[How to watch] KBS2 ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’with subtitles

UPDATE: added more links
We shared the best way [How to watch] KBS2 ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ live with good quality here. But in some countries, because of the time difference, it must be hard to watch it live. Instead, in some countries, there are web casting services with subtitles. Here is the links. Unfortunately, in some countries including in Japan, these services are not available… :'(
1) dramago
3) Viki
4) dramafans.org
5) drama.net
6) gooddrama

Credits: Farina from ECI
For Android user :
If you have Android phone, you can access ‘gooddrama’ from Android phone. Click the link, and it will allow you to download the apps. It is called Dramania.
It will bring you to this page.
Click on the right arrow. It will bring you to Dramania.
Click ‘Download’, and after it is completed, it will show this.
Click on the Download complete.
Click on ‘Verify and install’.
Click ‘Install’,
and you’re done. Then, open and enjoy all their dramas which are English subbed.
7) KBS World
KBS World starts airing on December 4th. You can watch KBS world via Mobile (iPhone and Android). But for some countries, they are not available. Here’s the step. Thanks Den for sharing!
Original source: Beloved Jang Keun Suk blog
Credits: Den Lim from ECI

For iPHONE user :
From app store, search for KBS or KBS world..like the picture below..install it..
Then, enjoy watch via mobile KBS world..
For Android user :
From play store, search for KBS.. then it will show K & KBS world… like the picture below…you can install both of them..

If you want to watch it on PC, you need to register. This is the web page.

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22 thoughts on “[How to watch] KBS2 ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’with subtitles”

      • Dramafever has mobile app for iPhone and iPad. Dramafever is onboard the device “Roku” as well. I use my iPad/iPhone to start the drama on Dramafever and “airplay” it on my TV which is connected to apple TV 🙂 Works great.

        I just wish we didn’t have to wait a “whole” week for the next episode of Pretty Man. I usually don’t even start watching a drama until all episodes are out. But I couldn’t wait to watch “Pretty Man” as soon as it became available and now this is going to be a loooong week 🙁

  1. I think eels are not very active in drama forums and sites. It will be good to discuss our thoughts for the dramas there. It is a way to create some buzz and hype. Not many people are giving it a chance because of the title.

  2. For the past two episodes, drama.net, uploaded faster than gooddrama.net.
    Sukkie gave a compelling performance for the past two episodes. The best among best scene was when he did such subtle acting through his eyes,during the encounter with his step-mon. That anger reflecting a killer eyes nailed it all. And IU’s is really adorable. As Sukkie nailed Mate, UI has completely become Kim Botong. From the very start, when I’ve learned the writer of this drama, is the same writer of the movie Miracle in Cell Number 7, I’m already rooting for such a quality and unpredictable outputs.Sukkie’s acting talent meets with the talent of this writer. Having watched that movie, prior to Bel Ami, I knew that writer would offer something fresh and new. That writer is really a genius. As of now, I don’t mind about the rating, what is important to me is to see again our Sukkie in a drama, to regain his original title, The Actor Jang Keun Suk. May a lot of his countrymen will not recognize his great talent of this time, but the people in the acting department in his country will never forsake his potential. And I would dare to say… Popular stars may come and go, but real gem will always last. And our Sukkie is real gem, and he will be one of the very few who will last.

    • The first two episodes really awesome. Jang Kuen Suk is a brilliant actor, don’t know why the Korean don’t recognized him, they don’t know what they are missing… Yes! JKS is a real gem, a very talented person…

  3. I agree with you Daryl. Sukkie is a real gem!!! And his countrymen don’t realize that. It’s just too bad for them that they are missing his great acting!

  4. Bel Ami is an excellent drama. Sukkie and IU have great acting talents. I don’t care about rating anymore. Koreans’ mindset just can’t accept Sukkie. They don’t even give Sukkie a chance to prove his talents by watching his drama. But I’m sure it’s gonna be the best kdrama ever globally. I have rewatched ep 1 and 2 for 5 times now. ***fangirling***

  5. Jessica, wow 5th times? awesome. guess you do remember many lines and scenes now.

    FYI, I ever heard someone I knew watched a movie more than one for in depth learning in the story, costumes, actors facial expression, etc in each chance of watching as couldnt do it at the same time. Perhaps it’s what happened to you as an addition of fangirling 🙂

    I wish there were any discussion forum/site for Pretty Man. Dramabeans did not continue recappin, soompi forum has it but added with mixed gifs, pics that I cant follow easily.

    • Really, soompi has it? ok, go go go to soompi.
      You know what? I am a die hard fan. Since bel ami air, I repeated watching it every night, till I missed my skincare ritual for 3 nights. LOL. Just started to do it last night, after I am all satisfied to analyze and enjoy JKS’ beauty, acting, character, scenes, lines, and also IU’s cuteness. kkkkkkk

      • what a sacrifice. I could imagine ur face screamed “Bring back the routine!!” lol.
        Well there will be 14 eps more. prep urself. kekeke

        for soompi good luck jess. u know what, I camp there everyday. 🙂

        wed-thurs please come, cant wait for new ep

  6. It’s too bad I can’t even support Sukkie via KBS world cause the app and K plug-in is not available in my country…(not compatibel as they say)
    Well…hope you eels gonna watch this on KBS world…starting from december 4!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPPORT BEL AMI ….ZIKZIN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tanks for shareing but it’s not available in my country ( hongkong) I just can watching by good drama net. An Korean on air by YouTube only
    How I can to support our jgs in this drama?? Kbs world is not available. In here..

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