[Beautiful Man] 20 Questionnaires about JKS’s Drama “Bel Ami”

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Springsuk_USA: I can’t believe this drama is over!!!
“Beautiful Man” (Bel Ami) on KBS have finished showing. Here are some quizzes for you to answer as a review to the drama. Please write your answer to the questions in the comment, you can choose whatever the question you like to answer as long as you indicate number (#) of the question with your answer. If you want add some question yourself you are also welcome.

1. Total 16 episodes, which episode is your favorite and why? (you can list your tops 3)
2. Which scene is your favorite and why? (you can list your top 3)
3. Which scene is the funniest? (you can list your top 3)
4. The 10 women that was touched in heart by Mate, who is your favorite and who is your least favorite?
5. Which lesson Mate learnt in life through 10 women that you think is most applicable?
6. If you’re BoTong, you think you will choose Mate or David?
7. Which hairstyle you like most from Mate, you can use episode to indicate? (you can list your top 3)
8. Which outfit of Mate you like most? (you can list your top 5)
9. Which scene makes you cry the most? (you can list your top 3)
10. Which scene is most surprise to you?
11. Do you think 16 episodes is enough for this drama?
12. What’s your thought about the ending of the drama?
13. How do you rate JKS’s acting in this drama? (use number 1 to 10 to rate)
14. What difference that Dokgo Mate with the other roles that JKS has played before?
15. If you’re the PD of the drama, which part you want to do it differently in the drama?
16. Are you satisfied with kiss scene in the drama?
17. Which is the most romantic scene in the drama according to you? (you can list your top 3 if you like)
18. Which line of Dokgo Mate you like most? (you can list your top 3)
19. Which facial expression or move from Dokgo Mate you remember most?
20. Is “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)” your most favorite JKS drama? (you can list your top 5 JKS drama)

Here are some the highlights of the drama:

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