5 thoughts on “[Video] New song for “You’re my Pet””

  1. Can I just say how much I love that video!? LOL Okay a little gushing but so much going on with BTS and footage from the movie. Loved the clip where the “pet” meets his “master” at the door and she ignores him (how is that even possible to ignore Sukkie?). Anyway, thanks for sharing. Something to smile at this morning (Its still morning for me LOL).

  2. every time i saw a new clip of the movie i regret more that the laws of my country doesn’t allow us to buy things via internet .
    it’s a pitty to have to wait for some kind persone to post it on some blog .
    as for the movie itself i think SUKKIE has got all the beating for the rest of jis life

  3. whaaa it looks so interesting! i really want to watch it. i heard him say that this character and him were alot alike so i’m really excited. i hope it doesn’t take long for it to be online

  4. [111027] [Enews24 choeminji News] Actor Jang Ha Neul two stars that touch the story, eye-catching story: The former owner of the power (Kim Ha Neul) and charming pets (Jang) all people are talking about the movie love story, ‘your pet (gimbyeonggon director, production rudenseu ㈜ production) a little strange and shy, so sexy to irritate the eyes.

    They do not work here, from the first scene in this film the meeting. Extraordinary meeting of the authors (Kim Ha Neul) from bathroom home starts. Go to the bathroom and wash your face in the old silver-ass of a man does not mind. ‘Ppak!’ Was hit hard enough to hear me. All of a sudden attacked ass man (Jang), stood the two men said nothing, she turns Only he scream like that: this scene was shot was filming the ocean of laughter. Unintentionally Jang, Ha Neul had to touch the butt of the back gate of jyeotdaneun blushing shame. In addition, Jang and Kim Ha Neul’s acting directly on the map to help you, because the spiral gimbyeonggon director Jang was also very much pain.. On the other hand, ‘You pet’ through the post, is scheduled to be released next month

    (google translate)~’SILVER-ASS of a man’!!!! LOLLLLL!!! MrGoogle, what would we do without you? LOLLLLLL!!!!!

    cr to Enews24

    • yeah so thankful that uncle google is always around,,hahahaha..but sometimes i feel frustrated co’z ahjussi google jumble words but other than that its fine *_*


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