[Pic] Old Photo with Jaejoong and friends_20170121

Kim Jaejoong shared an old photo with Jang Keun Suk and other friends taken on January 21st, 2017 on his Instagram. Suk looks so adorable playing with friends^^ Original source: jj_1986_jj Instagram Wow.. when was this taken? tenshi_akuma’s note: It was taken on January 21st, 2017. See the related posts. [Video] JKS has a snowball fight with friends after Jaejoong’s concert_20170121 [Pics] JKS with friends after Jaejoong’s concert_20170121 와..벌써 이게 언제야

[Pics] Kim Jaejoong’s official Instagram changed to JKS’ on April Fool’s Day

Kim Jaejoong, one of JKS’ best friends, is having fun to change his Instagram to look as if it were a real JKS’ one, posting JKS’ selfie, changing JJ’s profile info to JKS’. Thank you JJ. It’s a great pleasure for eels and your fans, too. Original source: jj_1986_jj (Kim Jaejoong) official Instagram NOTICE: it’s exclusive for April Fool’s Day Jang Keun Suk; I’m Asia Prince, Jang Keun Suk ♡ 장근석 아시아 프린스 장근석 입니다♡

[2017-01-20] Sweet exchanges between JKS and Jaejoong on Twitter

13:03 From Kim Jaejoong (JJ) to JKS: I wonder if you’ve already had a meal. @AsiaPrince_JKS 근석 난 당신이 밥을 먹었단것을 궁금해한다 13:04 From JKS to JJ: Wow Mr. Jaejoong has come back to Twitter after a long interval! Thank God!! @bornfreeonekiss 와우 재중씨 오랜만에 트위터에 와주었다! 매우 고마운!! 13:10 From JJ to JKS: I was anticipating your reply, Geun-chan. So happy www @AsiaPrince_JKS 군짱의 답변을 기다리고있었다 매우 기쁜www

[2015-03-30] Jaejoong (@bornfreeonekiss) Twitter

Kim Jaejoong is going to enlist in the army services on March 31st. His friends including Suk gathered to have a great time. So many unforgettable memories even for us, eels. Needless to say, for Suk and Jaejoong. You can read again their special friendship from our previous posts. 03:26 Keun-chan, you’ve also had ups and downs of life, haven’t you? I trust our Keun Suk ^^ Waves..!! And thank you all, many other friends ^^ 근짱 인생의 굴곡 참 많지? 우리 근석이는 믿어^^ 파도..!!나머지 수많은 친구들 고마워^^ 03:23

[article] An excerpt from Kim Jaejoong interview about Jang Keun Suk

Original source: WSTARNEWS If you name someone with whom you’ve developed a special friendship, who is s/he? Jang Keun Suk. We share so many things in common such as we love drinking, and we share up-down feelings. Lol. We are really in tune. His feeling up and down more dramatically than mine, but thinking of how we feel when we are depressed or very happy is really similar. That’s why we understand each other very well. We can conform to one another. Well, but we don’t get along with doing exercise, because it is his least favorite. Lol. Both of you are very busy, so isn’t it hard to meet … Read more