4 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with friends after Jaejoong’s concert_20170121”

  1. Our prince looks so cute with that glasses and hairstyle. Jaejoong’s already back to colored hair lol. Have fun with your friends prince^^

  2. I am happy seeing him happy! 🙂 A bunch of thanks to JKS’ friends for making all these possible.

    For the first photo – Why I have this feeling that JKS squeezed in himself in the photo? What I mean is he’s the only one on bended knees position. Isn’t he so coooool doing that? 🙂 \m/

    For the second photo – Having a snowball fight isn’t bad at 30’s. They look so effin cute!

    For the third photo – A true eel can still notice JKS without seeing his face. I think this photo literally defins what a “sexy back” is hihi!


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