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August 3, 2012 in Personal / Blog by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

We have a report today. We, JKS Forever Blog & Eels Club International (ECI), have planned some projects so far. For example, Rice Wreath donation at Love Rain press conference in Korea, Thoughts on Love Rain, and hand-making stuffed eels.

When the CRI SHOW2 in Seoul was held in Korea, some eels delivered our gifts on behalf of us. But we suppose there must have been other eels from many countries did the similar attempt. Therefore, we’ve been a little worried about if Sukkie or Tree-J staff haven’t opened our gifts yet… 🙁

*tenshi_akuma’s note: About “Thoughts on Love Rain”, you can read the whole fan accounts from here. But we packed them into a special booklet “Fans’ Thoughts on Love Rain”. See the picture below. We delivered this booklet to Sukkie (Tree-J), and also delivered some to PONYCANYON which handles Love Rain broadcasting in Japan. Luckily they accepted my offer and gave them to PD Yoon and Yoona when they visited Japan for the promotion. And I delivered it to Frau, too.

We’re sure that these gifts will give him energy to realize his next dream “Being World Prince”. So we were thinking what we can do to ensure the delivery to Sukkie. And I carried out an attempt using Japan Official Fan Club Agency “Frau”. I asked Frau to hand in the enclosed folder to Sukkie. The folder contained the image below (which shows what kind of packages our gifts were. I hope it’ll help to find out our gifts), and other laminated massage boards. Usually it’s not allowed to send gifts for Sukkie to Frau, but I asked them badly… We really hope they allow it as an exception.

Our gift package image: “Fans’ Thoughts on Love Rain” booklet and stuffed eels
Projects by JKSforever and ECI-page-001

Projects by JKSforever and ECI-page-002

I laminated these surface of images to keep them easily.
message_from rainbow

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