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Mistress has come personally to Tokyo to watch my performance~ Mistress who was caught up in Lounge H, heh heh, thank you~~~~ why does my face look like a big fabric bag ㅡ.,ㅡ
主人亲自来东京看公演了~陷入Lounge H里的主人 嘿嘿 thank you~~~~怎么我的脸看起来像个大布包ㅡ.,ㅡ

Really really sorry, so sorry and embarrassing, it’s so unlike me. This time, the cancellation of Halloween event … any more explanation is still useless, so I’m not saying more.. I’ll bear all the fault. if (you) want to throw stones, then throw it at me… sorry eels ah.. I have no solution this time… I really admit defeat
真的真的对不起不好意思好丢脸 太不像我了 这次万圣节全面取消…再多的解释也是徒劳就不说了..所有的黑锅都我来背,石头要砸也砸向我吧..对不起 鳗鱼们啊..这次我也没办法..我真的认输了

From now on, it’s free time~~~~!!!
从现在起 是自由时间~~~~!!!

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  1. come on, keun suk..*sigh* if any person didn’t understand your situation..definitely, that person is not an eel..

    two sides…if i may say:
    1. we’ve already seen pics of treej’s preparation of the halloween party, and that’s sad that the preparations won’t be used..
    2. keun suk’s sincere and perfectionist side can be inferred in this tweet..

    • i agree, ione! anybody who wouldn’t understand and feel the sincerity in that apology is not a true eel.

      it can be seen form this tweet that he is a man of his word and he deeply regrets having to cancel the party… but his hands are pretty tied. and after the colossal and tiresome recently concluded arena tour, i bet he hasn’t recovered yet from the fatigue and lack of sleep.

  2. Thanks God it’s cancelled. Doesn’t mean to be rude, but as his truly eel I’m so releaved to hear that finally he can take a little rest. Don’t worry prince, it’s time for you to lay you body down,let all the rumours come and go…

    • Yeah….I’m glad too that the Halloween party is cancelled. It breaks my heart to see his red eyes and retired face. He has been working too hard for the Arena Shows. I hope he will get some rest before another new projects. I like Sukkie in happy and in good mood which naturally makes me happy and jolly too.

  3. I think it’s because he has to make up for lost time in filming the drama Love Rain…i read that there was tension between his group and production/director due to this arena tour which was dispelled immediately by the production company…however, it says filming will resume November first…that means jks really has to rest after the tour and not tire himself more with the party though it’s another opportunity to bond with the eels…good move for jks and i, among his milllions of fans are eagerly waiting to see him in a drama next year…i also hope that he really takes care of himself and for his mom/company to give him enough space to rest ( not drink/smoke/party too much)…real R& R …God bless everyone!

    • totaly agree with you “au” i think he did more than his quota to please his public(eels) and now he really deserves all our gratitude and love and any one who will think to throw stones at him isn’t even human .
      i don’t think anyone of us could bear the stress he gets from his crazy life , others will say it’s his choice and no one forced him but still he choose to containd his eels to the deriment of his health and only for this he’ll have my suport foever so sheer up and have a goog rest

    • Hi Au…there was no issue regarding his Love Rain schedule as PD Yoon clarified that already in one of his tweets. I think there was a bad news circulating around. The Arena Tour was scheduled way ahead before the Love Rain therefore Love Rain staff and crew knew about this schedule. Also SNSD was in New York for the SM concert. They just got back this week, if Im not mistaken Wednesday. Therefore both Yoona and JKS were not in Korea for the filming. They don’t have to blame JKS for the false information…

      Im just pissed off that those circulating the news dont even know what’s happening and just concluding based on speculations.

      JKS got so much on his hands right now and he should get back in shape, having this crazy schedule is making him sick. I personally got happy when it was cancelled coz if you see his pictures from the Arena Tour it really looks pathetic…I think he was stressed out with this whole Arena Tour. Good that its finished. However, Tokyo Dome is much a larger venue…I sincerely hope he gets to at least take a time off.

      • Well, i still think he ought to have a good rest/some space and just focus now on filming—his mom/company should not make him work too much and too hard all at the same time…not good for his complexion (ugh, i am getting weird here) and health…i want to see the old jks’ physique then ( a happy life/beethoven virus)…jks- 8 hours of sleep is what you need! take care! and you, too, ladies !

  4. I was really on the fence about this Halloween party because when I start to think about it I realize that the party would probably be on the weekend and not Halloween night so that means he would barely be able to get home and unpack his bags before getting back into action. So hopefully he’ll be able to relax at home for a day or so, cook food with his mom, watch some TV or movies, joke around with friends, or just about anything he can do where he is not working working working for just a couple of days. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I don’t understand why people are giving him a hard time. I read somewhere that he originally turned down the offer of Love Rain because of scheduling issues and he was persuaded to take on the project and there would be no problems with anything that he already had scheduled. So I was upset too when I read someone created rumors that they was conflict with the director and Tree J. So I am glad that PD Yoon stepped forward pretty quick to disspell those rumors. I just want Sukkie to have some peace. I hope this mega fame isn’t taking too much of a toll on him because he’s so sensitive. Sometimes it sounds like he wants to go back to those days when he holds fan meeting with 2000 capacity space and only 1500 show up but at the same time he loves that he has a venue that holds 10000 and it sells out. Conflicted emotions.

  5. i totally agree with all of you. sukkie has been working so hard trying to make his eels happy and its only fair that he takes a break, as his eels we understand^^


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