.

ECI and JKS Forever blog

11 thoughts on “Boycott of Seoul (International) Drama Awards”

  1. Here is my personal points of view on this SDA voting event. If this SDA event is causing FANS WAR about nonsense and unnecessary stupid things.. or OMG….if by any miracle happen Sukkie wins the VOTE counts again, EELs will surely be EXCUSED of cheating again…..and at the end, still NO AWARD for Sukkie. Not good for Sukkie!!! And if by any chance winning this event will gain Sukkie thousands and thousands of HATERs ….…then I definitely DO NOT wish him to be in the front RACE.

    From the FIRST day this voting opened……already ONE person has 77% when all other actors have only 7% or less. I totally don’t understand this voting thing at all! However, what I see from my own eyes, I just know something is wrong with the picture or figure!!! * scratch head for a while trying to figure it out * Well, now, don’t really care about it anymore. Honest, I feel so relieved – not sad and stress out anymore knowing the majority of EELs had made this decision → eels untied to BOYCOTT this voting event.

    From the past experience with this SDA last year, the outcome was not good for JKS and EELs at all, it was a painful experience for all of us eels who were participated at the time. We had been excused and called so many DIRTY names. I, personally, don’t wish to experience that again. So EELs, please please don’t be sad or mad about this voting event anymore. It’s OK that Sukkie won’t win this award!! The BEST thing comes from this SDA event is …..I’m soooo happy to see…. all EELs, Korean eels and international eels, are acting together and supporting each other decisions, doing what BEST for Sukkie in the long run.

    We still can show Sukkie support in other ways, like spreading his loves and talents via FMVs, attending his CRI SHOWs, Fan-meetings, giving donations, sending him encouraging words to be strong and do the BEST, and buying his official products or products that he endorses …… of course supporting him within our means and limits!!! The many selling out products that he produced or endorsed are the main driven force of popularity and power.

  2. I was the first person that mentioned this awards here because i did not remember what happened last year, but when you refresh my memory i stop voting on july 11, so girls i agree with your statement, good job.

  3. I also stopped voting.. We don’t need to win JKS in this event just to show him how we love and support him.. There are other ways to show him how much we love, care and support him until the end..

    Eels support World Prince JKS forever~ ^^ zikzin~!!!

  4. I’m ok with the boycott. I’m also disappointed that Love Rain wasn’t nominated for the drama award and that JKS wasn’t nominated for the most popular Asian artist.

    But there is another voting for the top Hallyu star and he is only 14th.

    Here’s the link:

  5. Fully support for this, this award is unreasonable, the vote result is unreasonable, really i’m sick with event. Its better to boycott this !!

  6. Yeah!totally agree with boycott….the system runs bad…and i cannot believe that one person can earn 77% of votes…while others just “peeeep”…and cannot understan why Love rain is not nominated?! After cople of tries, i just left it…cuz i think it’s not fair voting…i DO believe, that JKS fans are more than 7%

  7. yeah its true better n0t t0 includes Sukkie in this race..Previ0us year 0n same cheating matter i had kind 0f war wid anti 0f Sukkie..dis time i d0n’t want any war wid any0ne…pls spare me n all Eels.
    If it is fixed fr0m beginning better rem0ved system 0f v0ting.If there is,it must be fair en0ugh t0 satisfy every0ne…

  8. sukkie doesn’t need those on-line voting wins – his concerts prove his popularity. we are all wasting our stress on these voting wars – they’re all crap.


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