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Kim Jaejoong is going to enlist in the army services on March 31st. His friends including Suk gathered to have a great time. So many unforgettable memories even for us, eels. Needless to say, for Suk and Jaejoong. You can read again their special friendship from our previous posts.

Keun-chan, you’ve also had ups and downs of life, haven’t you? I trust our Keun Suk ^^ Waves..!! And thank you all, many other friends ^^
근짱 인생의 굴곡 참 많지?
우리 근석이는 믿어^^
파도..!!나머지 수많은 친구들 고마워^^



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    • I don´t think they are really crying in the picture. This was just a joke.^^ But it will be hard for them in the beginning. Especially for JJ. His daily life is about to change.

  1. This make me think that Suk will go some day too. But we will wait for him. I´ve never been devoted fan to anyone else. There is nobody out there like Suk. IU have a song ” I don´t want to love anyone else”. That´s exactly how I feel. 🙂

    Thank you as always for sharing, Tenshi.^^ I have seen a lot of positive articles about Cri Show in a korean media. Looking forward to read it in english here.

    • me too, the thought of him leaving for the army makes me wanna cry.. but yeah, that’s given to happen.. hope he will get to do a great drama or film before he enlist.. or wish to see him in person before he enlist.. oh good LORD, am I asking for too much?

  2. Sweet JaeJoongie! It’s been a hard time for him in the music industry and it’s also been very difficult for our JKS lately. It’s good that the two boys have each other to share their burden as well as their happy moments. I hope JJ will do fine in the army. When it comes to our JKS’s enlistment, I know that I’ll send him off with a very heavy heart but also like a proud noona, as he’s gonna serve his country, the one that gives heartaches to him yet he loves so much, too :).

    • I also dread his enlistment, two years without any news of Suk and his activites is torturous TT_TT. What worries me is that he might enlist in the second half of this year. His Cri Show III concerts end in early June. Will he join the army in August/September when he turns 29 (Korean age), or will he act in a drama??

      • He still has time til the maximum age for the enlistment, though :). He also still has to finish his graduate/ masters study, which might take another year. I’m not sure when he will enlist but I think he’s still got sooo much in stores for us eels before the time comes, for certain :D!

      • My bet would be next year summer…I think he will have finished his masters by then. He talked about another Team H..that would bring us to the end of this year..He said he had an acting project but with the tweet form that producer I don’t know if that has something to do with it…if it won’t come through maybe he will do another CAMP like production himself would be my guess…
        Well lets wait and see
        I hope they treat JJ and AP in a right way when they are in MS..with all the bad news about the korean army my heart is quite unsettled…

  3. Love their friendship…. and crying prince is too much hahaha so so so adorable…. is like really really <3

  4. It’s nice to see them both,they had good friendship that they treasured most. goodluck to JJ for his service.. It made me feel sad thinking that our prince will be enlist too to military service in the future and no news from him for 2 years. Before it happen, I hoping that prince JKS will do acting again and more concerts before he enter to military service.
    thanks for sharing!!


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