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  1. Ivy, thanks for sharing. This is a very cruel and touching story. I really admire Suk’s determination towards his dreams and goals. Today he has proved to those people who ever look down on him and criticized him. I believe he will work even harder to make those people change their views on him.

  2. At last! At last SOMEONE states the unspoken…. Korean media & entertainment business is so shady and no artiste has the guts to stand up to them… Its understandable but at the same time pitiful…

    Thank you Ivy. I would like to thank the writer for this brave article.

  3. Thank you… I know about this but not the entire story…

    It was hard for Korea to accept him at first… but now HE IS THE SON OF KOREA…

    I’m proud of my little brother.. LOVE HIM MORE.

  4. Thank you for the translation, it’s a very good read!

    It sounds to me as though this is a man, who as I understand it, didn’t come from very much and is really making a name for himself. He works so hard, really puts his heart and soul into his projects, and wants to do work that matters to him. I’m not all that familiar with Korean culture, but it does sound like modesty is something that they strongly believe in. I don’t imagine that he is ignorant to that, I wonder if he just believes that he has earned everything by himself, so why should he be modest about that.

    I think that with most things in life, you don’t learn that until you a little older. I can imagine in the next 10 years or so, he may ton down his behaviour, not because he will lack pride in the things that he does, because at some point, you just stop caring what other think.

    My own personal opinion right now, is that even with everything that he does, he cares what his eels/fans and the media thinks of him. He may not think that he does, but I believe deep down he cares. I know that some people will not agree with me, but he is still a kid in many ways and in many ways, he will always be a kid… and what’s most important to kids at time, it’s showing the world what they can do.

    I love Jang Keun Suk and those that read my rant, may think; do you, do you really? But I do. I love everything about him, his acting, his movies, his music, his talent in general and the pieces of him that he allows the world to see… but behind that dashing smile and mischevious personality, I sometimes see a boy. A boy who is still a little insecure with himself, but ready to climb the highest of mountains and see what’s on the other side.

    • Kat,

      I agree that JKS cares about what others think of him, that is why it hurt him in the past and why such things can still hurt him now.

      But i think we all believe that so long as JKS perseveres and continues to challenge himself, he will achieve his dreams.
      Even if the general Korea public cannot accept this guy, he is and will be loved by thousands in other countries……

      • Totally agreed.. Thanks for this article. JKS represents young generation who pursues his own dreams and knows what he really wants in his life and career. Being all human, he was capable to be effected by those who criticized and resented him.. Love the word “perservere”: it’s what JKS should do..go on with his dream and never neglect his fans..being in Korea or around the world T_T

    • Kat, Sukkie has said he takes seriously what other people say about him. He won’t forget but he will try to make them see that they are wrong. In one TV show, he talked about an incident where a TV host told him the way he sat in front of the camera was improper. He called up his manager immediately and they had a meeting to discuss this issue, then he told the TV host that he was not wrong. This TV host had an alcohol CF and since then, Sukkie would not drink this particular brand of alcohol and would go for the rival brand. Another incident I read somewhere was the old guy in Beethoven Virus (the one who got alzheimer’s) criticised him for being late for filming. He immediately rang him personally and apologised.

      Sukkie is very sensitive and a perfectionist. He cares what others think or say about him but he does not want to let eels know the unhappy things. He would do anything to protect his eels. He always show only the happy side of himself to eels. I am glad that he has Gunsama who has been with him since 2006 who has gone through thick and thin with him. A lesser sole would not have survived what Sukkie went through.

      Yes, deep inside, Sukkie is still a little boy. He missed out on his childhood. He wants to play, he wants to see the world, he is unsure of the future. He has given me so much joy, I will support whatever he wants to do. I also think he is a genius. He will excel in whatever he does.

  5. It’s not the first time I cried bz of his endurings during the past. Thanks sis Ivy for ur translation. That fan boy is correct, Korean mocked at him because they were afraid of him

  6. sis Ivy, thank you so much for translating this fan account here. This is precious one, which explain so many unsolved mysteries and questions I have.

    While reading this fan account, I cry cry cry my heart out…..I feel so much pain. The road of JKS is not expected to be easy…but what I didn’t expect how tiring and difficult to fight by himself or constantly defend himself from adversaries, from media bad news, and from HATERs for MORE than 3 years. Even now, it seems like Sukkie is fighting alone, and fighting for his Right and Spotlight in the Korea and in the World.. I admire him so much of his positive attitude and his resilience in obtaining his dreams. Sukkie attacks life head on – with passion, with humor, and with sincere heart.

    As a fan for more than 2 yr now, I’m well aware that many people like to called him “Show-off”, but was not knowing to the extensive hardship and embarrassment he had to endure from his beloved people’s criticism and country’s medias. Many yong man of the same age as him would have crumbled down and accepted defeat and lived life in shame ….even not on his own making. My heart just cannot endure the pain and the frustration of Sukkie’s constantly being label as “show-off” or “bad person” or any other negative dirty names they come up with. Ahhhh……can’t stop crying!!!!
    The story of his youth was just too unfair….and people of Korean had misjudged him so badly in the past and STILL misjudge him as of TODAY. I have tried and tried to understand Korean Culture and Ways of Lives and Thinking….. which I respected to some points. But the way that they treated Sukkie, using the “Tradition Korea Way people should do or act or say thing” was (and is) just lame excuse.

    I feel sad when Sukkie is so under depreciated or overlooked by his people. This fanaccount explain a little why Korean people hate him. This fan account also proves enough to solidify JKS never changed his color. As he stated, “I am who I am, I’d always been this way”. Sukkie always stays true to his roots by being himself… does things with sincere heart. JKS is just so special; he is truly a national gem in Korea. Korea is so lucky country to have him.

    There are so many stars in this world, but the star who touched people’s heart is the brightest and most precious one. Once a friend asked me….Why I like Sukkie?? And my answers were: I just simply love him!!! No explanation and no concede real reason for loving him, beside he makes me smile and laugh so much, more than in my whole life time. You just can never abandon someone who indirectly chased away your pains and sorrows, and who’d given you the new meaning of the words Determination, Self-confident and Positive thinking. I am so proud to be Jang Keun Suk’s fan.

    My dear Jang Keun Suk, remember after raining days, you will see beautiful sunshine and rainbows. No matter how treachery and thorny roads you are walking on, PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP!! True eels will stand by your side and support you forever…..!!! Fly high and reach your dreams!! Go Go Go… Zikzin!!!!!

  7. Firstly.. let me say to big THANK YOU to Ivy for translating this long article.. it is the most touching article I read from a non-eel fan.. and a man who should be hating him for stealing away his “goddess”.
    Though I know in the past from many senior eels from China of what happened to Sukkie but never I have come across an article which made an account so real life from a non-eel and a man (i need to stress that again..)
    I only have one Chinese phrase to describe Sukkie’s life story… 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 (when one has undergone hardship, one will leap great success)….look forward now!!!

  8. Thank you so much for posting & translating this, Ivy! It’s really heart-breaking to read, but I’m glad to learn about it. What a beautifully written account as well, especially coming from a non-fan – the time and effort he put in to this says a LOT about how strongly he feels regarding this situation.

  9. I’m still crying, but the regretfull thing is that he still wants koreans appreciation, and they doesn’t appreciate him to his value. Remember that he says something about being very angry last week?Maybe after the concert something related with this matter?
    I’m feeling sorry for him, like a child wishing mothers love; no matter who or how much people love you, you want THAT love, no matter what.
    I really wish for him achieving this goal, and promising to myself to support him and love him forever.
    Sorry for my bad comand of english

  10. I want to give a big hug to the writer of this article! At last, someone who was there give us a complete explanation of what exactly happened. Sukkie was just a young man who spoke aloud what’s on his mind in his mini blog. What’s wrong with that? He has been working since he was 5 years old and is more mature than his age. He lived in the limelight all his life. He didn’t know what normal life was. He missed out on his childhood. He yearned to do things that he only read or seen in books & movies. He love cars, that sounds normal. Is there any men who don’t like cars? He loved going to university because he made friends and experienced some normal life for the first time in his life.

    Strangely enough during this period Sukkie had endless work – movies, dramas, MCs, TV shows, CFs, Andre Kim fashion show, etc. Producers had faith in his work as an actor & entertainer. Maybe it was just someone powerful in the entertainment industry who didn’t like him and tried to destroy him or maybe it was someone in the media. Who knows. But I hope this is all behind him now.

    Last year, Sukkie did a lot of interviews for Korean magazines. I take that as a good sign that the media is changing their minds about this brilliant young man and I hope Korean people will learn and accept the real JKS from now on.

    • Ya, Wen,

      All the while when I knew only bits about this past period, I was wondering why these 2 years the Korean media portrayed JKS in a more favourable light than public sentiment on the ground. Now I know… they owe him big time~!

      • Learning abour how our prince was trampled on and how he surpassed and proved to everyone that he’s not an ho-sei makes me feel really proud of him…thanks so much for sharing this storu to us…so proud that i admired this very straightforward star…soo proud to be an eel.

    • Yeah, sometimes I wonder that there may be some kind of anti-JKS lobby in Korea that filters away all good reports about him. People who envy him – his beautiful looks and many talents.
      I think Koreans misunderstand the word ‘humility’ – it’s not speaking low of oneself but being able to acknowledge our strong points and being aware of what we still lack. I can see that JKS is like that. He doesn’t pretend he is less than he is and he has the courage to speak about his achievements but at the same time he often says there are a lot of areas he needs and wants to improve. This shows me that he is a humble person and definitely not a show-off.
      I’m so glad he hasn’t given up so I can enjoy his talents, his beautiful looks and his wonderful personality. He brings smile on my face every time I look at him or listen to his voice.
      I wish him to fly higher and higher.

      • As recent as his big donation to Hanyang U, the news got published all right, but of course there are antis who say that the donation is just ho-sei ….

        They can say what they like, but whatever JKS’ intentions, his donation still benefitted the beneficiaries, it is still a good deed whatever antis say…. did the antis donate as much as him? just a case of plain jealousy

  11. OMG I cried when I read this….so proud of Sukkie ! He’s so hard working and come on man with an attitude n determination always succeeds !

  12. Thank you, Aphrael for taking time to translate it.
    What is wrong with having bold dreams? Absolutely nothing. Goodness, he did not offend anybody, did not steal from anyone, did not commit any major crime or sin. He was just talking about himself. If he was not such a public person, many people might have found his words funny and cute.
    I believe it was a case of media trolling. Once something like that starts, it grows as a snowball. People are very verbal creatures, they love repeating what they have heard. They also love taking idols off the pedestal, it makes them feel better about themselves. Anyone who is either bold enough or naive enough to stand out in a crowd would attract attention to him\her, just because one is different. Does he have to prove himself right to those who ridiculed him? I doubt he does. And if he does that, I do hope he is not hurt or angry in his heart.
    Maybe it is a life lesson of such a talented, independent person as JKS. One who is in creative profession and in the public eye at the same time has to grow a thicker skin. If he dares to be himself, he will not be accepted by everybody – it is OK, it is NORMAL, it is highly desirable too. The person with the most talent and most unusual always attracts lots of attention good and bad.
    What worries me is that he takes those things to his heart, they seem to affect him. He just has to understand that there are people (like in Internet forum trolling) who like to poke and get reaction. Paying attention to those and wasting precious emotional energy on them is waste of time.
    I hope those things do not anger him, just help him to concentrate on his dreams.
    Any creative person goes through rejection, ridicule, is often misunderstood. Popular creative person in the public eye is an easy target for people who want to make themselves feel better by putting someone down.
    Let him put his energy and time into something he wants and loves to do. Let him think more positive thoughts and learn to just brush away all the garbage that comes along with such popularity.
    I personally do not understand why many people really care about personal life of an actor. Is it not enough that he is very good at what he does as his profession?
    If it counts for anything, he has a lot of international support.
    Learning to channel those negative energies into positive creative energy is one of the hardest tasks any creative person has to deal with.
    I wish him strength, wisdom and patience in learning that.

  13. Thanks for posting and sharing this with us . Thank god finally finally he has pass the test ‘ ENDURANCE ‘ our JKS has made it he’s poven that his not a ‘ empty gesture’ well done after all this years of hard work …. Keep it !! up dear you have shaken up entirely the whole world .. Our world prince to be ….hooray!!!!

  14. i felt so sad reading about this what he had to go trough, but now i have more respect towards him ^^ Fighting Jang Keun Suk <3

  15. Thank you very much, Aphrael, for sharing this!

    Though I know a bit about why he earned the “ho-sei” title, I never thought that it was like this… that it was this bad. My heart is in pain upon knowing what he’s been through and I admire him for his unbelievable strength, courage, and determination to overcome all those trials. If it had been just anybody else, they would have succumbed to defeat. Imagine, 3 years… well, I cannot actually imagine how it was for him. Thank God, he is who he is. He just wouldn’t succumb to anything without giving a good fight. He will always try his best to rise above anything and everything.

    I admire him now more than ever. Despite what he went through, he’s still standing strong, working so hard to realize his dreams, and making a difference not only in the entertainment industry but also in the lives of the many people who believed and still believes in him and stayed with him in his journey through good times and bad. I’m glad that he has surpassed all those trying times for it made him who and what he is now. Not that the trials are over, there’s more to come his way as he reaches for his dreams. But I think now, he’s more than ready to face them for he’s been through worse times. His passion, determination, sincerity and character will bring him to where he wants to go. Well, it has brought him to where he is now.

    He may still fall every now and then, but his strength of character and personality coupled with the goodness of his heart will always hold him up. He may at times get affected, but he overcomes them, he just doesn’t forget. And so long as he doesn’t change the very fine qualities he has and harness his lesser qualities, he will be where he wants to be. He’s still young and may act like so in more ways than one, but at the end of the day, he knows what matters most in his life. Truly, he is in a class of his own!

    I guess Korea wasn’t ready for someone like him then… or even now. But in time, they will be. They will learn to appreciate this “tall, rich, handsome but disobedient” young fellow. Not that innocent anymore, but yes, the smile still looks innocent. LOL!

  16. Thanks for sharing Aphrael^^ While reading this, I really felt bad how Korean Media criticized him knowing that JKS is Korean.. Is that how they support their country’s star.. They didn’t even give JKS encouraging words.. 3 years of being criticized *he suffered a lot :'(( *.. Now that JKS proved that all he said was true.. I wonder what those people who criticized him are feeling right now… HAHA Maybe they are ashamed of themselves.. *Well, they should be!*

    People who criticized him should be ready because Asia Prince is now on his way to be the WORLD PRINCE~!!! zikzin~!!!^^

    Eels are always here to support our WorldPrince JangKeunSuk♥^^

    JKS fighting~!!! ♥

  17. At last we are able to understand better the pain that JKS went thru the past few years. It is really sad to realise that someone so young had to undergo so much of hardship…but it is also these hardship that pushed him to strive even harder to realise his dreams.
    JKS, continue to believe in yourself and achieve more dreams..

  18. well, all of my beloved sister eels have written about their concerns on how sukkie felt during those 3 years. i totally agree, as i love sukkie so much and i am also a very sensitive and perfectionist person, though i dun possess even 10% of sukkie’s capability.
    but as a mommy, i am thinking of how mama jang felt during those years. she loves him so much and vice versa, that’s y sukkie trusts all his fortune to her. she must have felt so miserable also, seeing his son being misunderstood but yet, she still support him to the end, and not asking him to quit instead. mama jang, i love you and i want to be a super mom like you.

  19. I was very touched when i read the article although i already know most of the incidents through his interviews and reports.

    Since when is having a bold dreams a sin? Ask a lot of the successful people, they will definitely tell you the road to success is to ” Dream Big”. I remember him telling the Japanese media when he make a donation to the victims that he hope the children will never stop dreaming and will hold on to their dreams.

    Of course, it is useless to dream big if you are not willing to work hard. But this is JKS, he is someone who will do his best to achieve his dreams. He will not stop , and even if he fails, he will not regret. I admire his spirit.

    So Korea media, do not underestimate JKS.

  20. First of all, thank you for sharing this.

    Honestly, this is the first time I admire a Korean artist as i Have always been a fan of Hollywood celebrities. JKS possessed all the personality that I like in most of all men. Honest and straightforward, sweet and caring, ambitious and hardworking, intelligent and witty. His pretty face is just a bonus for me. Above all, he is an achiever and never stop challenging his capabilities as a real ARTIST. Like most Koreans entertainer do, scripted interviews, exaggerated press release and goody-good image on the cameras but a real jerk behind the scenes. Sorry but only fools will buy that crap.
    All in all, JKS may not be the ideal type of Korean media but those people who knows the real JKS off-cam, he is the total package.

    • iHeartJKSYoona, I share the same sentiments too! YOU SAID IT ALL!

      No one has ever captured my complete attention. There is sooooo much goodness in him: his personality, talents, kind nature, self-motivated spirit, intelligence, courage, professionalism AND soooooo much more. Such an amazing person! A Total Package indeed!

      My heart aches for his 3 years of sufferings! He was so young then and have to endure such hardships.Those who misunderstood him, pls wake up! Those who underestimated or are afraid to accept him, pls open your door to receive him…JKS is full steam ahead now….Zikzin all the way! Watch out for JKS! He’s UNSTOPPABLE!

      We will cherish our Prince more than ever now!!!!!!!

  21. From JKS we learn that dreams, no matter how big or small, are within our reach if we are willing to work hard for it and have lots of determination, perseverance and most important of all – bravery. He is a fighter and boy, he really fought hard to get to where he is today!

  22. Thx alot Aphrael for ur translation…
    after i read this article, i just want to say ‘Jang Keun Suk, Fighting!!!!! Zikzin!!!!” & proud of him ^^

  23. Like most of the eels, I first knew Sukkie when I watched YAB. What a cute guy, I thought. Love the thick eyeliner, that cute pout and the smile that can melt a million hearts. So I first knew him as a pretty face with a great on screen presence. Then I did my research (or rather I wanted to watch more of his dramas and variety shows) and I came to realize behind that handsome face, behind that innocent smile, is a really wonderful person. This guy really has all my admiration. I have never been the kind of girl who will be crazy about a celebrity, not even during my teenage years, but now I can’t tear my eyes off Sukkie – not just because he is cute but I want to keep abreast of his life happenings, want to see him succeed. I love that he is always true to himself, that he doesn’t let setbacks hold him back from achieving his dreams, that he doesn’t retaliate back against his attackers, that he takes criticism in his stride, that he is constantly seeking to improve himself, that he treats others well and with the respect that they deserve. To a certain extent, I live by a motto – I don’t like everybody, not everyone has to like me: I like to do what I want/like and not care about what others will say. But I think Sukkie has taken it to a whole new level – he still lives his life the way he wants to but with the hope that over time, he can win over the haters. Yes, he is still a playful boy. Yes, he has his cheeky moments. Yes, he drinks and he smokes (I don’t like smokers). But you can’t deny the pureness of his heart, the strength of his determination, his hard work that you don’t see, the well-roundness of his talents, his love for his country and national pride, his yearning for acceptance and recognition. And to that, I’d say – Zikzin! Onwards and on to better things! On to world domination!

    Thank you, Ivy, for your translation and hopefully with this, more people will understand him, understand what he has been through and understand why he does certain things, and come to support the boy-man that we all hold very dear in our hearts.

    • I couldn’t have said it better than you 🙂

      our Prince is not just a distant star; he shares what he can with us, and we love him for who he is – he is an amazing person, the one and only unique JKS in the world~!

  24. Oh gosh.. So all of this because of his original character that i love the most! This is. answering all of my questions why Korean don’t respect him.. Omoo.. So it’s caused by his character, the unique original character that made me fall in love with him 🙁

  25. Prince let the dogs bark; stay strong we support you don’t change we love you like that, what a shame korea people gotta be proud of you because your famous around the world. you’re the most korean star i never know thanks to you .

    p.s I’m one month fan and i wishing that i know you before.

    • hi luna, since you only knew him last month, did you fall for him through LOVE RAIN? that is his epic drama. i’m in love with young seo in ha till now 🙂

  26. I thought about his parents who had to endure all these, to have to see their only child go through such public degradation for several years. I remember him saying in an interview that he felt sorry for his parents to have a son like him. Now I understand the extent of what he meant. Amazingly, Sukkie still smiled and laughed above all that, went on with his studies and work. He is an incredible kid. His parents are incredible for raising such a beautiful son.

    • Agree with U.
      He mentioned many times that he wants to be a mentally strong person and now I understand better why mental strength is important to him.
      Such an amazing kid/man.. I wish my daughter can grow up to be like Jang Keun Suk…. never give up despite all the odds against him plus many, many other values which he upholds.
      Love this guy forever.

  27. Sometimes Korean media too much,,,
    I juZ can’t get them(haters)!!fuck,,u all crazy!
    It’s been twenty years lol!
    Can give him some respect??
    I can’t take it any longer,,,GUYS,,,,LET’S ATTACK THEM!!!!
    Let’s goooo!!!ka jha,,,,pali pali

  28. Thanks for sharing! A BIG thank you to the eels who supported Sukkie during his darkest hour. I’m so glad Sukkie stepped out of that period of darkness into a period of greatness! 🙂 Go Sukkie!

  29. Let us SALUTE to him. He never give up on critical time and continue work more hard to proof himself, he deserve of his successful today. The reason I like him much and forever!

  30. I guessed what hurt him alot were the fans that left him through that period.He once said that he had learn to stay stronger in order to win back the heart of those who have left him. However having gone through that makes him feels insecure everyday, thus the non stop hard work in expanding his career. I guessed even though he might seems to be having fun alot of times, his mind doesn’t seems to be at rest. His drinking session is also a mean for him to do public relation with colleagues and other people in the industry ,things that normally a manager does but he takes to himself ( he never turns down a drink session with Co actor even after late shoot, he shows up to entertain China host that visited Korea, also during his busy shooting schedule, always offer to break ice through drink etc..).guess that’s the reason why mommy Jang allows him to do so. It must be darn tiring to be good in PR in front of camera and behind, so he has to enjoy both. I believe that is how he expand and venture to new territories in such a short time and without big players support.

  31. I can’t say nothing but thank you, aphrael77 for this writing and Ivy for translation.
    In the past, I thought Sukkie was so poor for falling into disgrace with most of the Korean. But now, I deem that he would be recognized by his dignity.

  32. TQVM Aphrael for the translation! Of course it hurt and make me and might be all of us cry.. Actually I don’t have the best idea to present unless I will repeat the same as what all of you say here. So, best luck to our prince, I do hope that he will stay healthy, happy, charm, and full of enthusiasm as always.. Koreans are your family, whether like it or not, must accept it, don’t be sad.. you are the one who can inspire us everyday! <3 <3

  33. I get goosebumps while reading this. i love him, for everything. I once failed and made a terrible mistake, but still people around me cared and gave me strength. Although he did not make any mistakes, but he was critised and shamed infront of the media. i love him for daring to dream. I love him even more when he accomplished his dreams and yet forgives others by saying ‘it was a misunderstanding’. 🙂

  34. First, I could never understand why Michael Jackson fans are always crying, screaming, and doing things that make no sense when they see MJ in public space / concert.
    but this is now happening to me, I’m always proud, touched, and even cried when I read or see news about Jang Keun Suk, because I love him. Maybe someday if I had a chance to meet directly with him​​, I was going to scream ..
    Read the story above, although most of us already know, but it still makes us who loved him deeply moved and very proud of him.
    Thx to someone who had written it..
    thx to Aphrael to translate and published here..

  35. I am so glad he was able to overcome those hurdles and is now reaping all the success he so rightfully deserve. Daebak JKS! You have proven them all wrong :))

  36. thanks for the article. sooo glad this issue in the past didn’t affect you much sukkie.. we will continue to support you JKS. loveyou forever..

  37. this had made me drawn more to him. my heart is full of emotions and i dont know how to express it. all i know is i will be his eel forever.

    Jang Keun Suk. You inspire me.

  38. Wow, thanks Ivy. This made me know him more coz am a fairly new fan of his. All I can say is this…those haters DO NOT understand why JKS does the things that he does…I pray that someone will be able to shed a light to why the Prince is this way. And to JKS i say this, FIGHT THOSE HATERS, BECOME THE WORLD PRINCE and prove them WRONG! I myself will be there to support you during your highs and lows forever. NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE WE EELS WILL BE THERE WITH YOU SUPPORTING, FIGHTING FOR YOU AND CHEERING FOR YOU!

  39. First of all, thank you so much for sharing this article. . To read from someone who’s seen it all happen there in JKS’s home country is a different thing all together. .

    I do not wish to speak much but I’d say only this “In the past till now, there is no artiste in Korea like him.” <= Mark these words . . He's the TRUTH. He is. And he will remain the same. There's only one JKS and there'll be only one.

    And the EELs will be with him no matter what! This is the least we can do for our dearest master . . To make sure that he'll feel loved all the time. . may he be sad or happy, he will feel our love .. This is our promise to Oppa.

    I can go on forever but I guess enough is already said .


  40. Gosh! I’m too late. I only read it just now because I’ve been busy for the past few days. sigh*** -.-”

    This very touching I never knew this before. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    There are so many things that I’ve learned from him such..

    .Show off the real you. Don’t pretend just be yourself from that you will be able to know who loves you dearly.

    .Prove to those people who trampled and criticized you that your dreams do come true…

    .Never let negative thoughts affects you, just leave it and smile.

    .When you reach your dream stay your feet on the ground.

    He is such an inspiration!!! I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan of him but because he made me so amazed on how he showed off himself during his trying times especially he is in media when people won’t stop from criticizing you…

  41. I finally read this thread…. While reading this, especially “New York Herald Tribune~!” part, I couldn’t stop crying, remembering what he did in reality.

    We can’t imagine exactly how significant this actions were for him… T_T

    He always tries to carry out his words. Of course, he might change his dream in the process. But the most important thing is he always tries to go forward step by step and reach his dream. He never disappoints us, rather always tries to make us happy. This “New York Herald Tribune~!” proves again that he’s such a reliable guy. We all know that it’s just an example. But this showed many not-eels people how much he deserves to be trusted, respected and loved by everyone.

    At the end of my comment, I want to share a touching fan-made video edited these memorable event again.

    Credits: daalcom

    Love you, Sukkie… I devote my support and love to you unconditionally.

    • Like all our friends here we were touched by this JKS’ history account.. I myself was shedding my tears while reading all this and of course the part of the New York Herald Tribune and JKS carrying a bottle of wine in another hand ,all of which demonstrated well how perservere person he is.. Personally, I found that JKS in Paris could be the real JKS, his real character, personality, personal taste and life style…
      Thanks to you, tenshi_akuma for sharing the video and always contribute supports to JKS 🙂

    • Kaori chan.. I guess you’re too busy then when Ivy posted this article from Weibo.. glad that you didn’t miss it as it is one of the unique account by non-eel Chinese fan who used to dislike Sukkie (just like Samma san before ^_^) I felt so touched by his detail analysis and view of Sukkie in an objective manner.. yes.. like you, we love this genuine guy whom he has described so well…

  42. Wow .. Really thanks for this write up. I always wanted to understand Jang Keun Suk. What kind of man he is. This is really a good insight of him .
    He must be a world savior in his previous life..

  43. I’m one of his older fans ..too bad I came to know him less than a year ago by watching YAB. I instantly fell in love with his eyes and his bright smile…after that I watch almost all his work..only to find myself stuck op HYI; can’t bring myself to watch him die…it breaks my heart…he’s that good..
    I try to learn, listen and read everything about him I can get my hands on…
    I already love Sukkie unconditionally; it doesn’t matter what he says or does..he is a genius of an artist and they must have their space to express themselves…so there is no right nor wrong there..(maybe one can bargain on the matter of taste)
    After reading this account from someone who has reasons to “hate” him I have all the more admiration for this Sunnyboy..(so I thank that someone for his outpour and Tenshi for translations)
    I cannot even imagined how it must have felt for someone so innocent at heart to be bashed; outcasted and looked down on by the people and country he holds dear ..
    Guess…”A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country” holds truth in it..
    How he managed to stand tall in this storm of negative energie for more than 3 yrs..!!!
    He must have felt really really lonely at that time.. and my heart aches for him.
    It’s a wonder he did not go astray doing all the stupid things young people normally do
    Yes he smokes and drinks and he’s stressed and makes no secret of it…so no biggie..he does what normal people do and he’s normal, he never pretented to be more than that…
    He deserves to be admired by all, he showed he’s made from the right stuff…he’s hardworking, genuine, honorable, believes in himself, a survivor and a leader with great visions and treats everybody how with respect..
    For such a young man who was never pampered like most kids have been all their life he came out of the storm maybe a little hardened but still very earnest and full of sunshine..
    I’m proud of him and if he was my son I would be the proudest mom on earth
    Sukkie makes me happy even from a far and I love & thank him for that

  44. From an American point of view (myself), I could see that he was a bit self absorbed and proud. But that wasn’t something that turned me off, because that is something you see in the American entertainment industry all the time. Korean culture seems very modest, and this kind of attitude would be scary to them. I can’t say that I blame them, it’s not something they want to see in a person they idolize and adore.
    JKS seems like a very hard worker, and he doesn’t quit. I think I admire how he is pushing himself forward and going after his dreams. I (anyone) may not always like his proud attitude, but I realize he is an ‘entertainer’ – I view them differently anyway. Because their work/business is to entertain. They put on a show/act in front of the world. Watching his documentaries, he actually seems rather lonely.
    We may fall in love with their drama characters, but you should always realize that the character is fictional. Just shows you how great of an actor he is, that he is able to move you emotionally through a character. I think he is really talented and I hope he continues to find a place to pursue his career and dreams.

  45. I just want to repost it after reading all the negative comments of Sukkie regarding “Beautiful Man”.During my early days of knowing Suk, I kept on wondering why those people in one of the blogs criticized him a lot when he donated for a scholarship in Hangyang University. I’m very sure not everybody had read it except for REAL EELS. As many of Suk’s anti fans would say the Love Rain is a failure which not because many of them did not take time to read in one of the news that Love Rain had the highest sales for DVD and having the most expensive distribution rights abroad and not even recognizing the high viewership of many countries abroad where it was shown. And I would add to say that Love Rain was his initial bridge to conquer the world via his being an actor, and Beautiful Man, would exceed what he has achieved in Love Rain.

  46. I am able to read this as reference to Tenshi_akuma’s comment on an ECI thread, and I am so glad I have read it.
    Thank you to Aphrael for the translation, thank you tenshi for the reference, and to the writer if this FA, thank you so much.

    I am crying reading through this article, as i am a fairly new eel I am shocked to find out that our Sukkie suffered 3 long years of negativity. How could someone endure all that at such a young age? But writing this I realize Sukkie endured all these because those 3 years just made him more of a substantial man. He has used all these heartaches to be the source of his raw and genuine acting and his insipiration to achieve greater dreams. Now he is worth everyone’s role model, and I love him more than I could express.

    I also want to thank all the eels who endured those 3 trying years with our Sukkie, wherever you are we owe it to you that our Sukkie is still here for us to love.

    And for our dearest prince, thank you for riding through those 3 yrs. for staying true to yourself and not letting go of your dreams! Please just follow your heart always because we believe in its purity! We love you and support you untiringly. Zikzin!

  47. Dream on prince, be whoever you want to be. Don’t mind the world that is jealous of your free soul… You’re an inspiration to many.. It’s your life, be happy and be yourself.. 직진 장근석씨!!

  48. Whoah! I am speechless and at the same time I adore him more for being soooo hardworking to achieve his goals! Don’t give up Prince! Eels all over the world will never ever get tired of supporting you! Oppa Hwaiting!

    — Proud Philippine Eel

  49. seriously guys , just for those few tweets or whatever ..he wrote ..media did this to him ?? it was not even a scandal or anything !!! this is so absurd ..Korean fans need to respect …ok Iam not hating on them or grouping them in one category all ..but as u can see they can destroy idols and actors ,actresses ..everything OR i should remind u of Jay park and 2pm ???
    they r so harsh and poor him ..what wrong he did seriously ?? if he was lying and smiling for them like an idiot they will love him like hell ..just because he wanted to show them how much he loves his job they did this ..shame on them really ..or else why japan fans didn’t do this ??

  50. Now. I get it why he said that when he was at the airport from Korea going to Japan. Just because people don’t like you, that do not mean they are not your fan. If they keep talking about you, following what you do, that surely say something about them. Hang on and keep doing what make you happy, Sukkie. There will always some people committed to misunderstand you no matter what you do. Sometimes it hard but this will make your strong and wise. Always try to see the positive side of life. Hwaiting!

  51. I may be late to comment on this but I cant ignore it. im just crying after reading this.i always read how Koreans hated my prince and I would and still wondered why they would hate such a hardworking star who is so precious to the world. I want to thank ivy who posted this article and tenshi who welcomes all eels around the world, if it weren’t for you, I would still be in the dark asking my self the “why”. And today as I went back to reading all the articles posted on this page before I came an eel, I can now clearly understand and get the whole picture.
    Im just so much happy that he achieved most of his dreams that they used to laugh at, and is still achieving more.As he stated in his recent interview “I was an alien” KOREAN SHOWBIZ IS A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. its indeed. How can they be like that? but im glad some of them got to know the true him and learnt how to accept him the way he is.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all japanese eels who welcomed him and never let him down, who supported him unconditionally till today. All eels around the world lets keep supporting our prince, he has gone through a lot. A whole 3 years is too long to be hated by your own country people.
    All I can give him is my prayers that he succeeds way to the very top, my support as an eel who lives a million miles away from s.korea, good health and energy. I look upto you my prince, you are a great example and an inspiration. when it rains look for rainbows and when its dark look for stars.
    zikzin my prince

  52. I’m crying..Korean people are just weird..they just live in denial lol..
    Jang geun suk u re the best..thats why you loved by many fans in Asia..till today non actors from Korean can attract me like u did to me..love u forever Jang Geun Suk..

  53. I’m thankful to find this article today. I’ve had that big question for a while now about Koreans’ attitude towards JKS. This article answered all my questions.. big thanks to you!!! I really admire his character and personality, 3 years is to long to endure all that. In a country where everyone expects you to be the same as the rest, he chose to be different, to be himself. It wasn’t easy, all the pain, tears and hardwork he has been through isn’t a joke at all. All that he have now, he really deserves them. To all the people who had pushed him down,look at him now… would you still dare to say what you’ve said before? Hmmm… He’s an accomplished man now, an inspiration to many people. He dared to dream, was judged and laughed at by many , but succeeded and that’s awesome!!! Keep dreaming JKS!!!!

  54. Wooow.. This article is WOOOOOW. I got to know actor JKS last October through YAB. Hell Yeah! I just watched it last month. I don’t even know any artist but PSY. The break-up scene in Japan(Episode 15) caught my attention. I was moved by the way they acted that scene. That guy, who I still don’t know after watching 15 episodes became the apple of my eye. I really want to know more about him. I searched and read every article that talked about him. There are lots of good things and of course, not so good things.I even read all the reviews regarding all his dramas and movies.

    After watching the YAB, I decided to watch the Pretty Man. Through some write ups that I’ve read, the series did not go well. The rating is quite poor. But Hell Yeah again. That series was beyond my expectation.I love all the lessons Ma Te learned from the 10 ladies.

    I am currently watching Love Rain and I also like it. The cinematography—– FANTASTIC.the acting– SUPERB. I really love how JKS acts. you will surely be carried away… 😀 😀

    For days, I have been wondering why JKS is more famous in Japan than in Korea. How come his dramas got low ratings in his Home Country but were accepted and garnered high ratings in other countries? (please correct me if I’m wrong)

    And this article answered my question….. because he is different from others. Because he is JKS.

    This young man should be respected, honored and be a role model for the younger generation. He knows what he wants and he made it happened. He was ridiculed, judged and was often misunderstood by others, but he did not give up. He did not let those negative things affect him. Instead, he used it as his stepping stones and he did the right thing. And where is he now? Still at the Top.. 😀

    Keep it up, Pretty Man. You have a golden heart that is why you are blessed. Keep smiling.

    • Sis, thanks to u I got this beautiful article to read now.. Just surfing forever got to see ur comment n the first thing I did this morning was to read this article.. Earlier I have read the article “jang keun suk” in my eyes written by a non-eel male.. which i loved the most.. and this one has left me teary eyed. Thanks a lot..

      • I wish everyone, eel or non eel get to read this article.. or articles like these can b published in a book.. can we imagine 3 years of ignorance, hatred by our own family n it’s not 3 yrs it has continued after that also.. Now I love u more Sukkie n I wish I would have known u earlier.. Just like it is said gold glitters more when burnt, our Prince

      • is the real gem.. He did everything but that’s not easy for a human to persevere all these.. N talking abt his dramas, jks dramas r the best best.. Even the one who got the lowest rating Pretty Man has the bestest script n bestest acting.. We have been hooked by YAB, MMM, LR, PM n they have been blockbusters in overseas.. proud for that.. <3 sukkie

  55. Hi,everyeel,I’m a senior widow fan of JKS I’ve just known him for two years since end of 2014 during my sick recovering period .I started to pay attentions to this lovely ,good acting ,beautiful voice actor I like his voice so much singing or talking . Don’t know why to my personal opinions I do feel sadness in his lonely eyes.i read lots of his documentary all his dramas,buy most of concert DVD and even went to his shows in Shanghai and Tokyo . I really don’t care how his fellow countrymen talked and described him I just love him for no reasons.I’m so glad that I know him and enjoy spending my days watching his dramas ,concerts and what’s going on about him and his news too. Will suppot him till the end and please be what you are . Why recently he always mentioned “I am 30 years old now !” ? Still very young even though he started his career at the age of 5 we fans love you young or old .JKS please be happy and think positive millions of fans support and love you .dont let any body worry about you ,your mom must be so proud of you of much a lovely and successful son . Good luck Good health God bless you

    • Hi sis.. loved reading ur story.. There r really very different kind of eels who get so many moments of happiness for loving just a single MAN.. Really become teary eyed coming across such stories of eels..
      While listening ZIKZIN Radio ep 18, an eel who described her deteriorating health condition but getting the zeal to live through our Prince and his eels made me very very proud of all of them.. And this is the real success a human being should achieve and that’s what our HERO have achieved through lots of toils.. May all the happiness remain with this man forever.. Thanks for sharing urs story.. luv u sis..

      And yes what about ur little grand daughter??? How old is she now?? Does she still like to see Sukkie on screen??? She is indeed the youngest eel of our PRINCE..

  56. Hi,Priya are you talking to me.? I remember I did mention before I have a granddaughter of one and a half years now .I have pictures ,calander and also cushions of JKS in my house .Whenever she visit me ,when I mentioned his name she will go and kiss him hold the cushion close to her,looks like she really reconlize him and remember him, may be she is really the youngest eel of our Prince! Hahaha . Goodnight everyeel Byebye

  57. I read this for the 2nd today since becoming an eel several months ago. Leaving a comment now so other new eels have a chance to see this one.?

    I have so many thoughts and feelings after reading this again but I will condense it to two sentences – I am so proud of you Jang Keun Suk. I am so proud that I am an eel. ♥️

  58. Hi morning everyeels I read the article over and over again thx for the ladies translated it I feel so sorry for our young actor and the hardship he went through .but the most heartbreaken is the statement he made in one of his interview ‘ he felt sorry for his parents to have a son like
    him ‘ how can he felt this way ! ?? I think they are so proud to have a son JKS !so handsome telented hardworking and so good hearted and gain the support from millions of fans ,He is loved by all his fans now and forever ❤️❤️??????Zikzin dear Prince we eels are all waiting for your return


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