[News] JKS in Paris with wine and “New York Herald Tribune”

Source: Innolife
Actor Jang Keun Suk made an appearance in Paris, shouting “New York Herald Tribune” with wine in one hand and newspapers in the other hand.

On the morning of 14 July, JKS updated his twitter, “Not that I want to fight the whole world. I only want to excel against myself … New York Herald Tribune…! I struggled free of 4 years of fetter. Get crazy” and uploaded his photo.

In the photo, JKS held a red wine bottle in one hand and the New York Herald Tribune in the other while walking along Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The posture of JKS closing his eyes and enjoying the red wine shows the usual wacky style of JKS, and Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile is in the picture background.

In 2008, JKS wrote on his CyWorld blog that if he has a chance to go to Paris, he will definitely hold a bottle of red wine in one hand and newspapers in the other while walking along Avenue des Champs-Élysées and shouting “New York Herald Tribune”.

At that time, because of this blog post, JKS was nicknamed “Boastful Keun Suk”, and in 2011 when JKS participated in MBC’s “Kneedrop Guru” programme, JKS said, “In the movie À bout de souffle, there is one scene where the female lead walked along Avenue des Champs-Élysées selling newspapers. I wrote that after seeing the movie.”

Netizens commented that JKS “really did what he said”, “JKS is very cool” and “because it’s JKS, he’ll do what he says”.

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  1. Why is this man so adorable? I ask myself every day without being able to answer my own question even once! He totally fits in the Paris scenery with those poses! But, is it me or is the bottle is still sealed? It looks like a Californian wine too – though I could be wrong. It’s 10pm of Friday the 13th in So.Cal and 7am of Saturday 14th in Paris, if the bottle is indeed open, why is he drinking so early? It’s not Las Vegas so drinking in public might not be allowed still he fulfilled his dream to hold the news paper in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other while walking on the Champs-Elysees – how classic!! He is so adorable!!! I’m having some wine myself as I’m writing this – I wish I could join him so we didn’t have to drink alone!

  2. Hope the targets understand the message behind his actions & be more careful about what they say about him in future… He’s definitely not ‘Empty Words’ …. he’s a man with ‘LOADED WORDS’! He honours what he says…..

    • sis, may i know what’s so wrong with his message in cyworld 4 years ago? i read and read it again, and think there’s nothing wrong with it. i heard that many korean eels left him coz of this issue. but y? if he said that he wanted to be a drug dealer, then that’s wrong. haiz.. korean society is so funny and weird

      • I’d love to know it, too. Because I also can’t get it why some eels left him because of it O_O

      • Probably the things he mentioned in his blog was too classy for them which they find is a turn off..especially coming from such a young man (he was only 20 back then)….imagine if he only talks about owning a Maserati but doesn’t have the ability to do so now…might have the same effect on some childish ppl . But we are proud that sukkie achieve all these by himself.

    • can someone explain to me too please? i don’t understand how this dream of his is considered being boastful. what is so wrong that he got such undeserved backlash 4 years ago?

  3. ” If you are honest and sincere people maydeceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.” – from the Poem “Do It Anyway” by Mother Theresa.

  4. We are so proud of Sukkie for achieving another of his dreams… many more dreams which he has set for himself and with his passion and determination, these dreams will also come true.
    Congratulations, World Prince.

  5. Aphrael, Thanks for posting these photos! This made me smile…Sukkie, what a smart way of showing how you vindicated the wrong judgements to you! I hope those who made such criticisms will see these hahahhaha

  6. Very happy for him. To all those who have criticized him, underestimated him or laughed at him all these years, Sukkie definitely has the last laugh~!!

  7. He really had and is still as we speak having the time of his life in Paris! I dont think he expected such reception too with the Paris eels greeting him in Paris. If you observe his arrival, no organized security. He is now simply thrilled he is starting to make waves in France and is one step closer to his “World Prince” status. He is already a World Prince to me!

  8. Hi, when some korean reporters saw this photo said that Sukkie was drinking too much, early in the morning and in the street and critiziced him, but boo, they failed because we all noticed from the pics and the video that the botle was close and today he present the proof in his twitters, so shame on you korean reporters, Sukkie is very smart and when he visit a country he investigate all about that country first , saw his interviews for proof of that.


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