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The notice regarding the Halloween event is uploaded to JKS official website. Please read the notice for details.

The last rehearsal for Saitama. To actor Jang, he needs the passionate support of eels. For the success of today’s Arena Tour, all the eels come together and support him … ^^
埼玉最后彩排中。对张演员来说 非常需要鳗鱼们的热烈支持。为了让今天的arena巡回能够顺利结束,所有鳗鱼们都一起来(支持)…^^


In a little while, the last stop of the Arena Tour is about to start. By looking at eels, JKS can gain energy. For actor Jang to complete the performance successfully, eels, scream as much as you can! It’s starting very soon.
再过一会儿Arena Tour最后一场琦玉Super Arena就要开始了。只要看着鳗鱼们就能产生力量,为了张演员能顺利地结束公演,鳗鱼们使劲尖叫吧!马上就要开始了


Now the last stop of Saitama Arena Tour has started. Eels, run~!!! gogogo!!!
现在最后一场埼玉arena tour开始了。鳗鱼们跑起来~!!!gogogo!!!

From Nagoya to Osaka and Saitama …. eels who are together with actor Jang, who have given your hearts to actor Jang, because of you, actor Jang’s Arena Tour has ended successfully. Our most sincere thanks to all eels…!
从名古屋开始,一直到大阪、琦玉为止。。。和张演员在一起的鳗鱼们,把心送给张演员的鳗鱼们,托你们的福,张演员的Arena Tour 圆满结束了。给所有的鳗鱼们致以最诚挚的感谢。。。!


Because of Arena Tour, actor Jang has more clearly felt eels’ love. Sincere thanks to everyone who has come to see the Tour … wants to continue on like this with eels… thanks


and thanks to team H producer Kurt who has joined the Tour. so happy
也谢谢一起参加巡演的team H制作人kurt。好开心


We are Kim Byung-gun and actor Jang who have collaborated for 6 years. Our meeting has resulted in today’s glory..!


Manager Lee who has lost weight because of busy preparation for Arena performance! Tough on you. In future, please produce an even more dashing performance for me ^^


Choreographer Choi Jing-min and team leader Choi Hyun-young responsible for performance backstage. Without these two, there will be no performance. It’s been tough ^^


Team leader Song Eun-suk and manager Ho Min-che who hold the live venue. Hope you protect actor Jang well ^^


Tree-J’s marketing team, leader Choi Hyun-young and representative Han Chi-min. In future actor Jang’s contents and promotion will be in your hands ^^


The photography team leader Jang Chai-ri who records every little bit of actor Jang’s daily life and work. Often works very hard in order to record more sides of actor Jang ^^


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