[Rice Wreaths] ‘Beautiful Man, ZIKZIN to the World!’

November 18, 2013 in Drama / Movies / TV, Personal / Blog, Photos by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Yay! We did it again! To send our cheers and supports for Jang Keun Suk’s new drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’, we jangkeunsukforever.com blog and Eels’ Club International (ECI) donated 1,000 kg rice wreath for the press conference. Last time, at the ‘Love Rain’ press conference, ECI members were from around 30 countries… But now, eels from 63 countries are our members. This time we designed the main banner to describe him well as World Prince. Please look close at the banner. Can you see Jang Keun Suk was made of national flags? This is a mosaic art by Sao Sokunthea Meng!
main banner
On the banner, there is a big message we’ve promised our Prince before.
We sent it as a video message as New year’s greetings , but this time we put it in a big banner ^^
[Video] “2013 Greetings: This is Our Promise From Eels All Over The World”

No matter where you are…
Or how far your dreams are…
eels all over the world will always be with you
Our promise

And lastly there are names of eels’ countries at the bottom.
Plus, our message, ‘Beautiful eels from 63 countries for 1 Beautiful Man’.

And to support this main banner, we made an additional design by Ana Petallana!
’64 countries (including his country, Korea) supporting Jang Keun Suk’
A4 banner

This is the real picture of our rice wreaths. We’re so touched to see this is real! We hope he’ll be happy to see them. Jang Keun Suk, our World Prince, Please keep Zikzin to the world! We’re always with you!
real pic

[Rice wreaths] for ‘Love Rain’ press conference

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