[2017-01-20] Sweet exchanges between JKS and Jaejoong on Twitter

From Kim Jaejoong (JJ) to JKS:
I wonder if you’ve already had a meal.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 근석 난 당신이 밥을 먹었단것을 궁금해한다

From JKS to JJ:
Wow Mr. Jaejoong has come back to Twitter after a long interval! Thank God!!
@bornfreeonekiss 와우 재중씨 오랜만에 트위터에 와주었다! 매우 고마운!!

From JJ to JKS:
I was anticipating your reply, Geun-chan. So happy www
@AsiaPrince_JKS 군짱의 답변을 기다리고있었다 매우 기쁜www

From JJ to JKS:
Geun-chan! Do you make a snowman? I want to make it with you.
Cold oppa.

@AsiaPrince_JKS 군짱! 눈사람 만듭니까?당신과 만들고 싶습니다
차가운 오빠

From JKS to JJ:
Geun-chan dreams of having a snowball fight with Jaejoong! That makes me so excited!! Darling♥
@bornfreeonekiss 군양은 재중과의 눈싸움 꿈꿉니다! 매우 설래이는!! 귀엽다♥

From JJ to JKS:
Geun-chan, tomorrow I hold a concert. I can’t risk getting injured in a snowball fight.
No stone in a snowball.

@AsiaPrince_JKS 군양 내일 저의 콘사토입니다 눈싸움은 부상 안됩니다
눈속에 돌맹이 안됩니다

From JKS to JJ:
I’m glad if I can go to Jaejoong’s concert! I will buy goods in bulk. Offer a discount for eels!❤️
@bornfreeonekiss 나도 재중 라이브에 갈 수 있어 기쁘다! 굿즈도 대량 삽니다 장어는 할인원해!❤️

From JJ to JKS:
I know it must be hard to get them as the queue for purchasing goods will be long, but I cheer for you. See you later at the concert. I’m waiting for you, Geun-chan from my heart.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 굿즈 줄이 길어서 힘들겠지만 응원한다 라이브때 만나자 군양을 몹시 기다린다

From JKS to JJ:
I will go to Yonsei University tomorrow at 6pm! So excited!!
@bornfreeonekiss 내일 여섯시 연세대에 갑니다! 매우 기대되는!!

From JJ to JKS:
OK. See you soon at Seoul Unviersity♥
@AsiaPrince_JKS 알겠어요 서울대에서 봐요♥

tenshi_akuma’s note: Actually Jaejoong’s concert will be held at Korea University. kkkk

From JJ to JKS:
Cold oppa
@AsiaPrince_JKS 차가운 오빠에요

From JKS to JJ:

12 thoughts on “[2017-01-20] Sweet exchanges between JKS and Jaejoong on Twitter”

  1. Oh my gosh, so sweet…the love between those two is very real. So refreshing. So glad our boy has such a special and real friend to give him real love. Like BB.

    • They are best friends, but this time they were just joking. 🙂 It´s twitter. They know fans are following them, and reading everything. Sometimes is hard to translate from one language to another. Some meanings can be lost in translation. I guess some of these words were inside jokes too.

      Sukkie is like that, funny and charming. ♥

  2. The supplemental comment here: They are joking in various ways. One is the wrong venue to be held JJ’s concert. The other is the way to call themselves each other. I didn’t use the translation “Miss Geun” not to make you confused, and used just “Geun-chan”. But they actually tweeted as if JKS were a young girl. That’s why Jaejoong is oppa, not hyung to JKS. lol

    • Oh waah both are so cute.. They talked like Miss Guen and Oppa.. Laughing too hard now.. Love their friendship a lottt..I didn’t know before watching the Propose fan meeting Clips and reading tenshi sis’s FA that they r so close.. Thanks for all ur info sis..

  3. Tenshi sis, just came across the news
    that “lyst” world’s No.1 e-commerce company to launch JKS accessories too.. But couldn’t find the link now.. This is a great news.. Will u plz post in forever if the info is correct?? More eels will know..????


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